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Nintendo 3DS: Tekken 3D Has Forty Characters And Seven Hundred Cards To Unlock, Plus Runs At 60 FPS

Tekken 3D Prime Edition for the Nintendo 3DS will have a staggering 40+ characters and 700 collectible Tekken cards which have 3D scenes to view which span across the entire Tekken series. Players will get these cards by beating the computer controller characters and also by using the games StreetPass functions. Tekken 3D will run at a full 60 frames per second even when the consoles 3D effect is on. Impressive!

35 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Tekken 3D Has Forty Characters And Seven Hundred Cards To Unlock, Plus Runs At 60 FPS”

  1. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    Sounds grrreat haha. Love the series and wanna see that incuded movie. But can it beat Super Street Fighter 4 3D?

  2. Ok let’s see the Fighting Games for 3DS
    Super Smash Bros, Street Fighters, Dead or Alive, and Tekken!! Ok we need Mortal Combat and Capcom vs …………!! Nintendo 3DS has the best fighting game already.

        1. I don’t know what that has to do with my post but if you think smash is a fighting game than look no further than:
          Fox Only
          No Items
          Final Destination
          Not that fun is it?

          1. I was unaware that there was some sort of predestined criteria for a game like smash bros to be a fighting game…but it is. It’s in the fighting genre. All you do is fight. It’s as much of a fighting game as Battle Stadium D.O.N. and as the Budokai Tenkaichi games.

  3. Dead or Alive Dimensions was awesome, but 40+ Tekken characters and running at 60fps even in 3D? That’s brutal! I love DoA’s and Tekken’s fighting style. Plus, the game already looks gorgeous.

    Btw, does anyone know why they’re doing this instead of extra AA and stuff? It’s because when you watch something in 3D that runs at 30fps or less, some people will get those famous headaches and eye strains. Super Mario 3D Land runs at over 30fps making the game smoother thus not causing headaches and stuff. That’s why some people get headaches and eye strains in the movie theater, because movies are shot at ~24fps (25 if you will). If you don’t believe me, go to a big store like Best Buy and try to find a 3D TV that has a refresh rate of 60Hz (30Hz in 3D). You will notice a flickering effect, and that’s what causes these symptoms. Now go to one that has a refresh rate of 120Hz (60Hz in 3D); the experience is smoother. Those TVs that have a higher refresh rate usually have an option to add frames to a movie, creating the “soap opera effect.” In a smaller screen, this is less noticeable, but that’s basically the whole 3D issue on the 3DS. Nintendo and other developers have learned this, and they will start creating games that run smoother, making it easier for people to use the 3D feature.

    1. LG uses Cinema 3D now.

      Im buying a new tv soon. It’s going to be a cinema 3D, the active glasses gives me a massive headache.

      3DS is better then active anyway. I hardly knotace the flicker on the 3D screen but i never really play 3D :P

      1. Super Mario 3D Land in 3D mode feels like 2D mode but with the awesome 3D effect. It depends how they make the games, and it seems developers are starting to understand that. Expect future Nintendo games to be like that.

  4. SSF43D Was good but the Guiles, E.Honda, Sagat, Zangeif anf T-Hawks’s got annoying, with all the damn spamming!! good thing, Tekken fighters dont have these anoying projectiles, Im 15 but I’ve literary been around Tekken my whole life, dad taught me how to play and from then me and Steve Fox are gonna be tough to beat!! I hope I get to fight one of you ^^…but ima miss my SF people..Bison and Vega! >o<

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