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Nintendo Wii: Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Final Game Preview

Popular online gaming publication IGN have posted their final preview of Link’s epic new adventure, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The video is well worth a look as it contains plenty of new gameplay footage and discusses why this Zelda could be the best in the series.

20 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Final Game Preview”

    1. A good portion of the staff, sure, but the Nontendo branch has some big fans. For instance, Audrey who’s doing this preview is an uber Zelda fangirl, and Rich has called Zelda his favorite franchise ever. If you check Rich’s Twitter feed, you’ll see just how much he’s loving this game.

  1. They do show some interesting footage. When Zelda is singing, she sounds as if she is actually singing words, but she’s not; it’s a weird, yet refreshing thing. Also, the part where she talks about the combat and Link is trying to beat those goblins (forgot their names) is interesting because you can see it’s not just finding their weaknesses and slashing them there; it’s about when you attack them and in what direction.

  2. this looks like the greatest zelda game to date..and IF it is…you better watch out GAME OF THE YEAR NOMINEES,…..

    OOT was the game of the past 15 years..

  3. Since this is the closest we’ll get to an Audrey review, this was a real treat to watch.

    Along with the 10/10 Game Informer score, I can now wait patiently (but just as eagerly) for Rich George to tell us what’s what. Seriously, if he gives this game a 10 that’s saying a LOT because the dude is pretty dang critical.

  4. I’m a bit iffy about the motion controls, personally. I’m not sure if it was the system or not, but I played the Bird Chase bit after attending the Zelda 25th Symphony and it was… difficult. The bird didn’t respond well to the controls and would stop a lot despite my control movements and commands. The only time I got any flying was when I dashed. I hope that it was just the system’s positioning or something, because that was ridiculous for someone who was using the controls specified.

    Needless to say, it looks like a fantastic game. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it because it seems to address things the series has left untouched for a long while (like the sheikah).

  5. As much as I dislike IGN for it’s artificial score boosting (giving games 2 more points than deserved by making a 7 “average”) I do like it’s in-depth look.

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