Nintendo 3DS: IGN Awards Super Mario 3D Land An Incredible 9.5

Online gaming publication IGN has awarded Mario’s latest adventure on the Nintendo 3DS a whopping 9.5 out of 10. The review states that Super Mario 3D Land represents the first 3DS title to fully make use of the system’s capabilities. You can read the full IGN review here and make sure you keep an eye on Metacritic for more reviews.

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    1. What’re you talking about? IGN gave Galaxy 2 a perfect score, 10/10. It’s not like they rarely give Nintendo games good scores. Nintendo first-party games always get good scores; it’s the bad third-party ones (that they decide to publish, for some odd reason) like Ninjabread Man that get sucky scores.

      1. I will FOREVER regret picking up Ninjabread Man. I returned it the next day but still, it was the worst game I have ever played. Taught me you can never pick a game based on an awesome name haha

        1. Thankfully we have that review from Wiiviewer so such an atrocity never has to be witnessed by innocent eyes again.

    2. To name a few…

      Smash Bros. Melee: 9.6/10
      Smash Bros. Brawl: 9.5/10
      Metroid Prime Trilogy: 9.5/10
      Wind Waker: 9.6/10
      Eternal Darkness: 9.6/10
      Resident Evil 4: 9.8/10
      Mario Kart DS: 9.5/10
      Picross DS: 9/10
      Elite Beat Agents: 9.5/10
      Henry Hatsworth: 9/10
      M&L Bowser’s Inside Story: 9.5/10
      Warioware D.I.Y.: 9/10
      Castlevania DoS: 9.3/10
      The World Ends With You: 9/10
      Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: 9/10
      Okami: 9/10
      Zack and Wiki: 9/10
      Sin & Punishment SS: 9/10
      Kirby’s Epic Yarn: 9/10
      Twilight Princess: 9.5/10
      DKCR: 9/10
      Galaxy 1: 9.7/10
      Galaxy 2: 10/10

      Of course that doesn’t account for the actual content of the reviews, but more than likely the score is what you’re concerned with.

    3. well your judging IGN as a whole, there’s actually some good reviewers there.. and of course some fanboys.

      1. Sure, I’m very aware of that. It’s actually a point I raise a lot when people tend to generalize IGN as one body with one opinion. For instance, I’m not really a fan of Anthony Gallegos’ or Charles Onyett. The now departed Craig Harris gave Epic Yarn a 9.0, but the current Editor in Chief of Nintendo Rich George wouldn’t agree with that score. I was just clarifying that there are reviewers at IGN who treat Nintendo games fairly, rather than the popular stereotype that they rate Nintendo games lowly because of some kind of brand hatred.

  1. I have to be honest, I’m am really, really surprised IGN gave this game such a good score. Considering it’s a game even Nintendo Power didn’t give more than 90%, for IGN (who seem overly critical of Nintendo in general) to give it a great score and a better one than Nintendo themselves is kind of shocking.

    Great news though.

  2. IGN typically gives Nintendo games high scores. I dont understand why people act surprise or chastise the site. They’re also not the only ones who have been severely critical of Nintendo. Try Gamepro, 1UP, Pocket GamerUK, Game Informer, even PC GAMER have made scathing remarks in Nintendos current disposition. But game-rating wise, they’ve always been fair to Nintendo.

        1. Actually they seem to be treating Skyward Sword pretty well as of recently. Let’s just say Machinima and call it a day. :P

    1. 6 year olds can easily use the 3D. It’s just Nintendo who said kids 6 and below shouldn’t use the 3D all to avoid lawsuits. I remember reading an article on Kotaku where the writer contacted an eye doctor and he found there to be no problems with kids 6 and below using the 3D. Again, they only say that to avoid lawsuits.

  3. This part is off-topic but CoDMW3 and BF3 Fans are raging at the score it got compared to the 9 they got.
    Now back on topic!
    Super Mario 3D Land is awesome game can’t wait. But I will get it for Christmas.

    1. Im raging!!!!


  4. Like I give a crap what Audrey Drake thinks. I have no intention of buying something just because she thought it was awesome. This game looks rubbish (considering my own tastes of course).

      1. Mario is just not my taste anymore either… Maybe MK7, the Run and AC Horizon Legacy will do!
        Plus the new PSP which I have finally decided to buy… My christmas is gonna be sweet!

  5. I was actually thinking of passing this based on recent reviews, but now I’m actually gonna buy it after seeing other positive reviews, including IGN’s.

  6. Canceled my Preorder. :/
    I know that the koopalings aren’t in this game now.
    That’s a automatic NO for me.

    1. I know, I’m kinda disappointed too that the Koopalings aren’t in this game, even though they were in SMB 3… but still, don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater :/

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