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Nintendo Wii: The Wii Is The Most Popular Console For Youths In America

The 2012 Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend study by Harris interactive shows that the Wii is the most popular gaming console with youths in America. The age group surveyed were between 8 years old to twenty-four. This means that the Wii has surpassed Sony’s Playstation 3 to become the Video Gaming Platform Brand of the Year.

35 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: The Wii Is The Most Popular Console For Youths In America”

  1. Well PS360 is the most popular console in the age group of 25-30, and not a year after as after that all games are for old fogeys and women!

    (Snark Warning: This post contains snark)

    1. yeah thats why old farts play the wii (yes im calling my granddad an old fart) lol,

      was this even a competition?? lol also, i wonder which schools they survey’d to get these results

    1. There’s no way on earth to measure which consoles are the best. Everyone likes different things, so which console is the best IS a matter of opinion. Measuring a consoles popularity is probably the closest you can get to figuring which console is the best.

      1. No sony platforms are shit. I had a psp and I hated it I had no good games and I ended up selling it and using the money to OOT 3D and never regreted selling that piece of shit!

        1. Ive never regreted selling my old Wii for a new Ps3 when it died on me. I have a black Wii now but its just collecting the dust till I have that new Zelda game. My PS3 gets all of the atention.

      2. Honestly PS3 sucks I owned one I stop playing it during Summer. The first parties games aren’t fun even when I love Platforming games Littlebig Planet didn’t impress me nor ModNation cause I like Mario Kart and I though I would get into it.
        Uncharted wasn’t good to me. Killzone 2 and Resistance were close but got boring after getting Battlefield Bad Company and Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Final Fantasy XIII.

  2. Well, of course the Wii is popular among youths. Nintendo sure has made a great impression on young families, parents, and grandparents when it comes to playing video games. But for those who prefer a more ‘mature’ take on games, you’ll find that most will go with 360 / PS3 / PC. Why? Because there are games on those consoles that you can’t play on the Wii. Simple as that.

    1. Yea because Nintendo turns most of them down. There are some mature rated games I’d like to get, but they didn’t make a Wii version because of Nintendo. Those games were not worth spending another 200-300 on a system to get said $60 game.

      Here’s to hope that Wii U gets those games again.

    2. Oh So Nintendo Fans aren’t mature gamers LOL! Nintendo Gamers are more Mature than PS360 just because they get M rated Games and Third Parties release the same genre and get the same rating. What happen to the T Rated games. Nintendo Gamers are more experience in gaming cause we get to interact with Games in a new way better than the so call “Hardcore” gamers.

      1. I didn’t say Nintendo players weren’t mature. I said that there are more ‘mature’ games on the other consoles. Example, a few games that aren’t available on the Wii are Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Batman AC, etc. etc. Why? Because the Wii isn’t powerful enough. Sure, we’ve got Mario and the gang, but what else is there besides the party games? Not much, really. I’ve been with Nintendo since the NES days, so I’ve got plenty of nostalgia. But the truth is, I only buy Nintendo consoles for the first party titles like Mario, DK, Zelda, etc.

  3. When I read this last night, they also had other numbers with the article. Apparently 74% of people in the US who play games on dedicated system either have a Wii exclusively or have a Wii plus another brand.

    Btw, I’m 25 and I have both a Wii and a PS3, though my PS3 is now dead.I’m waiting for the Wii U before I buy another system.

  4. It is the cheapest and most intuitive console, so no surprise there. But look at the sales records for Wii titles and you realize the Wii didn’t really sell to hardcore/dedicated gamers like ourselves. It was casual gamers who sought party games. It pisses me off that Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit vastly outsold Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess or Metroid Prime 3. This is why the gaming community laughs at our console. I hope the Wii U ree stablished Nintendo the way the SNES did.

  5. Yes Nintendo Wii is popular! I always use it every day to play games, Internet, Netflix, and soon Hulu when we get the update.

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  7. Once the WiiU comes out, Nintendo will dominate/rule all gaming ratings (E;E10;T;M no Ao ’cause that’d be weird)! Contrary to what that fag earlier said, it will actually be “mature”. So Sony fanboys, expect the unexpected(PS3 blowing up, discs break, lose electricity exclusively for your Sony stuff, etc.)

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