Nintendo 3DS: Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 3DS Software Issue Exposed

Recently when I was playing Mario Kart 7 I closed the Nintendo 3DS to take a break only to find that the sound had gone on my Nintendo 3DS. I thought I was the only one that this had happened to but it seems a few people have experience it. Don’t worry, the sound does come back after you reboot the console. Have any of you had the same problem?


  1. I’ve gotten the issue but instead of rebooting, I just put the system back into sleep mode and then it fixed it.

      1. You don’t need to have the game on to street pass. I have it on the menu to drain less of the battery. Typically I leave it on for street pass, then play, then power off.

  2. Yeah I had it happen to me last night, it scared me at first but then I just restarted and it was all good.

    1. That’s not the type of downloadable content they’re talking about…
      But still, i’m guessing it’s possible for them to patch it

      1. Duden you just admitted you’re twelve. No one here will take you seriously again. Lol

        1. you just admitted you were 12 to because you have never heard of a meme. no one here will ever take you seriously again.

          1. You just admitted you we’re a troll (in your name) so no one will ever take you seriously again. …and the cycle continues

  3. The only issue I’ve had is that mid-race, instead of hitting Start to pause, I hit the Home button. When I did, the screen fuzzed black and white really quickly, then went to the home menu. It worked fine…but it was just weird…

  4. i had this same problem! it scared the shit out of me! my L and R buttons also stopped working on me mid-game.

    Sickr, man we gotta play soon!

    1. For sure, I sometimes browse by the My Nintendo News Mario Kart 7 community. Here’s the code for it: 23-4505-2161-4018 Catch some of you there!

      1. Once i get around to online racing(after beating SS( in the sea of sand) and beating all the cups in all levels(started&finished the 50cc today). Ill be on :) possibly tomorrow.

  5. The only game crippling problem I have with this game is that I play so long my battery runs out. Happened today :D

    1. yeah but all of these issues are fixable with updates correct? though i guess it sucks for all the people who dont have wifi.

        1. thats what i was thinking
          their was also a glitch in pokemon but it actually wasnt a bad one it actually helped but still a glitch. that 2 out of the three best selling ninty titles that have glitches plus mario kart now.

  6. At least you can play it, I don’t even have a 3DS and my parents aren’t getting me one for Christmas =(. I need to buy one, is the Legend of Zelda Cosmos Black bundle only going to be available for the holiday season.

  7. It happend to me too and i was scared since when i pressed the home button and it went back to the home menu there wasn’t any sound either, but when i restarted The system again, the sound came back.

  8. Someone opened the 3DS and closed it 5 times repetitively on purpose to see what would happen. He had to send it back to Nintendo for repair. Skyward Sword and now this, come on Nintendo…

  9. Not a major bug to be honest. I haven’t experienced it yet. When I first bought my 3DS, I found that closing the lid while playing Pokemon White didn’t enter sleep mode, and it caused the sound to go crazy, so I presumed 3DS wasn’t compatible with sleep mode on original DS games. Luckily, it hasn’t happened since.

    1. I think that only happens if your 3DS is very close to another DS or 3DS. It has something to do with the small magnets in the systems that detect if it’s closed or open.

  10. i had the same exact and so i closed the system and opened it again, the sound was back. I thought i broke the 3ds sound sonehow, but it was just the game.

  11. Having sound not function sounds more like a firmware issue than a software issue. I think Nintendo can repair it in a similar way they did with Ridge Racer 3D and all of the Ubisoft launch titles.

  12. Has anyone else noticed that the eShop hasn’t been working today? After it finishes connecting, it say it’s currently under maintenance. I think the eShop is finally getting the demos we all have been waiting for.

  13. Wow that sux for anyone who actually has the game, and not having the game sux for anyone who doesn’t. this is a lose-lose situation! i’m twelve what is this! (i’ll go with this and owling but NOT batmanning)

  14. that always happens to me. i just close the screen and open it again until the sound starts working again, i got so worried thinking i was he only one!

    1. I am too. I’m a few posts up about this situation. Also the update isn’t coming until December 8th. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but I can’t help this feeling that they’re going to change the date again.

  15. Not yet. In fact, today I was in my design class, and when we took our break, I decided to finish a race that had started (it was the last one in the Lighting Cup), but I had left it with the volume all the way up (was using earphones), so when I opened it, the music started playing loudly.

  16. Wow! I seriously had that issue yesterday! I was very confused. I finished up my match and then restarted the system, I thought my system broke for a second.

  17. Guys, I have some news. I just tried to update my 3ds and its updating RIGHT NOW. The update is out. Go make some videos in 3d!


  19. gutted mario kart does it! i’m getting it for xmas, however i have experienced this sound problem with FIFA 12!, also freezes my 3ds on occasion, i thought it was a FIFA 12 problem not a 3ds problem! hopefully it will be fixed somehow??

  20. Haven’t had this problem just yet. Then again, I very rarely leave the 3DS in sleep mode, it seems kind of inefficient compared to just switching it off and on again. But still, I have to wonder how Nintendo can miss something like this. Did they somehow have absolutely no testers who put the device in sleep mode in the middle of a race or something, then started playing the game again later?

    1. Sleep mode is good when you need to put your 3DS away for a minute and then come back to the gameplay without the battery being drained so much. Switching it off means you will lose your progress and have to start over if you are playing a game.

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