Nintendo 3DS: Fox News Says You Shouldn’t Buy A ‘Nintendo DS3’ (Nintendo 3DS) This Christmas

The ever-reliable Fox News has posted an extremely informative opinion piece titled ‘the tech gear you shouldn’t buy this Christmas’. One of the key pieces of information listed is the following:

If you have a kid who’s too young for a smartphone, there’s nothing wrong with getting a Nintendo DS (starting at $100) or DS3 (the 3D model, $170).

Fox News claims that the Nintendo 3DS is for young children who’re too young to work a smartphone and claim that the device is called a ‘DS3’ rather than a Nintendo 3DS. Oh, Fox!


    1. I’m laughing at the fact that not one person in Fox News knew what the console/handheld (whatever you may call it) was called. Seriously, DS3?!? The next thing they’ll come up with Wuu I (Wii U).

              1. There are however media that just tell flat out lies. If you’re American, Fox News is your best example, they are mad. If you live in the UK, look at the Daily Mail Newspaper. There ARE news outlets who focus on facts, others who stretch them to get views, and those who simply don’t care about facts, like the two I just mentioned.

    2. 3ds is just young kids i mean to use the 3d u have to be 6 and older …fox has a wrong idea considering they never actually have talked to nintendo

  1. And this is why Fox News sucks :) someone needs to get with the program and learn about video games before they talk about video games. People are retarded, I swear

  2. looks like you retards are only reading half of this. it said there there is NOTHING WRONG with getting a DS or “DS3”

    1. Yeah, I read it as that as well. Thry’re saying to get a DS or 3DS instead of a smartphone, which i think is sound advice

      1. Ok yeah no. You guys are missing it. They’re making the 3DS out to be for little kids that can’t work a smartphone… They also think a smartphone is more a complex gaming system than the 3DS… Are the gears turning now?

        1. I would take it as get a 3DS instead of a smartphone because why the feck would a young kid need a smartphone and the 3DS is a better choice all around. Or at least that’s what I would think about getting a kid a smartphone. But I guess they just mean it’s cheaper and you can still play games.

          1. Yeah, I agree.
            I think you shouldn’t get your kid a smart phone until he’s mature enough not to become reliant on one(being one of those kids who constantly texts under his/her desk).

          2. Kid or not, age should not be a limitation to who should use a (3)DS vs a smartphone. A smart phone is not a replacement (I don’t care what people say) for a (3)DS or PSP. I love my iPod and I want an iPhone, but a phone is not a gaming system.

        2. Not sure where it says that they think a smartphone is more of a complex gaming system. I happened to catch the same story, they are saying that if a kid is too young to handle a smartphone device (ie. a device that can make phone calls anywhere/get internet anywhere/whathaveyou) to play games, then the 3DS is still ok because it has much of the same functionality, only with the “safe” attributes of Nintendo’s shitty online network. It’s not that a kid can’t “work” the smartphone, they are not old enough to handle the responsibility. Are the gears turning now? Now I feel like Yelawolf, arguing with a 12 year old.

        3. “They’re making the 3DS out to be for little kids that can’t work a smartphone… They also think a smartphone is more a complex gaming system than the 3DS.”
          It doesn’t say or even imply that anywhere in the article. You’re making stuff up.

      2. That quote itself is misleading. The article suggests portable gaming devices as something to avoid purchasing, BUT, if you have kids that aren’t smart enough for smartphones then buying a 3DS would be acceptable in that case.

    1. They also called the 3ds a “3D DS” version lmao, ever since the 9/11 attack, bbc, fox, & cnn, are a laughing stock to me.

      a news channel ran by republican morons though.. so im not surprise.

  3. This makes perfect sense, and is in no way rediculous. See, Fox News thinks that the Muppets are brainwashing our kids to hate capitalism and the oil companies. Well, I’m sure there is a muppets game coming out for the 3DS eventually, so therefore, the 3DS hates capitalism and the oil companies.

    Well done, fox news, well done.


  4. The quote says “there’s nothing wrong with getting a DS or DS3” meaning, you shouldn’t have problem getting it for your kids. The “DS3” part was funny though.

  5. They aren’t saying don’t buy it, they just got the name wrong and also think the 3DS is only a 3D version of the DS. However, this is pretty typical Fox News reporting – getting it all wrong.

      1. No. They are saying smartphones AREN’T for little kids, and the 3DS is a good alternative. Only a little kid would think otherwise. Shouldn’t you be paying attention in class and not tweeting on your smartphone little k-12’er

  6. And you still wonder why people look at you weird when you start playing your handheld in public. Handhelds (specially Nintendo ones) are a thing of the past, and if you come up with the excuse of “I never take them outside” then what the fuck is wrong with you, paying more money for something that is the house of watered down ports (PSP, 3DS and it looks the same for the Vita)

    1. Watered down ports? They get their own exclusives and most games on handhelds are VERY different from consoles. Besides, as convenient as a smart phone is, it can never replace handhelds when it comes to games.

  7. Looking at the article as a whole, I think they’re just getting paid to promote smartphones or something. It basically tells you not to buy regular phones, cameras, netbooks, camcorders, media players and GPS and handheld games consoles , because a smartphones (and an iPad instead of a netbook) can do them all instead.
    There are so many flaws in that…especially the substantially higher cost of a smartphone on contract and the fact every single one of those, except the feature phone, is better at what it does than a smartphone.

    1. Precisely. That’s precisely how it came off to me, as the reasons always came back to “its functionality can be found on smartphones”. Even the handheld gaming section, which was a gray area, NOT saying “don’t” as this article said, came off to me as “if you can work a smartphone you’re too old for DS and PSP”, and the personal media player section shilled iPods. That said, I will accept the point-and-shoot camera section for actually recommending the product OVER smartphones in an article that otherwise would sound brilliant an advert announcer’s voice.

  8. Seriously fox news can suck my balls
    they dont even know its proper name so how can they judge?

  9. what is happening to FOX NEWS, the channel sucks, yesterday I read something about the muppets being against capitalism, and now this,

    FOX should care about giving us quality programs and movies, cough,,,Alvin and the chipmuncks, SUCH A CRAP OF KIDS FILM,,, I hope it tanks and noone buys its games on the wii and 3ds

  10. i hate fox news, believe its one of the most bought out news broadcast stations out there, full left wing propaganda and media spinner. want to know whats going on in the US, ask the BBC. as for don’t buy a 3DS, bugger off- i would rather have innovation and playing diversity over the limitation that comes with apps on smart phones. (coming from some one who owns a Samsung galaxyS2)
    plan to get me a 3DS this season!

    1. You are completely retarded. I hesitate to even point out your glaring mistake. FOX news was the microphone of the Bush Whitehouse. A Republican/Conservative president. FOX news is a right-wing biased organization. Now you want left wing propaganda, listen to the BBC.

  11. It says “there’s nothing wrong with getting a Nintendo DS or DS3”; that’s not equivalent so saying you shouldn’t buy it. The name mistake is pretty embarrassing, though.

  12. Maybe they meant the Citröen DS3 model (french car)

    I agree, little children should not be allowed to drive.

  13. I like this site a lot, but you guys are misrepresenting everything here in an effort to jab Fox. For one, the title of this post says they’re saying not to buy it, when they’re saying the exact opposite. And they’re saying that for a reason: a lot of parents do hand their kids iPads to play games on and think about buying them one: this article says to buy them legit gaming systems. Yes they got the name wrong, and its likely a typo, but your attack of them for being anti-Nintendo when they’re trying to promote the hardware and company we love is a bit disgraceful and has really lowered my opinion of you and your site. I come here for gaming, not politically motivated lies.

    1. “Tech Gear You Shouldn’t Buy This Christmas”

      Their list includes portable gaming devices ie. 3DS.

      1. It’s not a list. The article basically says for all the sections “don’t buy this for this person, buy this instead.” One section says “don’t buy a smartphone for a kid, buy a DS or DS3 instead.”

    2. I agree with Heath, the title of the article on the Fox site is a bit misleading as the article is about advice on buying Tech gifts, they are not saying don’t buy anything mentioned in the article.

      In the paragraph right after the “DS3” is mentioned it flat out says not to buy a PSP but it is pretty clear the article is recommending buying a 3DS, even if there is an underhanded statement about smartphone gaming being the way of the future …

  14. Wow. The whole premise of the article is incorrect. The headline is plain wrong. The original Fox News article is a “what to buy” article, with a couple of mentions of products to avoid. It actually endorses the 3DS, but transposed two letters in the name. Considering the author of this post got the whole premise of the original article wrong and can’t spell the word “pieces”, perhaps he (or she) shouldn’t be throwing stones until they get their own house in order.

  15. You guys are erroneously quoting them…they said kids are “too young to buy smart phones” so they gave DS and “DS3” and option. The only thing you guys got correct was their odd screwup of the name (And she also labeled it as a “3D model of the DS,” rather than a different platform)…which is sad considering she could’ve used her little smart phone to Google it FIRST.

  16. Fox News is awful and they got the name wrong, but it seems pretty clear that they’re saying you SHOULD get your kid a “DS3.”

  17. What is more embarrassing to me is that half the commenters aren’t even reading the post: Fox News is PROMOTING Nintendo, and you guys are attacking them based on a misquote and reversed lie.

      1. No. All they said it was a good idea for a gift for a kid. They didn’t necessarily say it isn’t for teenagers and adults.

  18. To fox news:
    1.The 3DS is NOT for young children.Young children can’t view the 3D because if they do,it ruins their eyesight.
    2.It’s called the 3DS NOT the DS3.

  19. for those of you siding with fox, go read the article that THEY posted.. the tittle is called, “tech gear you shouldnt buy this year” they praise android ans iphones through the whole thing

    1. Done. It does say you should get a smartphone. It just says you should get your kids a 3DS if they’re too young for a smartphone.

  20. he meens that:if u have bought a 3ds from the begining (i think),you should have the ambassor or something.

  21. one more thing.a member from my nintendo news cheated on mk7.hes name is James (his mii).i like to meet him and tell him that he is 100%NOOB (rocky)

    1. Ok kid, listen. Nothing you have said has ever been relevant to the topic. you get on everyone’s nerves, and you’re Nintendo fanboyism is going to get you beat up in the street someday. You are not just a troll, you’re worse than that. You’re like a troll-bot. Why don’t you understand that? Why can’t you understand these simple concepts of “relevance” and “intelligence?”

      I don’t expect this to reach you. I don’t expect you to be changed by this, but the point is, every single person on this site, (I would bet that includes Sickr) has the impression that you are a 6 year old little boy who was molested and blackmailed by Nintendo to talk about Sony and Microsoft, Companies you know NOTHING about. I’m getting images of that Jared Milton kid every time I read something from you. You need to grow up. And I really do mean grow up.

  22. Idk why should we follow to other peoples opinion. It’s your money and if you want to buy it buy it if not then don’t freaking buy it

  23. Fox news… Grrrrrr…. Rupert Murdoch…. His news organizations were spreading the 3ds is dangerous for your eyes bullshit earlier in the year when the 3 ds came out back in March/April…. Also his news organization in the u.k. Is under investigation in that whole phone hacking scandal… Ru

    1. True.

      Fox News and Tabloid papers in the UK MUST be banned because of how much Bullshit they talk out.

      The Sun said do not buy a 3DS and they made up their article.

      The Sun made lies about news events before blaming it on someone whos fault is not. The organization hacked victems and celeb phones.

      BOYCOTT FOX NEWS AND TABLOID PAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Oh so you’re for banning speech you don’t like?

        Go fuck your self you petty little wannabe tyrant. How’s that for speech you don’t like asswipe!?

  24. Come on guys read the quote…

    “If you have a kid who’s too young for a smartphone, there’s nothing wrong with getting a Nintendo DS (starting at $100) or DS3 (the 3D model, $170).”

    Face it, your 5 year old doesnt need the new Droid iPhone 4 S. And nowhere within the quote do they say you shouldnt buy a DS, instead they recommend it. Youre trying to stoop to Fox’s level by clearly taking what they said out of context. Post real news.

  25. This is like ashton kutcher’s 100 top tech. Ps Vita is there and it’s not even out yet but he’s praising it but guess what 3DS is nowhere to be found. Typical

  26. The ‘ds3’ is not too complex, but it is with no doubt not a handheld for the youngest. My little sister is having enough difficulties with the normal DS lite

      1. You keep regurgitating the “drrr, deh, fox new lies” slogan but you have yet to expose any of their “lies”.

  27. Uhhhh ok. So the majority of the people here are arguing whether FOX’s nintendo handheld article is a plus or a negative….doesn’t the fact that it was referred to as the DS3 reason enough that it doesn’t matter. Atleast FOX is consistent in supplying America with the worst, least researched and intellectually void news coverage possible. Man I feel sorry for Americans. If anyone actually pits stock in what FOX says than you sorta deserve to lose your money on a bad investment. It isn’t even close to being the third version of the DS (DS old gray, DS smaller with multiple colors, DS lite, DS xl, DSi…..there’s actually way too many that had pretty insignificant changes from the last in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, I love and nintendo and am on the whole a pretty solid supporter but with all the probes nintendo is having financially and with the higher ups in the company, it just straight up sux that FOX would release an article stating things like this…..

  28. The fact they’re saying DS3 is pretty impressive. They’re not calling it a Game Boy. :P

  29. LOL!! but im with them, things like these arent for kids that are like 6. That would be like flushing $160 down the toilet! Sure if the kid is mature enough but when my little brother got his first DS at that age it disnt last long and he always bugged me to do something for him in the game because he couldent understand the concept.

  30. You would think that if they knew what they were talking about, they would get the name right.

  31. You should know Fox News are the Trolls of the world and lie about everything…

    The Sun also said Do Not buy a 3DS and made up everything.

    the same guy owns fox news and the sun.


  32. This isn’t the only time this happened; when the 3DS released the show ‘ET’ also pronounced it DS3….not to mention so do my older non gaming relatives. This is a clear as crystal knock in the head for nintendo; they need to/should’ve changed the name.

  33. I don’t think they’re saying you shouldn’t get it, they’re just saying that if you’re child is too young for a smart phone (the thing with the internet and texting, all that stuff) then get them a 3DS (DS3, dumb mistake, but that’s beside the point). There’s nothing wrong with them saying this.

    1. people that are too young for a smartphone can’t even use the 3d on a “ds3” because they would most likely be under 7 years old.

      1. They don’t have to use the 3D effect. They aren’t saying that only young children should buy them. It’s just a good alternative for a smart phone. Which young children shouldn’t be using.

  34. Ok, I just want to say, I don’t really care for Fox News, but can any of you read?
    They say “there is NOTHING WRONG with getting a Nintendo DS or “DS3″”
    They go on to say not to buy the PSP. And ‘too young for a smartphone’ could be a wide age range. Yeah they said DS3, but it’s not a big deal.

    1. If sickr wanted people to actually read the article he wouldn’t have mislead his legion of trolls with his blatent lie of a headline.

    1. Intellengent reply. I have a feeling idiots like you are the reason he posted this misleading article. He wanted to bring out the anti-intellectual Fox haters to score hits on his pathetic excuse for a Nintendo “news” site.

      1. I like how instead of making a counter-argument, you decide to just comment on everyone who you disagree with, and randomly say some sort of profanity.

        You really proved your point there (sarcasm).

          1. There you go again. You don’t even bother to explain, you just go right on to insults. You’re argument is quite pathetic.

            1. >You don’t even bother to explain

              What the hell do i have to explain!?
              “Fuck Fox News” is not even close to be an argument, and neither my “Fuck you”, and if you think you counter-argument something stupid like “Fuck Fox News” then show me, Sherlock.

              1. No, his comment was not an argument, but rather than being the bigger person and explaining why Fox News is in your opinion, not biased and doesn’t deserve such criticism, you instead say “Fuck you” to him, which would imply that you have no other defense for Fox News except insults.

                So far I haven’t seen a legitimate argument from you on the defense of Fox News.

  35. Everyone knows that fox is a part of the underground cult who thinks that all video game consoles should be swapped into smartphones a.k.a. Phones for people who are alittle bit smarter than those who buy iPhone a.k.a overprised bullshit.

    1. He’s not wrong. He’s dishonest. He did this same shit with the Sony feeling pressured to release PS4 sooner than later article.

      This dude just lies and the dedicated trolls on this site gobble it up like a porn star to a fat….

        1. There IS a need to that, i’m here to hear Nintendo News, not stupid Flame War threads (which most of the times are posted by sickr) which have nothing to do with Nintendo, and neither butthurt Nintendo Gay Suckers, and you know, they butthurt themselves i don’t do anything, nor that i want to.

  36. The funniest part about this is that FOX News didn’t say any of this. This is a syndicated column from the WestStar TalkRadio Network, and FOX happened to just reprint it. But, directing your ire at the WestStar TalkRadio Network isn’t as fun as directing it at FOX News because, well, you’ve never HEARD of the WestStar TalkRadio Network. Carry on, clueless internet!


      Now seriously, don’t ever, EVER make a joke like that.

  37. I can understand of they are 6 and under, but this kind of thing would be taken into account if the 3DS (how it is logo’d, not as Fox says) still cost as it did back in March. Also, buying a 3DS is like buying a DS combo since it is backwards compatible and you can choose to turn off the 3D from the Settings.

  38. As i said in my tweet reply to this post and i quote “fox news is a bunch of fucktards and rejects” … needless to say, that’s what i think of the morons there at fox news. Its not news, its fucktards and rejects who are too dumb for real news crews XD

  39. so,
    1. why would i my small child a smartphone?
    2. how are a smartphone and 3DS anything alike.
    3. DS3

    its not fox’s fault. it was born this way.

  40. My dad always calls the 3DS the DS3 ever since he first heard about it because I think he thinks it’s probably the third DS console successor (1st. NDS/Lite, 2nd. DSi/XL, and 3rd. 3DS)

  41. The whole article is just an ad for smartphones!

    Summary of article: EVERYTHING is now obsolete thanks to smartphones.

  42. LOL a ‘DS3’ which is the 3D DS model!!! Hahahaha!! A big WOW to Fox on that one. Whoever posted that didn’t do any research AT ALL.

      1. I honestly don’t care if Fox News call the 3DS a “DS3”

        They’re still a propaganda network, who purposefully misinform their viewers. Anyone who gets their news from Fox News is just ignorant.

        1. And where do you get your news? The BBC who is just as biased to the left as you fucktards claim Fox is to the right.

          1. I get my news from the Daily Show mostly. It’s amazing how, despite the fact that it’s a comedy talk show, it’s more reliable than any news network.

            I don’t watch BBC, but I do know that there is a difference between being biased, and being a propaganda machine. BBC may have a liberal bias, but Fox News completely changes stories and info to fit their viewpoints.

  43. This website is so full of shit. You do a great disservice to your readers by miss leading them with your bullshit headlines. Time and time again you just flat out make shit up.

    Bunch of scummy liars you are. Worst website ever.

    1. You know what, after reading the article a couple of times, i don’t the REAL meaning of that.
      It could be:
      1. Fox News are REALLY retard
      2. Is just a Nintendo’s Gay Fanboys reaction.

      Ans since a lot of the user in this site (peteriuss and sickr) are Nintendo Buttsex Dreamers, it’s hard to tell.

      1. You know what, after reading your comments, I’ve come to the conclusion that your are:
        1. A troll
        2. A mad Fox News viewer

        Due to your immature manner and language, it’s hard to tell.

        1. A troll? Meh.
          I got better things to play than butthurt other people around the internet, is not like i have to, peteriuss practically butthurt himself, i didn’t do anything.
          As for Fox News, i don’t even live in USA and in my county is only avaliable if i pay 30 bucks, and since they suck so much it doesn’t worth it.
          About you, well, what can i say?
          You don’t use your mental capacity (if you have any) to think about anything useful you can reply, so the immature is, in fact, you.

            1. >1. A troll
              >2. A mad Fox News viewer
              >Due to your immature language

              Manners? Maybe.
              But i think my language is ok, i mean i’m not a kid who says “I love ninty cuz they are SO cool” and i’m a retard like peteriuss who says “N!N10DOH IS AWSOME!!1!!1!!1 SONY STEALS!!!! SONY FANBOI!!! I’M NOT A TROL!!!11!”

              Tell me what did i write wrong (and by wrong i mean immature language) WITH a valid reason.

              1. Those were my observations, and I was parodying you.

                You’ve been commenting on a lot of people’s comments, usually saying insulting things to them because you disagree with them. You’re doing this unprovoked, so that’s is why I believe you are acting immature.

                You can give people your opinion, but the way in which you present your disagreements are over the top.

  44. this is dumb because if you dont want your kid to play in 3d then just TURN THE 3D OF GOD PARENTS ARE SO LAME I AM A KID IT ONLY HURTS ME WHEN I TURN ON THE 3D AND LOOK AT IT FROM A DIFERRENT ANGLE THAN I AM SOPOSSED TOO. But if you are a kid that likes 3d on and plays super mario kart 7 i have tried it and it becomes a little annoying in that game but there is a bunch of other games! Parents r so dum. “that was needed.”

  45. But.they didn’t say don’t buy a 3DS…. They were suggesting a present for younger people. They didn’t say anything about it only being for little kids. Sickr I think you misunderstood!

  46. Isn’t the opposite true? 3DS 3D hurts little kids’ eyes…>_> No, Fox! Don’t go around blinding young children below six!!

  47. Smartphone gaming too complex for children? XD I’ve handled enough smartphones that I can safely say that they’re the digital equivalent of fast food dining. Cheap? Sure. Quality? Sorely lacking. You might as well be playing the flash equivalent in a browser for free and on a bigger screen.

    1. The Angry Birds creator complained that developers aren’t fast on their feet. Well, the games he makes are fairly typical of smartphones, not sophisticated at all. I’ve played NES games with more depth.

      If you want a great physics based game, Monster Island feels light years ahead. It’s more like a genuinely great puzzle game instead of just a single player version of billiards like Angry Birds is. More personality, stronger artwork, focused level design and overall a way more entertaining experience.

      Ahh, Fox. Quit hurting my brain with your stupid.

  48. This is the most useless post I have ever read on the internet. You don’t like Fox? Fine, but really? This is the best you could come up with? You’re completely twisting their words around. I’m sure you could come up with something better to criticize them on than this. Seriously. I mean, even your title is a bald-faced lie. They say DO buy a DS3. Yes, we get the point you’re attempting to make, oh noes there’s a typo there and people at Fox are morons. And then you quote them, and it says the exact opposite. You’re a piece of shit writer. It’s kind of sad that this site is even still up. You’re a moron, and the people here who blindly agreed with you are as well. I am so glad there are more intelligent sites out there where I can find accurate information for my gaming needs. because this site is worthless. No wonder hardly anyone reads it.

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