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Nintendo Wii: Here’s A Couple Of New Zelda Skyward Sword Trailers For You

Nintendo has uploaded a couple of trailers for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The new trailers provide an overview of Skyloft as well as a glimpse at the bird riding sections. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is coming out November 18th in Europe and November 20th in North America!

21 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Here’s A Couple Of New Zelda Skyward Sword Trailers For You”

  1. Maaaan. So many games coming out at the same time. I would really like to get this game but I just do not want to spend more money for games at the same time. Y/N should I get this game?

    1. Look at it this way: What other games are you getting? If Skyrim or Dark Souls, then they’re expected to last a long time. But I’m sure you’ll like this if you like the Zelda franchise. So yes, you should get it. It’s up to you to decide when. Think this is my first release day purchase, that I can think of.

        1. I suggest you buy it IF you dont have a 3ds, if you have a 3ds than buy super mario 3D land & Mario kart 7.But the problem is that this game will come out before mario kart 7!So get them all,XD!
          (if ure a kirby fan,also get kirby’s return to dreamland for wii)

    1. I have to wait and get it on Monday because I cannot get to the gamestop I preordered it, since I live far from it, and I con only get there on week-days.

      So essentially it comes out on the 21th for meeeeeee

  2. Just preordered in Smyths games dept for mine today. Guy had never heard of the game. Asked in Xtravision about it as well and they weren’t familiar with it either. Clearly they need to learn about these things to do their job properly.

    Anyway, come Friday afternoon I will have it.

    You start it yet sickr?

    1. I haven’t started Skyward Sword yet. I was extremely tempted to start it this afternoon but I want to finish Super Mario 3D Land first. BTW Super Mario 3D Land is absolutely fantastic.

  3. I really don’t like how NoE releases on Fridays while NoA releases on Sundays. Then NoE releases earlier than NoA, which I think has been going on since Pokemon BW. I think.

    1. All video games (expect Massive ones like Assasins creed & MW3) launches on a Friday in Europe.

      Europe has everything on Friday while USA has everything on Sunday for some strange reason.

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