Nintendo 3DS: Have A Look At The Leaf Cup And Star Cup On Mario Kart 7

Nintendo has uploaded some footage of the fantastic Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. The new videos showcase the game’s Leaf Cup and the Star Cup. Mario Kart 7 will arrive in Europe on December 2nd and in North America on December 4th.


  1. Maple Treeway! YEAAAAAAAH
    And Kalimari Desert. If they put Daisy Circuit in there too I’ll cry from happiness.

  2. I can’t Figure you the Wario themed underwater one… is it supposed to be a fortress? or a ship? If it’s a ship, I hope it’s Captain Syrup’s! and Bower’s techno Castle looks good! Nintendo, Just take my Money. NOW.

      1. yeah, if u put a hyphen in between two words, it’s considered a compound word. good catch Aravas

  3. These tracks are awesome on the Classic selection, and the newly made ones are even better than that.
    I’d like to see what the new Rainbow road will look like…make it like a real roller coaster.

  4. They used Kalimari Desert(MK64), Daisy Crusier(MKDD), That mountain one(MKDS) and Maple Treeway(Wii), nice! Wonder what would be up for Banana, Lightning, and Shell Cup. Oh, and I am also MrAnyomous. Can’t wait! For MK7!

  5. The dilemma is, do I also buy this? Skyward Sword and SM3DL are already on the ‘to buy’ list, alongside latest Layton. Got a backlog of games, and Steam will probably do another great Christmas Sale which will steal more money. Just don’t have time for all the gaming. Feel I’ve barely even played the last Mario Kart.

  6. Nintendo is and will all was be my favorite system, but doesnt it seem like they keep releasing the same game? How many times can u use the same tracks before it over used? I just fixed my son’s dsi and he has Mario kart for it and it has these same tracks, I own the wii version and it has the same tracks. They getting paid while not really doing much thats new!!

    1. they add retro tracks to buff up the variety you get. You’ll get 32 races, 16 of those will be retro tracks, the rest is brand new. It’s a good deal imo, back when double dash was released for GC, we only had 16 tracks total, and it was still worth it.

  7. Wii Courses were obvious since Mushroom Grudge, Coconut Mall, Maple Treeway and Koopa Cape were the Top 4 Tracks pick in Mario Kart Wii Online.

  8. I still dont see Waluigi!! How can you make a Mario Kart installement and not include Waluigi for Godsakes!!???

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