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Nintendo Wii: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer

Activision and Infinity Ward have released the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launch trailer. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrives November 8th, which is the same day as the game launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

39 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer”

  1. even if i where to get this game (which im not,bf3 ftw) i would probably get it for another console or w.e. only thing i like about this version is the wiimote controls ( played goldeneye wii).

    1. Thanks, but I’ve got my work cut out with this blog at the moment plus all these amazing holiday titles. Not sure what I’m doing with the other blog yet.

      1. so because a games sells a lot its the most anitcipated? then that makes blops one of the most anticipated games doesnt it? no it doesnt. but it is breaking records for the most “mommy can i get this please, all my friends are getting it..”. the most anticipated games for me are zelda:SS, skyrim, and bf3 because they were announced and known for a long time, not announced every year at E3 like the cod franchise.

        1. Actually, it does make it the most anticipated. If it sells more, more people want it, what’s hard to understand about that? Just under 10 million people have bought Twilight Princess (combined Wii+GCN totals) over its lifetime. 7 million people bought Black Ops on day one, and that single game went on to sell over 23 million units. That’s nearly half of the number of every Zelda game’s combined sales (around 55-56 million).

          You cannot quantify “anticipation.” Sales, however, are quantifiable and would naturally correlate with “anticipation”. The more people want Something, the more you can say that Something is anticipated.

          1. what i meant to say was that games that are announced years before release would grow a fanbase of such making them most anticipated by release…but now i see your correct because games like cod already have a huge fanbase, should of thought of that.

      2. Even more than Black Ops? What is this gaming world coming to… I wonder if it’s more anticipated than Battlefield 3?

          1. i wouldnt say most popular, but most most quickly released franchise, plus most cod fans are a bunch of kids/ teens who think there good enough to be in the army so they show off there skills by killing zombies. saying cod is the most popular franchise ever is a exaggeration because there are more great franchise that cod (mario and zelda to begin, elderscrolls, bf3,etc…i can go on for miles) your just to busy in your cod world to be thinking about other games.

    1. I never said it was a Wii launch trailer. I featured it because the game is coming to Wii, plus it’s a new trailer and it looks pretty snazzy :-)

      1. but i really thought this was of wii.. according to the title: “Nintendo Wii: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer” hehe

        but if a wii tralier will come out. i hope you can post it here. thanks! :)

  2. “The most anticipated game in history.” The game and trailer do look nice and it seems to be more focused on story, which is good, but I wouldn’t really call it the most anticipated game in history. If it is, then what the hell was the point of the other “most anticipated” games that came before this one? I mean, this game and AC Revelations have not come out yet, but they’ve already announced the next games for these two franchises. WTF?

  3. Don’t take those “most anticipated whatever whatever in history” so seriously; they’re just buzzwords designed for people to get horny off the hype.

  4. This is what I’m hearing from most commenters at this point:
    “this game is STOOPID”
    “omg battlefield is bettar”
    “i just learned big words so i plan on using lots of them to talk about how stoopid this game is”

    Calm down. Stop whining. If you REALLY didn’t care about this game, you wouldn’t have taken the time to comment about a trailer for it.

    1. BF3 is made realistic while most of MW3 is made up really.

      MW3 is going to be good but in my opinion its TOO over rated!

      MW3 is not the best game ever so its over rated.

      And don’t start saying Zelda SS is under rated because its rated as high as it can be by reviews. Don’t say 98% should be 100% because it may not be the best ever game made in the next 5 years.

    1. i mainly get all format FPS’s on PS3 because of the non missing out and graphics you get on the Wii.

      FPS’s are way better on Wii control wise however. You can point where to shoot and turn easyer.

  5. So just as a matter of interest, what is the difference between the PS3/360 and the Wii apart from the graphics? And I don’t play multiplayer so stick with campaign differences. I remember seeing a comparison video for Black Ops and from what I could tell, only the graphics were different.

    1. I think the controls are much easier, you just point and shoot. Also, sometimes the creators scale down the campaign and/or multiplayer parts for the wii.

  6. It’s the most anticipated game of all time because 12-16 year olds take up most of the 360 userbase.

    Not trying to insult the game, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near calling it the most anticipated game in history among more respectable gamers.

  7. Is EVERYBODY dumb?

    1. It’s the most preordered game. Therefore it’s the most anticipated. There’s no better way to measure anticipation. End of story. Shut up.

    2. Stop being such butthurt babies. Just because the most preordered game isn’t by Nintendo doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the fan base. It just means not everybody is you. Shut up.

    3. There are two Call of Duty developers. One did World at War and Black Ops, and a different team does the Modern Warfare series. They alternate, each putting out a game every two years. So stop criticizing them for rushing games, or acting like they’re the same, because they don’t even have the same developers. Shut up.

    4. These are story-driven games. War simulations. If they sucked, people wouldn’t buy them every year. SOME PEOPLE LIKE THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE. Shut up.

    1. If you don’t consider releasing one game every two years (meaning 2 years of development) rushing games, then you gotta tell me what rushing games mean.

      Seriously, Zelda:SS took five years of development and obviously that’s now paying off based on critics, the very same thing can be said about GTA. CoD on the other hand is walking the same path as Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk as they’re being milked the shit out of.

      “Everybody” is not dumb for disliking the game, I for one loved Cod 3 but then it went downhill as Activision became greedy as hell.

      Lastly, telling everybody to “shut up” frequently really shows what kind of person you are, so stop being so goddamn ignorant!

      (Also, yeah it is in fact the most anticipated game ever but I’d couldn’t possibly care less as that tells absolutely nothing about the quality of the game. On the other hand it does tell something about the people bying it…..)

      1. Zelda took 5 years to make so everything else should too? Duke Nukem Forever’s should have been off the charts by your logic.

        I’d also like to point out that this video was made by salesmen. They’re going to use language that suggests that their product is the best, that’s how advertising works. While it’s true that anticipation does not influence quality, if the games were crap they wouldn’t sell. There’s no call to hate CoD just because you perceive that it’s being milked. Speak with your money if you have an issue with it.

      2. It’s all about the story, dude. The Modern Warfare series tells the story of one global war. It’s an thriller. What do you want, a new engine? It’s a SIM. They just need a new chapter to the story. They don’t need five years.

        Call it “milked” if you want, or call Activision greedy. CoD fans are happy because they get an exciting game with and engrossing story, every year. Why it pains you to see that, I don’t understand. “Rushing a game” would leave fans disappointed. And judging by the preorders, that hasn’t happened yet.

        You know what’s “ignorant?” Saying, “I don’t like this game, but millions of other people do. ‘Tells me something about the people buying it.’ Derp.” Assuming that YOUR tastes are right, and anybody who likes something else must have some kind of problem. “Zelda did it this way, so everybody else messed up.”

        THAT’S ignorant. THAT’S what I called people dumb for.

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