Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Beats Skyrim In G4 Video Game Deathmatch For Best Game Of 2011

Lots of you voted and it appears as though The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has defeated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the latest G4 Video Game Deathmatch for the best game of 2011. The next battle is between The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Assassins Creed: Revelations. Go vote!


  1. And boy were the Skyrim fanboys puh-hissed.

    They’re both excellent games though. I was honestly very torn as to which one to vote for. Eventually went for Zelda due to the amount of glitching in Skyrim. They’re both superior to Assassins Creed, IMO, and it should have been them in the final.

    1. YEAH CAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY FUCKING GLITCHES IN SKYRIM THAT JUST BREAK THE FUCKING GAME. want to know how many glitches IVE found in skyrim? 1. on a mountain theres a rock that isnt attached to the land and is floating. ive NEVER seen drunk dragons. the game is not glitch ridden from my point of view. so to me Skyward Sword with its GAMEBREAKING glitch is glitchier than Skyrim. even though thats not true if people are seriously reporting “thousands” of glitchs are in Skyrim.

      1. The problem for me it’s not the bugs, it’s the fact that skyrim does well it the “Huge overworld thing” that fails most on everything else, unbalaced dull gameplay wich comes to kill everything and grab everything, uninteresting badly animated characters and some guards with arrowed knees that seem the most interesting contact with NPC by now, the story… well you can call that story i don’t know it seems just an excuse for progresion and the overworld is big but it’s just valleys and mountains, very unsipid…

        Oh and by the way the glitch in Zelda is easy avoidable you just don’t have to talk to a guy in a cave after one of the last moments of the game, it’s very unlikely to happen even by accident

        1. the gameplay is great. if anything skyward sword has dull gameplay due to the wiimote controls being boring as fuck.

            1. Oh God, I loled so hard, I think I woke up everyone in my house. :D
              Thanks for the great laugh.

              And about the Skyrim glitches. I had to restart several times a new character because there where some fucked up game breaking glitches like dragons not dying, or when they die I don’t get the soul or I can’t pick up a fucking dragonstone even tho I stand right next to it and I’m pressing my action key 100 times per minute. All those things where related to the main quests, so I had no way to progress.

              After the 4th time, I said “fuck this shit” and sold the game to my friend. I think he didn’t even install it.

                1. How is he a lyin fag, because there are people out there that don’t like skyrim? There are also people that don’t like skyward sword, and you know what neither are lyin and its not a sin to not like one

                  1. Alsommost people who are talkin trash aboutooneoortthethe other hauntpplaplayed the oneterettrash talkingaabout

      2. Once I got my char. married in Skyrim and my companions corpse fell off thin air and everyone told me to go is up with that glitch!?

        1. @Hello. That is the most fucking bias comment I have ever heard of it. Skyrim has amazing graphics that make Zelda look like shit. The gameplay is superb with tons of different classes and customization. Zelda has a HUGE bug that makes the game crash which isn’t easily avoidable. What legit reason do you have that makes Zelda better than Skyrim? I’m a nintendo fanboy but it just annoys me when I see comments that are written in a certain attitude even though it’s not true. That “Huge overworld thing” makes gamers play for hundreds of hours because of all the enticing exploration. REPLY TO THIS COMMENT WHETHER YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE AND WHY.

          1. Disagree. I played for 50 hours. Got the Plat and had seen everything the world had to offer. There wasn’t enough dungeon variety in the game (about 6 different types. All feel the same tho.) and the amount of glitches made the game more of a chore than anything else.

            Skyward Sword was a dream the entire time. And the game-breaking glitch never came to me since I played it in the order it said to go in.

            1. You can’t possibly see everything the world has to offer in just 50 hours. how about when you go to sovngarde? Or that Dark Brotherhood quest where you have to KILL THE EMPEROR? How about that quest where you have to go into the guys head and balance out his emotions? How about the fact that Skyrim has infinite quests that try to direct you to unexplored parts of Skyrim?

            2. Actualy if you only do the quest with open up the new areas you can see the entire world in about 35-40, atleast that’s what a few of my really die hard gamer friends told me, I could be wrong tho

          2. oh the typicial HD is better blah blah blah, I say that the landscape was insipid and using HD just makes it very detailed unsipidness and look what I said was my opinion and it’s going to stay like that whether you like it or not, for me it was like that and it stays like that, and when I was talking about gameplay, i meant combat and strategy with goes as grab a weapon and/or spell and hit the enemy so hard until it turns into dust, Different classes and customization is no excuse if the combat is dull, just get the strongest weapon or spell and hit repeatly, yay that’s fun!

            Oh and please don’t go saying you’re a Nintendo Fanboy because a) in my eyes fanboys are stupid for every company they praise so hard and b) it’s not credible, beacuse any person usually say they’re part or something just to make their arguments valid and just prooves me they’re lying

              1. @Hello
                Your statements are easily debatable and flawed. Although, I’m not gonna name them all for a second time because I would like to move on. I bought Skyrim and I am extremely happy with the purchase. But thanks for the input.

      3. I have the PC version and it seems the most glitches I’ve seen where NPCs getting stuck behind counters etc. I’ve herd the ps3 version is the worst in terms of gameplay and bugs but Bethesda is working on a way to fix it.

        1. look kiddies, skyrim is the better game, that is solid fact.
          because both games are fun, but skyrim is open world, explorable and has thousands of quest.
          skyward sword is linear, and has very few quest outside the main story line. elder scrolls has dominated open world RPGs since morrowind and will continue to do so… no one cares about lol user votes on lol g4s website

          1. Really? Dominated open world rpgs? Um first thought that title belonged to wow, next I’m not a little kid, I own a 360 and wii, granted the only reason my wii was played in the last three years was skyward sword, but it was damn worth it, so what it wasn’t hd? You’re not a true gamer if that’s you’re main argument! If I want mindless hours of fetch quests that have no depth or meaning other than ooooo look how big this game is I would still play wow (lv 69 mage BTW) as for the game breaking glitch I tried to find it on my Secount play thru and couldn’t, only after lookin it up on Google could I find it, but anyway again really? Yes skyrim is big and it is beautiful, that don’t mean its a great game I personally got bored with it about twelve hours In wow completely ruined my attention span for midless fetch quest I mean the combat is crap the story is just filler for the giant world ( much like the campaign in cod is just filler for online play, but I’m addicted to whooping people it team death match) and befor you start gripping that I just don’t like rpgs, ill say in my opinion Dragon age origins is better than either, but two is shitty but origins is just awsom, and I still play ff7, and legend of dragoon on my psp

    2. I seen a mammoth fly straight up.. an about 3 seconds later come back down… and a guy chopping wood without an axe… or wood.. and a knife floating in mid air… one time after leaving a building i was under the ground… i had to fast travel somewhere to get out… I find them glitches funny :)

    1. i have yet to encounter a single glitch besides a rock floating in mid air during my so far 80 hours of playing the game. go fuck yourself.

      1. skairym has like a ton of glitches and i rather monster hunter over that awfull game, because MH has the best graphics and is developed by capcom, and who the hell know who was the developer of skarymm; also just 80hrs? what a noob…you cant find any glitch in that poop poor time. i’m just saying.

        1. 1. MH is on the fucking Wii it does not have the best graphics because it is impossible for it to have the best graphics because is the fucking Wii.

          1. Dude im a nintendo fan but dude one word fuck you dude i play tf2 dumbass. But could care less about this bitch war i like zelda ss and skyrim so yeah.

          2. You’re callin him a fan boy but you’re picture is the skyrim symbol, that truly shows who the bigger fan boy is

    2. you are right, i couldn’t finish 2 quests because of that and have to reload game data for others, although i hope some day zelda could evolve into a vast world full of enemies and side quest like the elder scroll series, i loveee Zelda franchises and i know this is wii´s fault maybe in the Wii U

      1. WTF? Zelda has a more filled over world and sends new areas that MATTER in short time. Skyrim is nearly emty and is the suckiest game ever!

  2. Nice. I didn’t think Zelda would win that one, to be honest (I think this contest is a little skewed). But hey, shows what I know, I guess. Even if SS doesn’t win, we can be proud that it made it this far. :)

    1. How is the contest skewed? It’s a vote based on the opinions of the site’s readers.

      The only way it could be skewed would be if G4 had rigged the results regardless of the votes.

      1. People made 100’s of accounts to vote for their games…. It’s skewed. Why I hate voting like this…. I mean read the comments. “I made 40 accounts to vote for SS”

        “between me and my friends we made 1000 accounts to vote for Skyrim”

        Etc. should be locked in some way. We had the same problem on the Sony board for MAG. People voted multiple times and shot down an idea. They cleared the vote and IP locked it I believe and the voting was completely different than before.

        1. The original pairings were good, just not the follow ups. Like I see sport vs sport, shooter vs shooter, and so on but second round pairings were aweful.

            1. Did you even read the comments?
              While most (I said most, not all) Skyward Sword voters tried to explain why they voted for SS and did not trash-talk Skyrim into the ground, Skyrim fans where mostly like some 9yo brats who lost their toys bashing against everything.

              Most SS voters actually played both, while it was really obvious that Skyrim fans didn’t play Skyward sword. Not only that they didn’t play it, but they didn’t even read about it.
              And G4 didn’t really help buy putting a wrong game description and a short trailer while placing a big positive review of Skyrim and a description that told you you have to vote for Sktrim. Biased to the bones.

              I like both games, I just think that the majority of Skyrim players are 9-14 yo boys who are unsure about their masculinity, so they have to bash everything that is not 18+ rated and does not have photo-realistic graphics. IMHO, during that vote, they came of even worse than CoD fans.

              1. @Resad That’s a blatant lie. Skyward Sword fans were just as rabid and rash as Skyrim fans in the comments. This is why I hate contests like this – because they make the gaming community look stupid compared to other ventures. This is one of the reasons why most people don’t recognize gaming as an adult hobby next to football and watching movies.

                To be honest, I voted for Skyrim in the semi’s, but I voted for Skyward Sword in the finals due to Assassin’s Creed being one of the most overrated games I’ve played in a long time. I proudly call myself a Skyrim fan, not a Zelda one, mind you, but I will acknowledge a superior game when presented with an obviously inferior opponent (namely AC series). That’s all I have to say about that.

  3. I can imagine the rage that is going through that site right now. Still, I don’t think this is news at all. It’s just one site letting gamers vote for GotY. Plus, this is “the site,” so it’s almost a sin to even mention them.

  4. I was wondering which one would win. Probably the biggest reason I avoided voting was because I didn’t want to choose between them XD

  5. Yea SS got close to a hundred thousand votes right before voting ended. Scrubs making 100s of accounts to vote for it. At 3 am PST when I went to sleep it was 52% Skyrim 48% SS. Just like batman was 80-20 batman then all the Zelda fanboys started spamming accounts and it won 51-49. Spammers stop making accounts when the game they want to win is winning.

    Most used comment FYI “OoT was awesome so I’m going to vote for SS”

    But I didn’t vote. Was too busy playing Skyrim. Guess that was a factor too. Most people are still playing Skyrim while most SS players already are finished with the game…

    1. They’d been dancing around 50% for the entire time the vote was open. If it had been open a few hours longer, Skyrim would have won. Few more after that then Skyward Sword would have won and so on. Don’t be a sore loser, it’s sad.

      1. Exactly my point. Thanks for proving it. Skyrim players would of spammed new accounts and voted Skyrim up, then SS players would of done the same. The only thing it came down to is Nintendo nerds being awake at 3am.

        Vote holds no merit because Botha sides cheated, just Nintendo fans were the last ones to cheat.

        1. Ever hear of timezones bro? Just because it’s 3 am where you are doesn’t mean it’s 3 am everywhere else.

    2. So you took time off Skyrim to complain about Skyward Sword winning even though you didn’t vote in the first place because you we’re playing Skyrim? Correct? Get off your high horse.

      1. Platinumed it. Currently waiting for my friend to finish downloading the Starhawk beta so we can go play with some of the devs.

    3. I mean… If i couldn’t play a long time cause the game became unbearably slow… i might still be playing it too… lucky for us Wii owners i can play 60 hours+ without a potential save rendering everything i’ve done useless…

      Maybe the Spammers should quit making account and start trying to find more glitches in Skyrim… would that be better?

      1. 150 hours 13MB file, no issues what so ever. But hey I mean I have games like saints row 3, BF3, MGSHD, sonic gen, hyperdimension neptunia and 5 other games to play as well. I gotta spread the love around. Can’t invest all my time in 1 game. I mean it’s not like I have a console that gets 1 good game every few months and I’m stuck with that 1 game for 3-4 months while I wait for another great game to come out in April

        1. tis is true… I mean 1 game every couple of months suits me… no patches, game is done right… tho I do like the Sonic Gen, I mean I can wait for Sonic Dimensions while I play Sonic Colors… good thing HyperDimension Neptunia and MGSHD made it to game of the year… then you can vote for them and hope those spammin nintendo nerds don’t outvote them…

          I mean it’s not like Skyward Deserved to be nominated for game of the year OR beat Skyrim… not at all right?

      2. Hey Damascus, stop trolling. You fail at it.

        Besides, obviously Zelda was the superior game, because it stomped Skyrim into the ground with a HUGE ONE PERCENT margin, amirite?

  6. YES! DA-HA! Skyward sword back up. Mabye this will show Skyrim-Crazed cocks that it’s not the freakin’ best game in the history of games! Anyway, Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha!!! * Walks off dancing.*

  7. I’m sorry but why does everyone care? It’s a G4 award. It isn’t much of an honor. And neither is anything Spike creates for that matter. Ya know what, just to show how much I don’t like these stupid, pointless, meaningless awards, I give Skyward Sword best game in the universe award. There. Now ya’ll can quit being concerned about a pointless award and go back to actually playing games.

        1. Oh hey me! Long time no see.
          I is MAD. Just play the damn game, it’s these dumb flame wars over meaningless shit that ruins the fun of being a gamer.

            1. I have more respect for G4. At least they started off as nerd channel devoted to gamers. Spike was always a “bro” channel and they just tacked on video games as an aspect to their lineup in recent years ’cause real doods play shooters. Their both ridiculous by todays standards. It’s all boobs and blood.

              1. Win!! For that guy, spiked tv is so freaking rigged, a panel of ten “experts” decide who wins instead of voters save for two or three catagorys, I mean if that’s not rigged I cant tell you what is, even if idiot fan boys on both sides are spamming votes hear atleast its still voted on, you could tell by the way the host and presenters and spikes vgas talked they were extremely biast twored Nintendo in general but Expecialy skyward sword, and its crap like that that iritates most people when it comes to “best of” it should always be voted on by the people who play the games not by so called experts

  8. thank you jesus. Skyward Sword was absolutely amazing and deserves this. Am I the only kid in the world who actually HAS Skyrim and their first impression of the game was “Yeah it’s pretty good at MAX” and that’s still my impression. Plus the amount of glitches it has. sure not big glitches. but like a million tiny ones. which doesnt deserve game of the year anyway

    1. the “million tiny ones” are all the same though they are things floating in the air. thats it.

      1. I really have had no problems with Skyrim at all. Like I know some people have glitches, but they are the 1% compared to the 99% that have no issues. Actually I did have an issue. A dragon didn’t give me it’s soul once. 1 dragon out of the 50+ I have wasted with my daedric sword. A soul that would have been added to the already overpopulated collection of souls because I like walking around and go “omg random boss battle”

        In other news: I decapitated a vampire today. It was fun.

        1. Wow, you sound cool.
          I’ve noticed that you’re pretty upset about this whole “SS beating Skyrim” thing, and so you’re going around spreading the hate on SS and why Skyrim is so much better. Not everyone has the same opinion of you, so just shut up.

        2. and its not like you cant just fight another dragon. you can easily find one in 10 minutes and there are unlimited.

  9. I will go with meta critics score. Critics agree that skyrim is the best rated game of this year…not fan boys….critics. Plain and simple.

    1. So pretty much your going by single people’s opinions rather than a large group of opinions?

      Im pretty sure I learned in General level Psychology that larger sample sizes are better… but I could be wrong…

      For your info, just because they are critics doesnt mean that their opinion is right, even they are biased.

      Both games are different and amazing in their own regard, and in the end what this outcome tells us is that Skyward Sword appeals to a wider range of players than Skyrim, not which is “better.”

  10. Huh. I thought Skyrim would take it. Still, Skyward Sword deserves it just as much. Both are excellent games. I think I’m just one of those rare lucky people who has yet to encounter a glitch after 80 hours of playing. Now I have to wait another half decade for te next Zelda and Elder Scrolls game. Damn.

  11. …No. I’m sure skyward sword is an amazing game, but I know Skyrim is the better game. The depth and detail of skyrim is immense, and it is so much better looking, and there is so much more stuff to do. Its just better. Then again, its all opinion…ok who am I kidding. Fuck skyward cock. TES is the shit.

    1. …No. I’m sure Skyrim is an amazing game, but I know Skyward Sword is the better game. The level of innovation that goes into each puzzle is immense, and it is so much more interactive, and there is so much more charm in it. Its just better. Then again, its all opinion… ok who am I kidding. Fuck cockrim. LOZ is the shit.

      C wut I did there?

  12. YEHHHH!!!!!! Skyward sword beat 2 games in a row!!!!!

    A True Nintendo fan: SKYWARD SWORD FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

  13. If any of you start trolling about either SS and/or Skyrim, I have only one thing to say. “You have committed a crime against Skyrim and its people. What say you in your defense?” You could replace Skyrim with my nintendo life if you want but it wouldn’t be quite as epic.

  14. EVERYONE!!!!!! Skyward Sword is better then Assasins creed revelations!!!!!!

    Gamespot & G4TV are haters of SS!!!

    Vote Skyward then Delete cookies then Vote Skyward then keep doing it for Skyward to win!!!!!!

  15. Personally I think Skyrim was boring. The music was epic but everything else was kinda dull. I couldn’t follow the story and the characters didn’t exactly stand out to me. Skyward Sword was colorful, the story was awesome, and the character did more than stand out. I didn’t vote but I am very happy with the results! I’m going to start voting soon, though. And I advise you to do the same!

  16. Well, haven’t played Sky, but I can say that SS is amazing. Another 25 year anniversary present for Zelda.

  17. Skyrim=Played by people who are not interested in there own life

    Skyward sword= Played by people who are not interested in there own life.

    bet you thought I was gonna favor one??… I like them both… for I can play them both… for you all suck :)

  18. You all are acting like this was game of the year? This was a vote rigged by fans on both sides. If a tech site gives SS GOTY talk your shit then!

    1. Edge magazine, biggest game mag in Europe, famicom magazine biggest game mag in Japan both gave ss and skyrim perfect scores, both said ss was just slightly better, so let the Nintendo fan boys shit talkin commence

  19. Ooh, that was a close one! Skyward Sword beat Arkham City 51% to 49%, and it was the same score against Skyrim! I don’t think Zelda will have much trouble taking on AC:Revelations (not that it’s a bad game).

  20. Man. I voted for Skyward Sword for GotY polls, but Skyrim was soooo close. Both great games, congrats to Nintendo and Bethesda!

    And to all you Skyrim-haters, you don’t have to hate something just ‘cuz its not Nintendo. You can like more than one company-it’s okay.

    Anyways, Skyward’s game-breaking bug is near impossible to get (though I found one in Twilight Princess (course it probably wasn’t completely game-breaking)). SKyrim has TONS of bugs, but the thing is, what’s wrong with a bug if it doesn’t mess you up? Funny bugs like floating wooly mammoths, spazzing after being killed by a giant, those are great!

    Both games get a 10/10 from me, but Skyward deserved the win because it took less time and was just as good, if not better.

  21. I’m actually kind of upset about this not because I don’t feel Zelda should win but because I haven’t played either and thus I shouldn’t vote. However I ended up clicking (not knowing at the time.) an auto vote link for Zelda so I was hoping Skyrim would win so it would be like my vote didn’t matter. Alas…alas.

    1. Actually I may be wrong and it may not have been auto vote I just happened to notice below Skyward it said your vote and below Skyrim it said not your vote. So I assumed it was auto vote but I may be wrong since supposedly you have to be logged in to vote but I don’t know either way.

  22. And now Slyward Sword’s probably gonna lose since all the butthurt Skyrim fans are going to be spitefully voting for Revelations.

    Seriously, I would’ve been annoyed if Skyrim had beat Zelda, but I love the look of both games, and if it were the case I would’ve liked to see Skyrim make it to the end.

    1. “Seriously, I would’ve been annoyed if Skyrim had beat Zelda…”

      And you wonder why Skyrim fans are so butthurt?

      1. …did I ever say I wondered?

        Perhaps I didn’t word myself appropriately. I would’ve been DISAPPOINTED if Skyrim had won, but I’d still vote for it in the final round because I still really like the look of it, just Zelda more.

    1. Oldest and lameist argument in the book hd graphics does not decide if a game is good or not, just because ss looked like a cartoon does not mean its not a great game, in fact isnt that what games are suppose to be, fantasy? If I wantsomething that looks like real life ill try goin outside a little more! To me the only games that need to be photo realistic are sports racing and shooters, other than that I could give a crap less If a game is hd or not as long as i can see the game and not see giant “bugs” (no zelda pun intended) I’m fine with a fantasy world lookin like just that and its ok if ss ain’t hd at least its not glitchy or buggy no loading screens and just runs smooth, but in skyrims defences you can’t expect a game that big (scale wise) not to have bugs

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