Nintendo 3DS: Here’s A Closer Look At The Online Mode For Mario Kart 7 On Nintendo 3DS

One of the most exciting aspects of Mario Kart 7 is the game’s online mode. Thankfully a French gamer has revealed exactly what we should expect from the interface and options when the game launches December 2nd in Europe and December 4th in North America.


  1. Will get it after X-mas. I’ve already bought so many games recently so I’m a poor poor person. And yet I’ve not bought all christmas presents…

  2. It may only be 2 player, but its good to see no lag :D
    it’ll be good to see how it copes with 8 people, with 3d on, but i hear its quite impressive even with those settings :)

  3. Awesome!!! This game will be fun, so much games for me to pass. Super Mario 3D, Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword, and now this.

  4. why has it only displayed 12 characters and only 3 unlocked ones???
    I’m certain there is more than that

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