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Nintendo 3DS: Japan’s First Nintendo 3DS Demos Include Monster Hunter And Dead Or Alive

With last nights Nintendo 3DS firmware update came the option to download playable demos but unfortunately it’s only Japan that’s received any. Japanese consumers are now able to download the following titles from the Nintendo 3DS eShop:

  • Monster Hunter 3 G
  • Dead Or Alive: Dimensions
  • Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic
  • Puyo Puyo
  • Crayon Shin Chan
  • New Love Plus

We should be getting demos fairly soon over here in the West but Nintendo has yet to reveal precisely what we’re getting. Clearly a Resident Evil: Revelations demo wouldn’t go amiss. Which demos would you like to see?

69 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Japan’s First Nintendo 3DS Demos Include Monster Hunter And Dead Or Alive”

  1. Animal crossing, paper Mario, and luigis mansion! But realistically I think resident evil and kid Icarus would be on there.

  2. At least one of these has been said, but let’s see the obvious ones first:
    Kid Icarus Uprising
    Luigi’s Mansion 2
    Paper Mario
    Super Smash Bros

    That alone would make the demo system actually interesting to people.

  3. You forgot Mario kart 7, I know because I subscribe with a video and I get a message than said: the Mario kart 7 demo will be here soon with the new nintendo 3DS update”

    1. That’s actually the picture that got the game banned (temporarily or not, can’t recall) in some countries in Europe. There were a bunch of other factors as well, but this picture set the deal.

      1. I am pretty sure there are parents who wouldn’t want their kids seeing that while browsing the site, otherwise I could care less.

  4. everytime i update and its about to be done the i get a message that says “an error has ocurred unable to update system will now be restarted” it keeps happening everytime i try what should I do any help?

    1. Just keep trying. Some people were getting that error but it would eventually go through when they tried enough. Also make sure you are as close to your internet connection as possible because it might be that your connection just isn’t strong enough. Happy downloading!
      Love, Zack

  5. I hope Nintendo release Super Mario 3D land and Mario Kart 7 demos for people like me who are getting those games for birthday/christmas.Also,a Lego HP years 5-7 demo would be nice and I wouldn’t mind a Lego pirates of the caribbean one.

    1. Really? You’re actually referring to the picture above? ‘Cause I thought you were referring to the latest playboy magazine featuring “Ceijay, who’s opinion no one gives a fuck about”.

        1. No, there’s no “whatever”. It’s true.

          And yeah, the game’s concept was a guy’s idea. Even though I’m a guy, I don’t like it. I don’t want to see jiggling body parts in my games. Seriously.

  6. I’m expecting the demos in the eShop to come on Thursday because in the Nintendo Channel (Wii), Reggie Fils-Aime said Nintendo will change the eShop and the Shop Channel (Wii) every Thursday for the next few weeks. I would like to see a demo from Kid Icarus even though this game doesn’t have a release date yet.

  7. zant's faithful servant

    Want demo for luigi mansion 2, paper mario, SSB, and animal crossing. dont give me crap about whether its realistic or not, the question was what game would i like to see, not what game do i think will probably be a demo. also, DAMN those are some nice titties! :3

  8. Awesome. I hope Dead or Alive Dimensions pick up in sales. That game deserves to become a bigger hit, specially since it’s new on Nintendo consoles.

  9. not to be that guy, but if 3DS online is suppose to be legit, like Nintendo claimed, then I’d expect a demo for every game, and it’d be nice if we didn’t have to wait for such a simple but useful feature.

  10. any idea if demos are free or not,and im totally looking forward to a luigis Mansion 2,Animal Crossing 3D and Paper Mario 3D demos,great way to see if consumers like the game and what aspects nintendo need to imrove them on,hope nintendo does game updates to do patches and such

  11. I’m all for fighting games, but DoA seems rediculous. What’s with the hard nipples and self-aware boobs? Back to Tekken…

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