Nintendo: Nintendo Announces Another Press Conference

Nintendo has revealed it’s holding a press conference at the LA Auto show in Los Angeles. Unfortunately Nintendo wouldn’t provide any hints or tips regarding what they’re planning, but it certainly will be interesting. We shall find out exactly what it’s all about on Thursday, November 17th. Any guesses?


      1. On top of that, reveals for new Pokemon stuff are *never* done in America before Japan. Every single new Pokemon reveal is done in Japanese magazines and on TV after Pokemon airs.

    1. i wouldnt doubt xenoblade, pandoras tower & last story….theyll know we want it, and the conference is in California.

    2. They aren’t making any more games for the 5th generation of Pokemon. They said that months ago. The next games will be the first 2 of Generation 6.

          1. Agreed. Not to mention it could’ve just been a troll. Just like how they made up that the original creator of pokemon died, this is a plague traveling rapidly.

  1. Another trailer for Skyward Sword, of course!

    And I think that for this conference they’ll focus more on the Wii U. The last two have been mainly about the 3DS so I think it’s time to focus on Wii U.

    But if they have even more 3DS games – specifically a Metroid game, I would be so happy!

    1. Im praying its wiiU related, just some real game footage and maybe an outline of the online or timeframe of release. 25min is a very small amount of time. Then at the end reggie could be like “update your 3ds’ people!” Boom! Perfect ending.

    1. I really don’t think Luigi’s Mansion 2 will ever be officially released. It seems like one of those games where they release info about it and then you never hear about it again. Just an opinion though.

    1. The producer said that they will start the SSB4 project after the release of Kid Icarus… So we have to wait until January for them to start. :(

  2. Just before the Zelda release. Maybe it’s to say “Right that’s this major release out of the way, let’s show you what we have planned for next quarter!”

  3. Just get to the Wii U. maybe some new Wii games. They just can’t leave their own home console without games! That’s why its not selling! It needs new games!

    1. I DON’T want them to talk about the WiiU – The last thing I want is for them to release it early with no games. Give them time to make games, then reveal the details.

    1. Yeah I was thinking this, seeing as they seem to have missed the opportunity to bridge any gap between starfox and the huge amount of great games coming out at end nov/beginning dec with these I’m gonna guess that they will release these on Christmas day now.

      1. Ocarina of Time is hardly more than a graphically updated version of a Link to the Past. Now, I’ll admit that A Link to the Past is my favourite Zelda game to date, but they could of done so much more with Ocarina of Time.
        Because of that, I MUCH rather Majora’s Mask over Ocarina of Time.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure a bunch of people at an auto show are going to give a rat’s ass about a game they likely didn’t play the first time around on a handheld that they likely haven’t even touched. No, any announcement of that game would be during a more Nintendo-oriented conference.

  4. Not another 3DS conference I would imagine, they’ve already had 2 in the past few months I beleive. Perhaps they’ll talk about the Wii U? Although I was expecting more news from it at E3 2012 (it’s first proper games for example) but it does seem a little odd now that I think about it to wait a year after they announce it to announce more info.

  5. Wow, these conferences are getting to become as frequent as the Weaslys!

    And LA Auto Show? Without a doubt, this is about Mario Kart.

  6. Lets just hope that they will give a release date for Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing 3DS soon.

    1. They’re going to reveal their new supercar, The Nintendo Zero FX coupé. lol
      It’s probably about MK7 or something.

  7. I don’t know why, but I’m guessing it’s either about the Ambassador GBA Games or more info about November’s Update.

  8. If it’s in LA, then it’s NoA doing it. They may be promoting MK 7 and Skyward Sword. However, since it’s a press conference, then they may have some announcement related to the American continent because this is NoA. All world wide, major announcements are done by NoJ such as pricing of Wii U and stuff. NoA and NoE may do these kinds of announcements, but considering this is a short press conference, then don’t expect anything extraordinarily major.

    I just hope they put some makeup on Reggie’s chin this time; it was kind of distracting how shiny it was in the last video.

  9. Maybe they’ll announce some new colors and bundles for the 3DS in time for the holidays! I really wanna buy a Pink one! I have the blue, but I may sell it to my friend after I get the Gameboy Advance titles from the Ambassador Program and transfer them.

    I don’t know what there really is to announce. Maybe they’ll be announcing some final dates for some of their games. I just really hope they announce new colors, I really want a pink one!

      1. Because I don’t want to die a grizzly explosive death while an announcer says “retired”, but he makes it sound like he’s saying “retarded”. I’d rather live and play a game :P

  10. EarthBound coming to VC!!! (Yeah, I know I’m being overly optimistic, but hey! Anythings possible…)

  11. Likely about the Nintendo 3DS system update, upcoming games (Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Mario Tennis), and maybe something on Mario Party 9 and other Wii games (Fortune Street & others).

    As much as I’d love Wii U information, they did say “next year”, so I’m not expecting any Wii U news.

  12. I’d have to agree with a few of the comments I read. This will be a Mario Kart 7 promo event. It just makes sense.

    1. That would be capcom not nintedo brahseff so no besides capcom is retarded join the boycot and say fuck them until they get their head out of their ass

    1. No, and no.
      Nintendo stated that they are not even considering a 3DS successor yet, as they are fully satisfied with the model right now, and have also stated that their final Wii U will be released at E3 2012.

      1. It won’t be “released” at E3, they will have the final version of it at E3.. there’s a difference.

    2. Of course they would show the final form of the Wii u during the auto show; it makes perfectly more sense than showing it during a more gamer-oriented conference on the day they actually stated they would show it. What a novel idea.

          1. yes, but I’ll rather admit it than have a long rant about it and bring up irrelevant things to back up my comment.

  13. Well, since it’s in a car show, maybe they’ll announce something like a partnership with a car brand… OR A GODDAMN F-ZERO!!!!!!!

  14. I really think this is going to become a monthly gig for Nintendo. Not that it’s a bad thing. They better not announce Wii U stuff. I don’t wanna hear about that till I get a job. I only need my 2nd group of Ambassador games and I’m set.

  15. I saw the list on gonintendo. Nintendo seems to be the only video game company to be present for the auto show. Like many have said Mario Kart 7 seems to fit the bill but I doubt that 25 mintues will be dedicated to only it. maybe a 5 min intro speech. 5 mintues update on firmware for 3DS. 9 minutes on Mario Kart 7, the remainder of would be quick updates on release dates and maybe one new reveal.

  16. They will announce a new 3DS dual stick model the “3DSDS Edition” or that 3DS will end with Mario Kart or that they decided to rename the Wii-U it will now be called “Wii-Mii” or the “Wii-Wii”!!!!

  17. 25 mins…. hmmmz seems they going to pay some cash to me? rofl !

    I SEE maybe they going to do like in Japan if you purchase 3 or 2 3DS games you get chance to get a 3DS , I can feel IT !!! PEACE !

  18. My brother was innocently visiting IGN when BAM – right there on the main page were silhouettes of 2 new Mario Kart characters. He was very disappointed to have this spoiled for him. I’ve no doubt Nintendo will reveal these new characters, maybe more tracks and other details about Mario Kart at this event. They might even have a guy dressed in a Mario costume driving a kart. You never know. But I’m certain this will be the main focus.

  19. Another one? Well, as long as there’s new information it’s all good, even if the conference itself is only about half an hour. You can say a fair bit in that amount of time, and maybe some other stuff on a official Nintendo website like they did with the last two conferences.

  20. Sickr, do you know if this is open to the public or is it like E3 were its media only? The place is a 10 minute drive from my house and would love to attend

  21. I think Reggie is gonna ride up in a new car with sunglasses and flip everyone off while saying f*ck you and then ride off while everyone has a blank look on their faces for 25 mins.

  22. I hope its about the GBA Ambassador program games. If not, then I hope its about the System Update or the new 3DS Releases. btw is anybody going to the SM3D Land Event in New York?

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