Nintendo 3DS: Resident Evil Revelations Is One Of The Scariest Games Capcom Has Made

Resident Evil Revelations producer Tsukasa Takenaka has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that Resident Evil Revelations is one of the scariest games the company has ever created. Takenaka is confident that the game is a direct return to the series original survival horror roots. We shall see early next year.


    1. so just cause its not hd and not on your tv it cant scare you? or are you trying to say its a nintendo console so it wont be scary? only three games have ever actually made me flinch, resident evil 4, dead space, and pokemon platinum (LOL!!!!) i havent played many “scary” games, but when giritina flies out at the screen at the shadow, lets just say i wasnt expecting it

  1. Ok, time to buy a very expensive set of head phones. It’s going to be in a handheld, but if you play it in the right conditions, like any other horror game, then this should work if what they’re saying is actually true. And the expensive headphones is so it can enhance the sound of the game.

    1. Granted. I bought a $50 set of skull candy headphones that made the demo seem scary.

      I’m ready to be scared, can’t wait!

  2. Scariest?

    Really, how does anything beat RE1 on the GC? How can anything beat Resident evil 1?

    Warning!!! This clip is scary….

  3. I’m not a hardocre gamer of RE, but I remember some of the scenes that my friend showed me when I went to his house. Of course I always shat my pants watching them, but maybe it’s because I was very young by that time. Nowadays, however, I don’t see Resident Evil as a scaring franchise. If they say Revelations is one of the scariest they ever made, that means it may have some of the elements from the first three games. However, I can’t imagine this game being scarier than other horror games, like Fatal Frame, or Silent Hill…

  4. The scariest game I have ever played is the first Silent Hill. EarthBound on Super Nintendo also used to freak me out.

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