Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo President Promises First Party Nintendo 3DS DLC Next Year

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that first party Nintendo 3DS content will be getting downloadable content for titles that the company is publishing next year. Hopefully this means we will see additional content for games such as Animal Crossing and Kid Icarus Uprising.


  1. It’s a pity we won’t be getting Mario Kart or Super Mario 3D Land DLC, but I really hope we get Luigi’s Mansion 2 mansions as DLC!

    1. I don’t think we won’t get DLC for those games(Mario Kart), probably just unlikely. But for Animal Crossing, it’s almost a must as most holidays and random times Nintendo will send out random stuff. I’m stoked

    1. Basically, you pay to download extra content for a game. It can range to being just a few items added to an extra character to an expansion to the game’s world.

      1. But it will be different from what is being offered then PS360. Games on the consoles with DLC is already on the disc and Nintendo is planning to add stuff that not on the disc or cart.

      2. Not all DLC costs money. Valve is a big fan of free DLC and I think their business really benefits from it.

    2. DLC = DownLoadable Content, which are digital add-ons to specific games that expands a library of maps, levels, songs, or more.

  2. No! Just include it all in the game already! :(

    And how do you guys know we won’t be getting Super mario 3D Land DLC or Mario Kart DLC, why not?

      1. That dosen’t really mean anything. All they said that there will be DLC for games released next year, they didn’t say anything about this year, and remember that the next conference is at a Car Expo (Mario Kart 7 related?).

    1. They wouldn’t need DLC for that, they could just include a Master Quest. Also, the events before each Temple count as a mini-dungeon in and of themselves so you could argue that the game has eight altogether.

  3. Wait! So that means that i can download animal crossing 3DS & kid icarus uprising through the eshop? or get it for free as a messege from nintendo on the messege board just like accf DLC???

    1. No, it means if you’ve PURCHASED either of those games, you can buy additional content for those games, like new levels, characters, weapons. It’s a way to expand a game’s life by adding in new levels and things to collect, at a price.

      1. WOW THATS GONNA BE SUPER AWESOME!!!!! i want a 3ds :(, my mum said if they make a 3dsxl she will get it to me for free!!!
        Any have plans when will they make a 3DS xl?

      2. Not all DLC must be purchased to obtain, you know…
        In case of Nintendo, I don’t think they’ll charge any for additional content.

    1. Well, Valve is the only company I know of that does free DLC. But Valve doesn’t need to charge for it, they get enough from TF2 hats and keys(I hate those crates).

    2. nintendo has stated before that when they offered dlc, it was going to be free of charge… meaning free.

  4. I just hope they don’t follow other companies leads and deliberately hold out content to charge consumers later as DLC.

  5. Who said I was wrong on that blog post from a week or 2 ago saying that Nintendo wouldn’t do first party DLC? Ha! To bad MK7 won’t get any :(. That’d be the prime game to do it with Smash Brothers a close second. I guess Smash brothers will continually get better then. Good news for Smash Brothers fans.

  6. Crap no… Please no nintendo, not you too D: if I’m paying full price for a game, you can be sure as hell I want the full game, not 70% of it so you can charge extra for the rest… Damn…

    1. Nintendo never does that.

      I think nintendo may charge for additional bonus levels such such but the full game will be there.

      DLC will be like with COD where you have downloadable levels but you alredy have the full game.

      1. I mean something like megaman 9, where you have to buy even the freaking hard mode separately, it’s annoying, but then again, that was capcom

  7. They should support games that were released this year. Online for Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 7 levels, etc.

  8. Adittional kid icarus content!!! WOOT!


  9. Why do people want DLC…? DLC would be a good thing, if companies didn’t use it as an excuse to exclude things from the actual game, then make the players buy it separately.

    And didn’t Nintendo say that they hated DLC you had to pay for? If they do DLC for free, even if it’s just small things like the Dream World content in Pokemon B/W, then hell yes. But if they think I’ll be paying for things that should have been included from the get-go, then fuck that.

    1. DLC is usually content made after the game is finished. Almost none of the games I’ve played that have DLC felt like something was missing, all of the DLC I’ve used felt more like an extension of the game rather than completing it.
      But some DLC is as you say it is, like Darth Vader for Soul Calibur IV.
      Besides, making larger DLC consumes time and money, I’d be surprised if they made DLC free

  10. Sickr! You know your side project with your PS Vita blog. Why is the release date not put in yet and why has it not been updated for two weeks?

  11. I am still hopeful for Mario Kart 7 DLC, I see no indication that we are not getting it yet. Wouldn’t no DLC for Mario kart 7 be a bit backwards, seeing that there is so much potential for it, with not just more characters and tracks, but for more parts for the customizable karts? the whole reason that I am putting up with freaking Queen Bee is so I can get better characters later!

    If there is DLC for Mario Kart 7, it probably won’t come until next year, but I think it will!

  12. I, too, wish we’d get DLC for SM3DL and MK7. New tracks, new things to customize onto karts, etc. for MK7 and new levels/words for SM3DL (SMG2 was first going to be DLC for SMG1) would’ve been nice. Ah well. Still looking forward to how they handle this. :)

  13. HECK YES – AC DLC!! I wasn’t a big player of City Folk but some of the furniture and clothing that Nintendo gave out was brilliant. I can’t wait for AC3DS. <333

  14. I can see some DLC’s for Super Smash Bros.
    I think DLC is a gimmick on home consoles where the disks are big enough to hold the entire game, but I can see how DLC’s would be good for a portable with limited memory on those small game cards.

    1. DLC a lot of times is stuff they didn’t originally make for the game that they wanted to add later. Some of the things are just to get money, but it helps keep their servers paid for. They do need to make a profit off games.

  15. It’s always nice to get new things, whether levels or costumes etc. for games. Obviously, it’s not necessary for any game. I imagine there’ll be some free stuff, like clothes and furniture in Animal Crossing, and paid stuff, like extra levels or maps for games.

    Maybe this is why Animal Crossing doesn’t have a release date yet, they want to get DLC up and running!

  16. I’d like to think that DLC for Mario Kart 7 isn’t a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. Of course, there’s no guarantee MK7 will get any, but after playing through it and having the opinion that putting in characters like Metal Mario and Honey Queen were HUGE mistakes (Not only does H. Queen not belong in MK as playable, but her voice is aggravatingly annoying), hopefully Nintendo makes amends and adds in wrongfully-evicted characters like Waluigi and Bowser Jr. I mean, if Waluigi Pinball came back as a retro course, why can’t we have Waluigi as a racer, too?

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