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Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land Spikey Balls!

Nintendo America has released a new Super Mario 3D Land trailer which harks back to the golden age of Nintendo advertising. Seriously it’s a great advert and it’s bound to entice plenty of families to part with their money during the holiday season. Super Mario 3D Land is released November 18th in Europe and November 13th in North America.

27 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land Spikey Balls!”

  1. how can u pipol play this kiddi game? grow up i wish ninetdno never was here then people woul take games mor seriusly like we ps3 players do Battlefield 3 pwns mario ass. please nintendo quit it.

    1. U gus are so cul you canting not speel aven!

      lol seriously i cant take you seriously! your probably some 12 year old trying to act all cool and mature so whatever. you keep doing that as it will make you a great human in the end! NOooo0oT!

    2. Without Nintendo, gaming wouldn’t be as big as it is today and instead of playing battlefield on PS3, you would just be playing with yourself, even more so than now.

      1. Heck, without nintendo, Sony would have never entered the console market. What happened was, nintendo asked sony to make a CD add on for the SNES, called the “Playstation”. But the deal fell through, so sony was left with half a division of gaming programmers and hardware specialists, and half a game console. Nintendo later made a CD thing which they associated with(breifly), which we now know as the horrible failure called the “CD-i”. All sorts of cool stories with the early-nintendo playstation, as well as the ill fated N64DD. The games that never were, the experiences that were wiped out because of a lack of ink on a paper…

      2. Really true. if nintendo never made the games they did, sega would to try and fail and we wouldnt have ps3s or xboxs. No mater how bad their graphics are right now, nintendo invented it all, and we cant forget it.

    3. Before you complain about a so-called “kiddie” game, learn basic grammar. You make yourself look as old as the people you think play this game.

  2. haha fun add and it reminded me of the old days :D

    i wonder if we will be seeing the “now your playing with power” adds once the Wii U launches

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