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Nintendo 3DS: Mamma Mia! Mario Himself Talks About The Nintendo 3DS

In a strange turn of events Nintendo has hired Mario to give consumers an overview of the Nintendo 3DS console. Mario talks about the Nintendo 3DS and its features for a whole five minutes, which is the longest I’ve ever heard him talk for.

67 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Mamma Mia! Mario Himself Talks About The Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Pretty neat, my son got a kick out of it. I think even a lot of older people will like this, if they see it somewhere.

  2. When I saw this yesterday on the American Super Mario 3D Land website I thought it would be a guy doing a bad impression of Mario. NOT Mario’s voice actor himself speaking this.

  3. Lol my little sister and I laughed watching this. This needs to be done more often! Quite funny and entertaining to hear Mario outside his games.

  4. Nintendo must always do this. Nintendo will get more money if their mascot characters talk about their systems more often.

      1. Link: Gee, it sure is boring around here! I wonder what Ganon is up to… Oh, a Wii U! Well excuuuse me princess, now I’m gonna play some games!

        Pikachu: Pika pika pi, pika. Pika pika piii pika pika chu pikapi! Chu chu! Pika pika pi! Pika pika pikachu!

      2. Pikachu talking about Wii U:
        Pika!! Pikachuuuuu!!!
        pika pika pikaaa!!
        Link talking about Wii U
        Grunt noise*

        lets just stick to Mario…

        1. What about Fox McCloud?
          Fox: So guys, here is the new Nintendo 3DS. While some might think it’s just another ordinary DS, this baby’s got a crap-load of all new features, like-
          Peppy: *DO A BARREL ROLL!*
          Fox: What? No, shut up! Now as I was saying, this baby can-
          Slippy: *Stand temperatures up to 9,000 degrees!*
          Fox: Slippy, shut it! It’s got real 3D without glasses and can-
          Peppy:*TRY A SOMERSAULT!!!*
          Fox: Shut it you old BAG!! IT’S GOT REALLY NEAT NEW GAMES LIKE-
          Slippy:*FOX! GET THE ENEMY BEHIND ME!*
          Fox: SLIPPY SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!

  5. Obviously, Nintendo needs Mario to tell consumers what makes the 3DS different from the DS since the US consumer base isn’t that bright to know the difference between this system and the Nintendo DS. Since Nintendo has their own mascot doing it, I don’t see it being a problem just to help get the point across.

  6. Um wow… I just learned that the stylus extends. I thought it was shorter than the original, which is why I puzzled why people said it was longer.

  7. It’s interesting that Mario seems to have a terrible accent, yet he knows a lot of words in English and his pronunciation is almost flawless. I prefer Mario to stay silent like Link, but I love Peache’s voice. Her cheesiness actually adds to the character of the game.

    1. That would be the most awesome thing in the history of gaming advertisement. (Totally not bias being Kirby’s my favourite Video Game character ^_^)

  8. I’ve always suspected no one could really listen to Mario or Peach’s voice for an extended period of time, thus ruling out any successful film or new TV series. Now I know… I was right.

  9. Feels funny, but at least it could be a better way to sell the system rather than the really crappy commercials that they’ve been having. Never knew that the flame red turns black if held in a certain lighting fixture.

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