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Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Is About To Cross The Three Million Mark And Mario Kart Sells 420,000 Units, Nintendo Is Happy

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told Japanese paper The Nikkei that the Nintendo 3DS is about to cross the three million mark, which is just ahead of the Nintendo DS. Nintendo also expects the 3DS to reach the four million mark before its one year anniversary. Iwata also told The Nikkei that Mario Kart 7 sold around 420,000 units in its first week on sale, which is around double that of the Nintendo DS version.

74 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Is About To Cross The Three Million Mark And Mario Kart Sells 420,000 Units, Nintendo Is Happy”

    1. That’s actually a really retarded thing to do. And how would they do that? They would have to pay for shipping and handling and manufacturing to give every single 3DS owner a circle pad (there are millions) for free? Are you serious?

    2. Yeh!!! I payed for the 3DS at launch costing around $300!

      All i get is 20 free old games because of the drop.


      1. Wait wait wait wait.Stop now.Thats like saying “I WANT A FREE WIIMOTE PLUS CAUSE THE NEW ONE CAME OUT AND I BOUGHT MINE EARLY”Upgrades will happen to the original console and thats why most people dont buy on the first day.Everything is revised and you need to understand that as a first day buyer.

    1. 3 million altogether in japan .
      its pretty good in fact and its probably will hit 4 million in the end of the year.

  1. lucky nintendo.i wish if they can spend a litlle money for a special feature for wii u and wii u) 100% more powerful than ps4.hehe.lolz.

      1. True that. Making it a lot more stronger than the other consoles would make it really expensive, which is why Nintendo usually opts to go for the weaker console. To keep costs down for you, and keep profits up for them, plus they sell better than the other guys anyway, so who cares?

    1. if u want that then they must remade all the wii games.(sorry,but i want that too),i want my wii u 100 million times stronger than ps4 which its gonna fail from its hell price and bad gameplayes.

      1. Dude nothing has been said about PS4, nothing! so you dont even know anything about it so shut the hell up and stop talking about something that dosent even exsist yet!

        1. ur right i dont know anything about ps4 but i know that both ps4 and 720 will be 1000 million times more stronger than wii u.i am sorry to say that (i love nintendo) but the good thing is that both consoles exept from wii u they will be too expensive.thats all i know D.

          1. We dont even know how much Wii U will cost, for all we know its going to be the most expensive out there. Highly doubtful yes but its a possibility. Either way im getting a Wii U, I love the controller tablet but I love Playstation more then anyother company (im loosing faith with Nintendo and how they are neglecting North America now) so im deffinetly buying a PS4 as well when it comes.

            1. “Dude nothing has been said about PS4, nothing! so you dont even know anything about it so shut the hell up and stop talking about something that dosent even exsist yet!”

              Whoa, whoa, there, cowgirl, even if they badmouthing Sony, just leave them be, nothing we can do to fight them back, although even if PS4 hasn’t been release or anything, there’s no point in starting with argument.

              BTW, Jack Tretton is a asshat, I preferred the Sony of Japan’s CEO. -w-

          1. Thats the way I am on the internetz. Like it or not. I aint no typical “omg twilight and pink and jersy shore is the best thing ever” girl.

  2. Has the 3DS sold that amount in the world or japan cause it says it had sold 6.5 million units sold worldwide in september

  3. Ill be contributing in the next few weeks! Went out today looking for the Zelda Bundle 3DS and couldent find it at Futureshop (A canadian bestbuy), Walmart, nor best buy. All they had was the super mario bundle! I keep seeing the Zelda 3DS on the ebgames website but havent bother to look for it in the store. They better have it when I go buy one or my money is going to a PSVita instead!

        1. Oh Im going to have both, no doubt about that. I love both Nintendo and Sony very much, but Sony is my favourite. I even thought about getting a 360 till I saw the compelling rumours about the next gen one coming soon so im holding off on that.

        2. Got my pre order for vita thank you very much, as I did for the 3ds. Because im not a silly little fanboy and can appreciate more than one thing.

          1. Same here, im glad to see im not the only one here that isnt dick riding a company. (im talking to most of the posters on the INTERNET)

    1. EB games staff made it seem like they had a bunch of them in the back when I went to buy it a few days ago. A dozen stores in my area say they are in stock I checked online recently, I am in Hamilton area. I think only EBgames had this version.

      1. Im thinking that as well. I live in cambridge btw so that sounds like its a good thing seeing how hamilton has them in stock.

  4. Well that’s good news, nice one Ninty!
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  5. Yes!!! Nintendo will survive after all. Take that all you stupid Nintendo doomsday sayers. Nintendo will still be around for at least a couple more generations.

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  7. Please can someone explain to me im not being a troll i have a 3ds myself. But isnt that quit small considing the ds sold 145 millionish in 7 years. Not flaming just confused.

  8. Hooray for Mario Kart 7! And for anyone who thinks it’s small, keep in mind:

    1. The game came out this month, and these are first week figures.

    2. The 3DS itself hasn’t been around nearly as long as the older DS, and Mario Kart DS sold quite highly over a very long period of time (I think it was in the sales charts more than two or three years later).

    Sounds good for Mario Kart 7 so far.

    1. Just as long as I dont get bored with it like I did with Mario kart DS im good. I have yet to get bored of modnation racers for PS3, I just love that game!!

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