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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Talk Zelda Wii U And Claim They Couldn’t Go Back To Standard Button Control

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has talked at length with Games Radar about the Zelda series and Nintendo’s plans for the franchise on Wii U. Whilst he wouldn’t give away much information regarding what the team are planning for Zelda Wii U Aonuma did state that the team are doubtful that they could go back to button only controls.

GR: So do you think you’ll continue to use motion control in the future? Will you ever go back to traditional controls?

EA: I don’t think we could go back to button control, especially after creating something that’s as natural to use as the interface that we have with the Wii Remote Plus in Skyward Sword. I think Nintendo will continue to have that focus on motion control and we’ll see that continue to evolve. And the hardware as well, in a way that will let people control things very naturally just using their own motions.

GR: Looking forward, can you say anything about the Wii U Zelda project?

EA: What can I say…? It’s a difficult question (laughs). We’re just getting started on it even as we speak, so I’m just worried that if I let something slip that’s off that mark…

The feedback that I’ve been getting from a lot of people on Skyward Sword is that they like the game very much, so of course I think probably the most important thing that we’re focusing on right now is how do we take those elements that people seem to really love about Skyward Sword, and really bring that and connect that to what we do with Zelda on the Wii U while still continuing to evolve the game.

GR: Is there any particular feature of the Wii U hardware that you’re excited to work with?

EA: Obviously, it’s the new controller that’s got the screen built into it, and in particular we’re looking at how we can combine that new controller with something like motion control, and perhaps use the new controller in such a way that it becomes a new item that you’re able to use to make the game feel fresh and new.

65 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Talk Zelda Wii U And Claim They Couldn’t Go Back To Standard Button Control”

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          Now on topic: Sweeeeeet, but i hope they make motion control and traditional switchable as an alternative or an option.
          Take that as an example.

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  1. easy. Put the controller in your sword-hand, place the tablet on the table or couch-arm near your shield hand.

    the position of your hand/finger on the touch screen determines where Link holds his shield.

  2. well than fuck you, the art style and motion controls is what ruins Skyward Sword for me. played it at comic con and HATED the controls.

    1. dude relax, the art syle probably will be twilight princess for the next game, and just give the controlls another try by buying the game then judging. everyone is saying its gonna be the best zelda ever!! just smile and enjoy :)

  3. Well, they never said they would use Wii Motion + for this. Maybe they could use the stylus and the screen to do swordfighting in different directions for more precise slashes while still using the screen or use the second circle pad for that.

      1. Not like that. It would be used only for sword slashes. It would solve the problem of Link’s goofy stance when the sword is out. I mean, they could use the Wii + controller, but then they wouldn’t use the actual Wii U controller, which is what people will be expecting. They could an add-on like an above post for the tablet as some sort of shield while still using it to select items through the screen like the Yu-Gi-Oh anime. Which reminds me, they could release something like that for the Wii U in the form of a Yu-Gi-Oh game. Damn, the possibilities of this are limitless.

        1. Damn i just tought how a yu gi oh game would be fffffking awesome with a touch screen game board and a tv sceen 3d models of the cards

          1. I has that idea months ago. 2 people playing on seperate Wii U tablets and the screen controller displays a players hand while the TV displays the entire board.with 3D displays of the monster cards and magic effects.

  4. I’m very intruiged asto what they’re going to do. Especially as Skyward Sword is receiving extremely well critically. I can’t really see them going back to standard buttons. Nor would I want them to. I’d like to see how they can combine the controls or adapt it somehow, it’s the Big N they won’t screw it up. That being said the Wii U’s tablet isn’t the be-all end-all of the console. It still uses the standard Wii Remote and Nunchuck combo, so they could just continue to use that maybe use the Wii U tablet for a different Zelda game. I can see the tablet coming in handy more with Metroid or Mario than Zelda at this point. That being said, a 3D four swords game using the tablet would be excellent. I’ve gotten a decent amount of mileage out of Four Swords Adventures for the gamecube as a single player game and touchpad would be great for it.

    This all being said, Nintendo has always in the past used their first party games to demonstrate how their new hardware could work for the 3rd Party developers, who generally speaking aren’t as open minded and imaginative as Miyamoto and co. Skyward Sword is really going to be the first “Great” use of the motion controls for a non-casual game. And they’re continuing to support that type of control for the Wii U, so who’s to say more non-casual games couldn’t be developed using that control style.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s the first great game with motion control.
      Maybe the first great Nintendo game, but not the first. Play Red Steel 2. It’s a great game and uses the motion control really well. IMHO.

  5. No regular controls = no buy. I won’t fall for the crap that is the Wiimote, or the Motion plus. Even if the game had 1:1 controls using the psmove I still feel that motion controls should be an option. BTW, using gyroscopes is not true 1:1 controls. You have to use light. Infrared controls only does so much, and you have to keep the tip of your controller in front of it in perfect place or it doesn’t read at all. I can’t believe Nintendo feels this is what we need? Guess they are running out of ideas?

    1. This is ignorance at its finest. This game is already receiving universal acclaim, you’re missing out if you don’t pick this up.

  6. First-person projectiles are aimed on the controller itself, pointing it at the TV or behind you, then dragging back the slingshot or bow. Bombs are thrown by flicking the controller forward while pointing where you want to throw. Fishing could be the same, flicking to cast, rotating circle pad to reel in. That’s just my take on how the next Zelda could control.

  7. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is what i heard before but wanted to hear again and i’d be happier if i heard it a third time! in your face motion haters!!!

    1. This doesn’t mean shit, the game could be 5yrs away. So… yeah… They could ditch motion controlls tomorrow if they wanted to.

  8. They say this now, but after they start messing with the tablet they’ll most likely scrap motion controls(wii remote). I wouldn’t be mad with an HD WW remake/true sequel using motion controls, or even a SS HD remake(feels sorta soon considering the game is here in 11DAYS :D!!). I JUST REALLY REALLY WANT TO PLAY ON THAT AMAZING FUCKIN TABLET! Is that too much to ask for?

    1. Its because of the epicness that is the wiiU controller. Nintendo did it to themselves at e3 by showing all the possiblities. Ubisoft drove the nail in the coffin for me with their round-table, if you havent seen it I would HIGHLY recommend watching it. It really blew me away, there are SOO many possibilities its insane for nintendo to throw them away for sword swinging. I mean nintendo could make an experience that no zelda, hell no VIDEOGAME in the history of gaming has EVER created!! Not knocking motion controls, but don’t let them blind you to the ridiculous amount of gameplay options a tablet based zelda would offer!

  9. I wonder where they will take it after Skyward Sword. I’m dying to see how they use the Wii U controller for Zelda Wii U and what art style they go with.

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  11. Inventory on controller. Button controls. Wind waker extended battle scheme super original hd capable graphics, i dont need more

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