Nintendo: Nintendo Gives Away A Free Zelda 25th Anniversary Screensaver For PC And Mac

To commemorate The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Nintendo of Japan has provided a free screensaver for everyone to download to celebrate the much-loved series. You can download the Zelda screensaver absolutely free here for either PC or Mac.



  1. Looks pretty good, but my current Polar Clock’s more useful. :P
    I’ll save it for later, though.

    1. Yeh it works for macs click the right option saying Mac and download it, go through the installer then go to screensaver in your settings then put the Zelda Screensaver through.

      I have a 2 year old mac with Snow Lepard and it works fine!

  2. I was surprised to see that it is quite….lame. I love the Zelda series and personally I don’t think this screensaver does it justice. Thats my opinion anyway, disagree with me if you want :P

  3. Thanks nintendo!!!!!

    I alredy have a Starship Enterprise on my desktop currently and it’s changing as its been there for a few months. ZELDA EPICNESS ON MY DESKTOP!!!!

        1. NO!!!!!

          Windows is the worst.

          Linux is the fastest operating system

          Mac is the best.

          I’ve had 8 years of experience with Windblows and I went to mac and pefered it much more. My friends uses Linux primarly.

  4. For people who are using mac and know how to work it.

    Can anyone say how to select the Desktop using the Desktop changer?

    It is not making me select it. Can anyone say what i’m doing wrong or why its happening? Thanks

            1. Yeh you need to save to disk when downloading the screensaver and it should come up.

              If not make sure its in the screensaver folder.

  5. why nintendo has not done anything for the 25 anniversary of metroid? All links to celebrate .. poor Samus…

  6. For those who thought it was a desktop wallpaper and we’re dissapointed….well Nintendo has some free ones on their 25th Anniversary site too! I downloaded one myelf. So there are two options.

  7. It is extremely important that you do your research before you download screensavers. Read the Terms of Service and Conditions of Use on the websites, as companies are required by law to inform users what they would be installing

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