Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Is The First Zelda Game For Everyone, Including Young Children

Eiji Aonuma, the producer behind the acclaimed Legend of Zelda franchise has claimed that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the first Zelda game that everyone can enjoy. The game has been carefully created to appeal to every age group, from young children through to adults.

“Everyone is starting from zero. It’s the first Legend of Zelda game for everyone.

“For one thing, it begins with how to use Wii MotionPlus as a tool. And once you become accustomed to this tool, you can experience the mysterious sense of it matching the movement of your body.”

Skyward Sword director Hidemaro Fujibayashi agreed, saying “Speaking as the director, we paid constant attention this time to making the game playable even for five-year-olds or nine-year-olds. We tried to make something that would not have a setting enjoyable only by fans or something only the creators would be happy with. And more than anything, this time you can have sword fights with Wii.”


  1. Watch how a million people will now claim they’re “babyfying” Zelda. Read the actual article, he means the way it’s played is very easy and instinctual that even a five year old could pick it up.

    1. Yet they watered it down in order for a 5 year old to understand. It also takes away from the accomplishment. “oh yea I beat this temple!” “you do know they made that temple so that a 5 year old could do it too”

      It’s like the difference between call of duty and battlefield. Call of duty is as simple as run around and shoot people, and you win. Battlefield is way more in depth. Gotta pick between specialization. Do I sacrifice ammo for med kits, a repair kit for recon gear.

      I mean they say this is the most challenging Zelda game ever then say that it’s so accessible a 5 year old could play it. I mean it has nothing to do with gameplay moreso than the challenge.

      1. accessibility =/= gameplay difficulty. They mean the game is easy to pick up and understand from a gameplay point of view, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or that the puzzles are easy. That’s why they have the hint system so those people could get some aid. You don’t need to use that.

  2. Lol it sounds better than it is, or I’m just too used to flailing around in twilight princess but, the motion controls are kinda hard to get used to. I’ve been playing it this past week and I’ve beaten 2 bosses so far after dying like 10 times on the second one because he blocks your attacks based on where your sword is…Still a great game with great graphics though.

  3. From what I’ve played, I got the impression it’s a lot too complex and difficult for a young child to fully enjoy it. They’d probably just wiggle the wiimote around and hope for the best…

  4. Speaking from the experience of my four year old playing Spyro–he enjoys it quite a lot even though he makes me wince with his bad aim and the number of times he dies and his lack of really getting anywhere. So just because a five-year-old could enjoy this game doesn’t mean it won’t be difficult enough for adults…and just because it’s awkward or difficult for adults doesn’t mean that a five year old wouldn’t enjoy it. Most important is probably who the five year old is. I’ll be interested in seeing if they actually pulled off everyone being able to enjoy it…

  5. This article is incredibly one-sided. If you read this Iwata asks, the point is that this is a beginning for everyone. For experienced players, it’s the earliest Zelda story in that world. For new players, that makes it easy to enter the series from there. It’s also a fresh start for both concerning these controls, giving those who have relied on waggling all this time a chance to relearn what they know about motion controls (they don’t mention that specifically).

    They were doing just fine explaining that w/o headlines like this.

  6. I like the odd dark cut scene in zeldas I hope there’s still abit of that in there, when Nintendo want to do something scary they do it well, that is why I’m slightly gutted, HANG ON A MINUTE GAME SENT ME A EMAIL LAST NIGHT SAYING IT HAD BEEN SHIPPED, IM NOT GUTTED IM EXCITED! Woohooo

  7. My first exposure to Zelda was when I was five. I was browsing my cousin’s NES collection and I found the gold cartridge of the original game and was very intrigued. It had to be the best game in the world if they gave it a gold cartridge. He said was I too young to play it but he let me watch. My mind was blown and I’ve been a fan ever since, even though I played my first game 8 years later when Ocarina of Time came out. I think with an older gamer guiding a kid, they could pick up and play any Zelda game. I’ve always found the controls easy, it’s figuring out where to go, what to do, and solving puzzles that’s been a bit of a challenge.

  8. This makes me feel like playing zelda is childish now.. Why should I be set equal with little 5 year olds? Finally I was excited for a true zelda game, one of the only main wii games that doesn’t seem like it’s just for kids. I used to think it was impressive to be able to solve dungeons but I guess it’s so easy anyone can do it..
    why can’t you leave zelda as a teens and up game nintendo?? the little kids have enough games for themselves.. like 80% of the wii games are for little kids.

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