Nintendo 3DS: Target Is Selling The Nintendo 3DS For $169.99 Plus It Comes With $50 Gift Card

US retail emporium Target is now selling the Nintendo 3DS for a mere $169 for three days only. If you do decide to purchase either the Metallic Red, Aqua Blue or Cosmo Black version you can also claim a free $50 gift card. Now you have no reason not to purchase a Nintendo 3DS.


  1. Omg, all these 3DS deals and then thinking: Was it really a good idea to pick the system up at launch with the €250,- price tag? No is my anwser.

    1. I definitely do not regret getting my system at launch. Good deals are going to come whether you buy it early or not. I got a Xbox 360 4 years after it was a released, and it was right before the Xbox 360 “S” came out.

      So deals will still come, even if you get a system late.

    1. Well looks like i picked up one anyways >.<. My girlfriend wanted one so we rushed to Target only to find they didn't have any of the color aqua that she wanted. So I told her get a flame red and i'll transfer all my stuff to it and she can have my aqua :3. Used the $50 gift card and got her a copy of Mario Kart 7 as well :D.

  2. Hey not bad, but I live in Canada so ill miss out on that. Bestbuy in Canada was selling them at that price and you got $40 gift card with it too. The sale ends this week though.

    I have high hopes on boxingday in Canada for amazing deals on the 3DS! ToysRus was selling them for $129 a few weeks ago.

    1. And that Aqua blue is so misleading! every time I see a picture of it I think of a nice blue but no its a ugly greenish colour in real life >_<

        1. Well not in my opinion, If they made a blue it should be the blue of the original DS. Now thats the most beautiful colour out there for a DS! But im still gonna get me my black and gold Zelda 3DS

      1. Yeah I’m for serious. I held off on buying the 3ds at launch on purpose because revisions have happened with every single Nintendo handheld (Except Virtual Boy if you can even call that a handheld).

  3. Wow..getting cheaper and cheaper. No excuses for those that need one now. Get it while it’s hot!

  4. I already have a black cosmo one and I dont regret about it but I didnt know there were cards in order to buy in the eshop?? can I get those in amazon… or where?

  5. LOL. Who cares. $50 GIFT CARD FTW! But $169?! Seriously, I thought the 3DS price was $169 since the price drop back in August.

  6. I just got a red 3DS yesterday it best buy and they gave me a 50 dollar gift card as well! And all games 30 dollars and up are buy two get one free! so i got 290 bucks worth of stuff for only two hundred! :D

  7. Yeah what doesn’t make sense it that they used the word “mere”, as if this price is any different than the current retail price. It’s been a “mere” $169 since the big price drop in August.

    This article should’ve read:

    US retail emporium Target is now offering a $50 Gift card with purchase of a Nintendo 3DS at its regular price of $169.

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