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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Deliberately Held Back Some Key Nintendo 3DS Games Until 2012

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confessed to investors that the company deliberately decided to hold back some Nintendo 3DS titles so they didn’t swamp the Christmas release schedule.

“Video games need to stay fresh, so it is not practical for us to put them on hold for too long, but we think that some of them may be held for a certain amount of time so that there will be a short interval between when they are completed and when they are launched.

“We are taking on this sort of challenge for the Nintendo 3DS. For example, when we look at the software lineup for the year-end sales season, it is so dense that, if we added any more software, the total sales would not increase.

“Accordingly, we have intentionally delayed the launch of some software titles to early next year.”

70 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Deliberately Held Back Some Key Nintendo 3DS Games Until 2012”

  1. I guess it’s a good idea ish, I mean, it means we get to look forward to Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 for the Christmas period up to about February, then by then we should have more info on newer games such as Luigi’s mansion and Paper Mario which should have a mid Spring release. And around that time too we should hear about new less mainstream games too, and then by e3 we should have the new big 3DS games that should be released by the next holiday season, that’s how I think it should work.
    One game I would love to be announced at e3 is Majora’s Mask 3D!

  2. More like they already gave up on this year. Wait for next year, release a lot of games, post great company profits, everyone then forgets how they failed this year.

    1. They gave up this year? I’m not sure how releasing Star Fox 64 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario Land 3d and Mario Kart 7 3d all in the same year is giving up.

        1. Thats actually on the Third Party Companies themselves, but also on Nintendo for not trying hard enough to convince them

  3. Well let’s just hope that the holiday season is good for them. I know if they make Pokemon Gray for the 3DS and keep with what made Black and White so great, the 3DS will sell like mad.

    1. Nah they said they were done with Gen 5. Black and White were the only ones in Gen 5. Next is Gen 6 for the 3DS so we’ll be waiting awhile.

      1. If you honestly believe that …

        No, gen 5 isn’t done. It only just started. They only said “no plans” so B/W sales didn’t plummet. If they said “oh, yeah, the far superior Gray will come soon” everyone would cancel B/W pre-orders and wait for Gray. Which would be an idiotic business move.

  4. Smart nintendo………….

    I Wanted Kid Icarus but there are so many game releases this month so……. THANK YOU NINTENDO!

  5. Makes Sence, Nintendo wants us to have a great christmas so they hold back great games we have not played, that sounds like a great surprise! :D

  6. if they give us all amazing games right now then what will we be excited to wait for until the next gen handheld console? Sure its good that they spread the interests field so most consumergroups gets something of their interests. They should just have given us something amazing at launch of 3DS

  7. That’s so Nintendo of today. I mean they pulled the same stunt for the Wii and I personally didn’t like it. But then again it was mostly due to dull 3rd party games, which thankfully the 3DS is delivering.

  8. yes kid icarus is the big one, but i still think that game needed some extra work, it seemed like the controls were gonna be not so awsome on the foot levels (from what ive heard). i think this is also kinda referring to paper mario and animal crossing, though, and also possibly luigis mansion 2. these games seem pretty close to finished, and if nintendo would have chosen to i bet they couldve been released this year. there are a good enough number of great 3ds games coming out this year, for super mario 3d land and mario kart 7 are big enough to hold their own. the problem was that there were not great launch titles, and unless you never had a 64 (like me!) or want to replay some classics, there still isnt much to offer yet. nintendo should have readied at least one 64 title for launch, along with a brand new nintendo title like mario kart 7, then it would have done much better, and there would most likely be another game like kid icarus or paper mario coming out in december in place of mario kart.

    1. We don’t care.

      Vitas UI won’t be better then the Wii U or any next gen hand held console.

      The UI is the best for now but it will change with in the year.


    1. I’m pretty sure the Vita has its own blog, so you coming here with anything regarding other system will be seen as spamming or trolling regardless of what your true intentions are.

    2. interesting, i really like the peal feature at the beginning, and everything looks slick and responsive. but i dont think this is the right blog to post it on, slickr has a psvita blog so i think you can post that there. you dont want to get the fanboys mad ^.^ hehe.

  9. That would explain why Kid Icarus was suddenly pushed back to January. However, this tactic works better for Japan where they get a lot of games. We will get games like Need for Speed, Nano Assault, and other in the US, but the software line up is still small compared to what Japan is getting. I read that 80 of their sales come from outside Japan, so they need more games in the West.

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  11. Well that just means the Launch for Wii u is gonna be awesome. They’re pretty much saying their games are completed early and just sitting there waiting for us happy fans. So just imagine what Wii U games are gonna be there at launch

  12. Not buying this. First, what if u only have nintendo products?? Then u didn’t have a good gaming year (especially in America)! I think they held back titles so the 3ds can better compete with the ps vita when it’s released. Also, some titles that would’ve come out for Wii are probably being made for Wii-U (pikmin 3)…

    1. lol, cant wait for someone to say “you just havent been looking, 3ds has a lot of good titles, plus the one that are coming, get out sony fanboy!”

    2. You just havent been looking, 3ds has a lot of good titles, plus the ones that are coming, get out sony fanboy! :P

    3. True,if their are so many good games qood arnt people buying them?
      Doesnt matter how anyone argues with me a fact is a fact and if you try to deny that youll just look stupid.

      1. Probably because those people have bad taste in gaming?

        LOL but seriously, you got a point. These nintendo games seem to be lowering quality lately.

  13. idiots. so instead of having solid launch titles, they purposely held them back, making them lose a lot of money and forcing them to cut the price

  14. is it because of the vita? because last time i herd you guys said the vita is a diffrent type of handheld and that you guys dont care about competition. im looking at you iwata.

    1. I don’t see how that ties into this. If that was the case, they would just make it more crowded so that the Vita would not stand a chance.

  15. This sounds like a lie. The impression I’ve gotten from them is that they are SCRAMBLING to release anything of worth ASAP, but nothing is finished.

    We’re watching Nintendo try to redeem itself on all fronts.

    Still love ’em.

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  17. They’re probably referring to Luigi’s Mansion, Kid Icarus, and Animal Crossing. There could always be more we don’t know of. I can’t wait for Animal Crossing though! So excited, I’ll be playing that one forever!

  18. Well if they released all the games at the same time, you’d guys would complain that there are no good games coming out these few months, I wish they were a little early, but releasing all the good titles in the beginning of the system launch makes people over shadow some games.

  19. I guess this is so they don’t have a draught of decent games in early 2012? If so, I guess it’s a good move, there are usually way too many ‘dead periods’ of no games in Nintendo’s line up.

    Then again, depends what game they’re referring to, the holiday season could have worked wonders for the success of some of those delayed til 2012 games.

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  21. Ugh… i WISH they’d ‘flood’ the market… :/
    the early games for 3DS aren’t really that good. except OoT.
    come on, at least give us some release dates for games like Animal Crossing! or even a title!
    we’ve been waiting ages for just a few scraps of info.

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