Nintendo: Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime Talks Nintendo And Decision Making

Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime recently presented at the 19th Annual Digital Entertainment Conference. During the event Reggie was focused on reassuring the audience that the future is looking good for Nintendo. Here’s a choice sample of what he had to say:

“When everyone agrees that there’s a change coming, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the change or the outcome is easy to predict. What maybe seemed like foolproof bets even a matter of weeks ago now seem a little less certain. Nintendo needs to make decisions not only by instinct and experience, but also based on where the market is, and a determination of where the market might be headed. New forms of games are growing, but not necessarily at the expense of other forms of games.”


  1. what an ass! how about Nintendo of America brings the goddamn rainfall games to the US?! thats a helluva good DECISION if u ask me!

    1. the LoZ 3DS as well. If that’s a European exclusive then Nintendo is gonna get toooons of shit for that. That LoZ 3DS should be a world wide thing. I’d buy it even though I already have OoT3D and a black 3DS!

    2. How about you get your facts right, recognize localization is a decision made by Nintendo in japan and stop acting like a stupid spoiled child who doesn’t even know where to direct his anger? People like you make OP look like a laughble campaign.

      1. …dude, there are so many people behind op rainfall. A lot of us aren’t the spoiled 12 year olds you speak of. I my self am 17 and I want these games but I’m not griping at NoA to bring em, i’m griping more at Nintendo in general for not doing it. They’d make so much money off it! It’s like Square Enix and them not localizing the Final Mix KH games!

        1. Oh, another thing I should clarify is I have my own part time job AND Still go to school and I use my part time job to pay for my vidya and other wants I have. Only thing my parents pay for is the needs, IE, food, clothes, shelter and so on.
          Not all of us are “spoiled”

          1. I know, hence why I was adressing raymond directly. This kind of attitude gives a bad name to the whole of OP.

    3. shut the hell up about them games we noting getting so deal with it get over it mega man legends 3 got cancelled get over it steve jobs died get over it

        1. I think the point is that a lot of people are getting tired of hearing you OP:R people whine and cry in forums (that don’t even have anything to do with OP:R) because you’re not getting the 3 games that you think would make such an incredibly huge difference on the Wii. Personally, I’ve never heard Anyone even mention those games in person, I had never heard of them before all the news stories, and I seriously doubt that there are hundreds of thousands of other people who are interested in the game. It’s like all the people who will forever whine and cry for Mother 3…

          I honestly have no idea why these 3 games are such a “big deal” ¬__¬ They’d sell the best to the hardcore fans in OP:R and it that’d be it…

          1. Agree 100%. THANK YOU. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

            I also hate how hard done to Americans are acting. Europe has been screwed over on releases for decades, but nobody came to our defence, worse, they just sat there and were happy because they were alright.

            Not so fun when the shoe is on the other foot, and like you said, there is NO guarantee that the OP:R games will even sell if Nintendo decided to release them. I thought that lack of sales was Nintendo’s reason not to release them in NA in the first place?

  2. No, he’s making a very promising point here. What he means by “New Forms” is things like iphone and android apps. Then he goes on to say that just because these types of games dominate the market, doesn’t mean that physical copies of games can’t survive too.

    1. Kind of, he means it doesn’t mean it’s harming physical games. As in, people are buying more smartphone games, but they aren’t stopping buying physical games to buy the smartphone ones

  3. “What maybe seemed like foolproof bets even a matter of weeks ago now seem a little less certain.”

    He’s got that right. That’s exactly what happened to Nintendo when they figured they could just drop the Wii and ride on the 3DS until they release the WiiU. Look how that turned out when the 3DS sold so poorly, it needed a price reduction in less than a year’s time.

  4. Sickr you may wanna post something about the Zelda 3ds bundle coming to america sometime soon…. im sure every1 would like to know

  5. ” Nintendo needs to make decisions not only by instinct and experience, but also based on where the market is, and a determination of where the market might be headed”

    basically, dont do drastic actions.

  6. I’m sorry, but Nintendo of America doesn’t come close to the awesome fan-service Nintendo of Japan provides. Nintendo is and probably will always be my favorite gaming company but I get tired of comments so vague they might as well run for political office =)

  7. I dunno. On 1 end I’m extremely happy to see that they’re getting games out for Wii and 3DS now and things are going a lot more smoothly. On the other hand, there are a lot of games I want that were announced at the previous conference as well as games that have already come out on Wii (the rainfall games and many many more) that I feel as a gamer who has been supporting the developers by purchasing and playing their products, will never get to check out, even though I’m also willing to once again purchase their products.

    I feel despite what is being said, we need to be able to have more 1 on 1 with Nintendo (American and Japanese) so they can hear what the core audience, the people who have been supporting them for a while now want. I’m tired of every month seeing party game after party game, I’m a RPG fan and love Japanese games in general. I’d like the chance to get these games and to see the designers get the same equal opportunities in NA that other designers do.

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