The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Was Only The Ninth Best Selling Game In November According To NPD

The NPD group has announced the best-selling software in the United States during November and Modern Warfare 3 tops the list. Sadly The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword only manage to reach the ninth spot on the list but it should be noted that the game was only released on November 20th in North America.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (360, PS3, WII, PC) Activision Blizzard
2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (360, PS3, PC) Bethesda Softworks
3. Battlefield 3 (360, PS3, PC) Electronic Arts
4. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (360, PS3, PC) Ubisoft
5. Just Dance 3 (Wii, 360) Ubisoft
6. Madden NFL 12 (360, PS3, Wii, PSP, PS2) Electronic Arts
7. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (PS3) Sony
8. Saints Row: The Third (360, PS3, PC) THQ
9. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (WII) Nintendo
10. Batman: Arkham City (360, PS3, PC) Warner Bros. Interactive


      1. EXACTLY. SS is the only exclusive and when you think of how many people who own a Wii actually keep buying Nintendo first party titles as soon as they come out, well I’m still very happy with this.

      1. You realize you’re on a Nintendo blog… Right?

        Just checking. You reacted like you were on an unbiased gaming blog.

        1. Oh yeah I forgot am on a NINTENTARD BLOG, where logic is non-existance. Cod is better thats why its 1st place. aww your jelouse awww cry go ahead your tears are chicken soup for my soul. zelda is over rated stale rehased same story weapons bosses dungeon puzzle same old shit 80s game. ugly graphics boring and only 40 yr oldfag manvirgins cry. FACTS=COD WON zelda lost haha FACTS R FACTS COMMENT IF U WANT BUT ITS A FACT. like war COD IS #1 FOREVER 4 WE ARE LEGION! Cod=fun. zelda=3d motion chess omg. zelda fail=myamoto is retiring in shame=yes YES XBOX FTW

          1. No, it’s not better. It’s just on more platforms and can therefore sell to more people. I wonder how many who’ve bought a console just to get COD: Money Waster 3 and then I wonder how many who bought a Wii just to play Skyward Sword…

              1. thats because it has more replay value, but if these trolls in the comments were true gamers they would be able to look beyond that. I hate people who troll Nintendo in the comments because they are all xbox fanboys who have never even played a good first party title that wasnt a shooter. these kids just wanna be cool and get “that cool thing that my friends have.” It may sell more, but i swear to god if these kids would put their egos aside and try playing SS they wouldnt be disappointed, but then again, maybe real games arent for everyone -__-

          2. Call of duty is overrated you sad, sad little mommy’s boy. Zelda is much more of a masterpiece than that American war game! Grow up!

        2. you can’t say that about zelda you retard. about 91 people like zelda more than cod money waster3. oh wait it’s number 1 on this site so people can waste money become hobos then can not play money waster 3


  1. Wait your telling me a game released at the end of the month on a single platform lost to 8 other games on multiple platforms and beat multiple other games that were released on multiple platforms? I am happy with this.

        1. nobody cares how it ranks up against other games this month. The other games have been out longer and at least Ninty takes the time to tweak their games to their highest potential.

  2. Other games have advantages of selling more on more than 1 consoles, Skyward Sword is the only one that is selling on a single console.

    1. Skyrim. 8 million plus across 3 consoles. 2.66 million per platform average. Even of it sold only on one console it still sold more than skyward sword. Please stop making excuses about stupid things, make excuses about things that actually make sense.

        1. Exactly a single platform title in 10 days still managed to make it into the top 10 while others where out half the month or longer and on multiple platforms . I’m actually more surprised that Batman was only able to make it to 10

  3. notice how (aside from uncharted) that skyward sword is the only single platform release? knowing that, the sales numbers make perfect sense. i’m just happy it even made the top 10 with the limited time it had to get sales in the month let alone being only available for the wii.

          1. Don’t Know If Troll Or Just Stupid

            you don’t seem like much of a christian if yo insulting people on a nintendo thread GET TO CHURCH AND PRAY FOOL!

  4. It’s funny to see you guys bicker about video game sales the same way ONTD bickers about record sales from Gaga and Britney etc;

  5. People need to realize Zelda is a niche game, just like Uncharted and I never expected them to sell in the ridiculous amount that heavily advitised and mass marketed games such as call of duty got. Zelda has only been out for a week so this is great for a game that’s never topped 10million sales on one game in a month.
    Nintendo games are the types of games that continue to sell strongly for years to come, just like Mario kart that though it never smashed a sale in one month they now total 25 million units sold and continue to sell.

  6. Let’s just ignore the fact that the game came out pretty late in the month, because that doesn’t necessary mean it would’ve gotten better sales if it was first in the month. Nintendo games tend to keep selling forever. Other games reach their peak early on. I think it’s crossed the million mark already worldwide.

    And for the ignorant people talking high about Skyrim’s suposed “8 million sold,” it’s actually 7 million shippsed units, not sold. And no, they don’t get any money from shipped units to retailers.

  7. Am I only one that feels CoD has become guitar hero, where they release too many too damn often and change very little and expect a lot…oh I forgot they were both produced by Activision, never mind.

    1. It has but just wait when they start releasing between 2-3 CoD games in a year each year sales will dip just like Guitar Hero

      1. go back to kindergarden and get your facts strait and who is letting you talk trash you piece of garbage


      1. fuck you fucking trashbag wad of shit troll you dont know anything about games or graphics why dont you complain to nintendo you blue waffle infested little pussy. you momma has a bigger dick than you so get out

  8. this is not surprising.
    first off, aside from uncharted 3, every other title is multi-platform.
    uncharted 3 came out november 1st, skyward sword came out november 22nd.
    skyward sword requires wiimotion plus, and as i dont know the statistics, i would imagine at least some people didnt buy it for that reason.
    this game should be very successful, as its the last amazingly super high quality wii game, and my favorite wii game ever (i could say favorite game ever, but thinking about it its so hard for me to chose between ocarina, twilight, and this. they are all amazing games, and all have their own charm.)

  9. It came out near the end of the month, and not everyone gets a new game within the first week of release, whereas all the others came out early in the month, so isn’t this to be expected?

    Also, 9th place really isn’t that bad, considering how many video games are out there. :/

  10. I think people who are complaining about multiplatform should remember that the wii has 97 million units compared to xboxes 55 million and playstations 50. So multiplatform isn’t as big an advantage as it was at first blush. Zelda suffers not because it isn’t a good game, but because its appealing to a group of people who probably bought a different console.

    1. It probably doesn’t help either that those same people most likely have already spent 200 dollars on arguably better value for your buck games (or arguably just better) like Skyrim and assassin creed and even though I hate the game and didn’t buy it as much as anyone else mw3, and the facts that gamers might have already spent their money is supported by the list.

  11. Sigh…..Call of duty. Of course. It’s a casual game, and it’s multiplatform, so everyone buys it. No surprise. It’s nowhere near as great as the other games on this list. But I cannot comprehend why Just Dance is there… And……madden…..needs to end.

  12. ninth place? Wow, I am not supriced. Nintendo fanbase is not usually buying things at the very moment it’s released. I might be the 1% in doing that…

  13. It’s understandable considering SS is only single platform and it’s up against so many other blockbusters.

    I have my copy so everything is good ;)

  14. Why on earth is Just Dance 3 always high on the charts?

    Zumba was on UK charts for 20 weeks strait.

    Just Dance 2 was best selling for a while.

    Kinect is full of Dancing.

    Why pay $50 on a dancing game when you can go to a club and Dance there?

  15. I have to say there are probably some flaws with this considering the late in Nov. release date and the fact that many of those games were released on many systems like mw3

  16. Eh, not too unexpected. The Zelda series has always sold well, but it hasn’t ever sold over 10 million copies. So I was already expecting Modern Warfare 3 to sell more.

    But the others? Kind of surprised.

  17. maybe everyone realized they can use the dolphin emulater and play SS for free in 1080p on thier pc with a real wiimote lol

  18. Maybe everyone just realized they can get the dolphin emulator and play the game in 1080P with a real wii mote for free and just spent thier money on something else

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