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Nintendo Wii U: New Nintendo Patent Adds A Touchscreen To Your Standard Wii Remote (Possibly For Use With Wii U)

Siliconera has found out that Nintendo has patented an accessory that you slide onto a standard Wii remote which turns it into a touchpad. Interestingly enough the rumour I posted a few days ago regarding a new Sonic game for Wii U mentions this exact patent.

105 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: New Nintendo Patent Adds A Touchscreen To Your Standard Wii Remote (Possibly For Use With Wii U)”

      1. No he is half wrong. Racing (which I assume to be Mariokart) is better with the nunchuck. Smash brother is best with the GC controller.

        1. I play Smash Bros with Classic Controller Pro to be honest it’s the same layout except A and B switch but I change it. Also it more easier and comfortable than GC Controller.

    1. yeah makes sense i was thinking the same thing. this patent looks like it can make for easy access to a touchscreen interface while playing a game that requires a lot of pointing or swinging with a wii mote rather than the tablet kind of control.

  1. I’m curious if the Wii U can use both the Wii Controller and the Wii U controller at the same time for single player games. Like for games like Red Steel 2 or Skyward Sword where the Motion Plus would be a benefit, but then have the Wii U screen for extra use, or Metroid Prime where the Wiimote worked well, though I know it would be cooler to use the Wii U controller to use the screen as scanner, etc.

    1. The multiplayer demo of Killer Freaks shows simultaneous gameplay of the Wii U pad and the classic controller, which is connected to the Wii remote. The Chase Mii and the shooting game with Samu’s ship show the use of both controller for multiplayer. I would assume you could use both controllers the way you described it, but it would be limited and optional at best since people would need to get more controller just for one game.

  2. I dont think that is a touch screen, it´s something that changes the way the camera in the wii mote “sees”, like an enhancer or something. You probably slide it down infront of the wiimotes ir-camera.

    1. Nice idea, but look again… It plugs into the bottom of the wii mote. The sensor is on the opposite end from the touchscreen.

      Looks like a periscope… :p



    OR……………………… SOMTHING TO DO WITH THE WII U/ 3DS……….

        1. It’s still irrelevant because the comment I replied to suggested Sony had beaten Nintendo to “it,” which is the biometric add-on, but neither company has released any of those.

        1. I’m not sure I understand your comment. Whether the Wii U becomes the future of gaming or not has nothing to do with the comment I made about neither company releasing their biometric add-ons yet.

          1. you was trying to say that after the WiiU release Sony is gonna make a similar controller or whatever and i was trying to say ‘what if they do something different?’.(if i got it all wrong,sorry)

    1. you know the long key on the very left of your keyboard. press the button and look at your top right of your keyboard on the lights or look the light on the button if you have a mac.

      I think you should press that button off before you type

  4. That’s one crazy crowbar…? Looks uncomfortable and I REALLY need to see this in a live view before I call it… “cool.”

  5. My guess is it is a way to give people the best of both worlds with decent motion controls and the touch screen. Helps prevent old Wii Motes from becoming useless.

  6. aghhh come on!!! nintendo is adding a touchscreen to everything!!! it’s just pointless!!! That’s why we have the wii mote! to make it interactive! Using the touchscreen is just gonna make it impossible to use standarly. What’s going on in Nintendo!?

    1. So I guess I’m the only one that has seen a practical use for games like Alien Colonial Marines, huh? The Wii remote for FPS plus a touch screen for more complex types of gameplay may form a killer combination.

  7. I get it, it uses light and a screen to mimick a wiiU controller. It doesnt have video input. Its basically like the PS Vitas rear touchpad. This means the sonic rumor was probably true! It directly references what this patent is saying in the rumor. Day one buy for me.

    1. Its like the vitas rear touch pad, nothing on the the screen, but a mirror reflects the light allowing a stylus to guide the wii remote’s pointer. It would be like a wiiU controller that couldn’t show anything. Sooo the sonic rumor described this, basically everyone would have a touchscreen wii remote for a minigame within sonic. Its so specific that the rumor must be true.

  8. nah, i wil buy wii u controllers no matter how expensive they are, i already made a contract to sell my wii (of course after beating skyward sword)

  9. I had a dream about something like this only it was a screen on a Wii-remote that I played Twilight Princess while riding in a car.

  10. Probably to stop other companies from adding touchscreens to their controllers…
    Or even third parties releasing something as horid as this for the Wiimote.
    However, If Nintendo does release something like this, they should have the Wiimote held vertically and an add on that sticks out from the side (top when held vertically).

    … By the way. Make it flat.

  11. Surely this can’t be the actual bluepring/design? That doesn’t even look like a touch-screen! It would be way to bulky to hold…. please change this design Nintendo.

  12. Dammit Nintendo, stop making ridiculous add-ons… not even I like this one. I’m getting tired of defending your product design on these (Though I like the Circle Pad Pro, most people don’t)

    1. The first page of the news part of Ngamer made me lol because it’s all the criticism that the circle pad had. but this idea is strange but not as bad

  13. I guess it adds more control to the Wii Remote. You can use it for motion and use the touchscreen. I dunno…it’s weird.

        1. Besides becoming the greatest selling piece of gaming hardware ever… This isnt even a screen Technically because it has no visual display. Am I doing this right?:p

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  15. I think Nintendo is trying to cross that thin line between being original and just plain ridiculous. It’s so f*cking obvious why that thing won’t work in any way for the customers that I would feel stupid trying to explain it, I mean just look at it! It’s hideous! Seems highly uncomfortable! It’s unpractical in so many ways…I fail to comprehend how could someone possibly think this is could develop into something they could sell to the public.

    I was among the few who welcomed the circle pad thingy or whatever for the 3DS with open arms but this? I take this as an insult by Nintendo against the intellect of it’s customers.

    I’m gonna pretend I never saw this and hope it disappears for ever. Yeah that will work…

    1. i agree, instead of finding new ways of being different, they should focus on other things you know. with the wiiu it looks like there going back to there old ways, but the wii and ds changed them a lot, as in the way they think as a whole.

  16. i think i know how it will work once you put the wii remote in it the big part is slided to the front that way that big part points at the screen

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  18. What bunch of tards. Think plz, it is a patent. It’s only an idea which means it’s not exactly gonna look like that in final form Hellloooooo!!!. Jeez all you see in here is “Omg it looks so ugly” and it’s clearly a sketch of trademarked idea. It’s to the point where I’m just not gonna comment anymore. I’m tired of putting my two sense in for tards.

    1. I Think they know that fuckhead!! We know its a friggen blueprint so shut up and stop acting smart because ill tell you one thing ITS NOT WORKING!

  19. Nintendo’s next bitch move: Make a ridiculous patent. Let Sony copy it for the move. Nintendo prevails….

    Else, it’s just retarded…We can eventually all by PCs for the reason we (I) did not : Constantly updating our system with hardware parts to make it work…

  20. That looks extremly difficult to manuever around with a giant touch screen on the end…. so im not sure what exactly to think about this. Also worries me that there may be Wii U problems if they are gonna release something like this so close to Wii U’s launch

  21. this must be the “mini wii U” controller they talked about.
    that means….one Wii U controller per system, up to four of these attachments on your wii mote making it a mini Wii U controller.
    You heard it here first folks

  22. What if… it’s for the ability to play DS games on the Wii like the GBA and the Gamecube?!

    … Nah, never mind. That won’t happen.

  23. The thing is sticking out of the front of the controller :?

    Hopefully the real thing looks different than that picture. I’m guessing rumored picture, true peripheral.

  24. Nintendo said only one Wii U controller can be used at once. What happens with the other Wii controllers? We need screens on them also!

    Think about it! that screen maybe useful with multiplayer when your using a Wii mote and you cant use the Wii U controller!

  25. This looks terrible and very clunky. Also looks like you’d have to remove the Wii rubber protector thingies just to get this on. Ugh. This is about as attractive as the Circle Pad attachment for the 3DS. I’d rather just buy a new controller.

  26. hi there soo what i have a sega deamcast with a 1.8 inch lcd and 8 mb internal memory over 10 years ago soo alwsume too have lcd screens on controlers its soo alwsoume i hope computition makes it the standard soo yes i have used it in gaming best invention ever created on earth

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