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Nintendo: Nintendo Creates A Zelda Themed Room To Celebrate The 25th Anniversary

To further commemorate The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Nintendo of America decided to create an authentic Zelda style room in Redwood City. The company enlisted the help of production company Iam8bit and you can see the stunning results in the video embedded.

63 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Creates A Zelda Themed Room To Celebrate The 25th Anniversary”

    1. It basically is a playroom. Do you actually think somebody’s gonna live here? You mad bro? And did you really use “fucking” and “playroom” right next to eack other?

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          It took me awhile but i found out what you meant by “third party games….well…it dont have none!” wii has many 3rd party games ( Last story, monster hunter, Xenoblade, BIT.TRIP.COMPLETE, and many more)

          if you think the Wii and 3DS are little kid games the GTFO this site because this is for nintendo fans.

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  1. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    haven’t seen the room just thought I’d leave a comment. thanks for taking the time to read this

  2. Holy effing crap *_* That would make for a really cool bedroom or game room! Thanks for the inspiration, Nintendo!

  3. So I’m at the part where you head into the first dungeon again to search for the sacred water, but I can’t find the key that the mole guy lost. Where is it?

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      WiiU is epic, people don’t like the name but I think it is the best name for it.
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      1. Wii(Causual Gamers)U(You hardcore gamers). WiiU, it’s meant to cross the gap that turned people away from the Wii, because it’s assumed that ‘Casual’ gamers play the Wii, while ‘HardCore’ gamers play xbox360/PS3.

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