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The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Was Overthrown By Skyrim For Game Of The Year At VGAs

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword sadly lost out to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at tonight’s Spike Video Game Awards. All was not completely lost as the Hall of Fame award went to The Legend of Zelda series which was collected by Shigeru Miyamoto.

Nintendo also scooped the award for Best Motion Control Game and Best Wii Game with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land was awarded Best Handheld Game. So not too bad a night for Nintendo.

209 thoughts on “The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Was Overthrown By Skyrim For Game Of The Year At VGAs”

    1. Very true. Im still happy even though I know skyward sword was more then likely a very close second. Hall of Fame for the series is pretty much a no brainer. Awesome 25 years!

    2. i would have never expected skyward sword to win, not that it doesnt deserve it, just that spike and the vga’s can seem slightly bias, siding with violent/hardcore games (whatever you wanna call it). after watching some of the vgas, i actually thought that skyward sword had a chance. they showed quite a bit of zelda/skyward sword footage. all in all i believe what happened was what was expected, and i believe skyrim deserved the win, although i only got to play it for a second at my friends house and skyward sword is no doubt my goty, skyrim is definitely packin, and much bigger than skyward sword, not that skyward sword is really short. longer than batman, uncharted, mw3, u know, the average action game.

        1. Well Skyrim was a good game, as a formadle opponent. It was a masterpeice, and so too was Zelda.
          (We’d be pissed if this said MW3 beat LOZ SS)

      1. oh it was spike, don’t take them seriously, of course skyward didn’t when, it doesn’t have blood and gore in it!

      3.ITS ON THE WII :(


      1. Ermm if you wasn’t so stupid maybe you realize that most people are saying skyward sword lost because Skyrim is a amazing game to also im pretty sure your find that well its not the same old last boss fight its not the same old game and Cod is the same old game over and over again Zelda is more new then that in fact Nintendo is one of the more original game company’s

        1. How?How?
          Skyrims story was:
          Your being executed,you live,then get revealed to be a dragon bound with a mortals body(Dragon born)You learn the god of destruction is lurking,you alter time and space to learn some words,go to heaven,use the words,defeat him and let him reform over time,taking 1000s of years minimum.This is all off the top of my head.

  1. And watch the Nintendrones roll in. Skyrim is an epic game and fully deserves GotY status. Congrats to Betheseda and Skyrim on the win! :)

    1. Dude, you’re the kind of person that sets off Nintendo fans, not because the game lost to Skyrim. SS was just as epic if not more epic as Skyrim. Betheseda has glitchy games. Skyrim is a long game but it’s easy. I’ve played both and SS was a lot harder especially in Hero mode. Once the Wii U rolls in you’ll start sucking off Nintendo.

    1. I can tell you i never played Skyrim, but it is a multi-platform epic 400+ hour game, i am not saying “SKyrim is better than LoZ” I’m saying more people played it, so more voted

  2. overthrown? it wasn’t like skyward sword was the go-ahead choice to begin with. great game but i mean come on.

  3. Honestly, I think Skyrim deserves it. Skyward Sword is the same basic Zelda experience, while Skyrim offers a boat-load of new experiences.

    1. Well I agree with Skyrim winning it, but I assure you, Skyward sword is NOT a basic Zelda experience. It has basic Zelda elements, (Such as collecting 3 whatevers, and zelda gives you an instrument and stuff and blah) but the experience was something COMPLETELY new. (At least to me…)

    2. True i got skyward sword its not as great but its fun and worth buying but wining the vgas was understandible. Not a big skyrim fan but skyrim deserved it sorry to my zelda fans but skyward was sorta ….crap no trolling ether

    3. Skyrim did offer a”boat-load” number of experiences, just like Oblivion did, so I wouldn’t really call them “new experiences.”

  4. Skyrim deserved it. Skyward Sword is good but the godawful controls by and far keep it from being game of the year. I hate to say that, because I was really expecting much more from a Zelda game….


        Yes, because I definitely spent half an hour making Link’s hand spaz. Zelda fanboys need to chill the fuck down and realize that their fanboyness is blinding them of an incredibly frustrating and inexcusable control scheme. I really wanted to love this game and I was convinced I did (even while flying the bird) until the harp came along. And then motion control swimming.

            1. I did. Recalibrated the controls, reconnected the controls, restarted the system twice, etc. A few hours after I gave up, I tried again and got it on my first try, no problems at all. That’s why I hate motion controls. They get in the way and cause unnecessary trouble.

        1. I think it’s one of our basic functions as humans to feel a rhythm. Our heart beats, body motions and breathing all naturally and subconsciously sync with music or rhythms. Drums are older than written history. All this harp function demands is the ability to do something pretty much any normal, functioning person can do – which is to say, move your arms in rhythm to a beat.

          You’re doing it wrong.

        2. looool i know what u were doing wrong :P i did the same thing and realised i wasnt doing it right. ur meant to pivot the wii mote around the back end, not move the whole wii mote left to right, the animation at the bottom shows it clearly

    1. Funny how it’s only the few who say that the controls don’t work that say it sucks. The rest of the people, you know like 99%, say it’s great because the controls work so well.

      1. Soooooo Fake… is obvious you not trying to do it right, then u put it on YouTube to prove the controls don’t work…..smh sad so sad…..

  5. Meh, never really cared about VGA’s anyway. They’re essentially just box-art advertising for winners. I play games I like; I’ve played Skyrim and Skyward Sword, and I put my money towards the latter.

  6. From what I’ve heard, Skyrim is a good game, so good for it that it won. Shame Skyward Sword didn’t, but that’s life!

    1. Um……why do you keep doing that? Posting twice stating two completly different things? I’ve memorized you’re avatar, and for all I know, you could be two different people, but your posts are always consecutive.

      1. Annoymous’ with that same avatar are people who don’t post a name and e-mail. Much like what I’ve done here (I’m a different person =P)

    1. yea but if you look at it from another perspective, zelda: SS is a linear game so nintendo new every sequential event that was gonna happen in the game and so made everything perfect. skyrim on the other hand is an open-world unlinear game and it so big that its bound to have glitches.

            1. i repeat:
              looool i know what u were doing wrong :P i did the same thing and realised i wasnt doing it right. ur meant to pivot the wii mote around the back end, not move the whole wii mote left to right, the animation at the bottom shows it clearly

            2. It’s not their fault you’re incapable of properly using a different controller. Not to mention you’re not strumming it genius. You’re moving the entire damn thing all over the place. Of course it would f**k up.

              1. Yeah, I’m moving it from side to side because I read that was the best way to get it to read properly. That’s how I’ve been doing it the whole game and, while I’ve had problems due to the terrible nature of motion controls as a whole, it was never that bad until I got to that point.

            3. I call your bluff. Where you are in the game you would have had to use the harp sucsessfully about four times, maybe more. So the fact that you are suddenly having “trouble” is a little hard to believe. I’ve used it and have had no problems whatsoever.

      1. that literally doesnt matter, its a matter of poor coding, and poor ports on skyrim, they didnt make the game like it should have been and the result of this is all the glitches with the game

        1. The PC version doesn’t seem to buggy really. Some glitches are small silly and will actually make you laugh. The ps3 one seems to be the worst off. Hopefully they get it all working etc.

    2. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

      the game is not broken at all. unless u play it on the PS3….but who the fuck plays a Bethesda game on the PS3?

        1. PC is updated, commonly, and you should note that Nintendo spent almost the whole year just refining the game, I think there was a post on this site but I’m not sure because i look at multiple sites but i do remember that that Nintendo said that they could have released SS on Christmas but didn’t, they were refining the game.

          I know how commonly updated a PC game is, I play PC too.

        2. i found a game breaking bug in skyrim, pissed me off so much, its in the college of winterhold quests. i play that game for the magic, and now i cant even do the magic side quests :(

        3. But that’s a glitch that’s almost impossible to do. There’s no way any person should have a reason for the glitch to occur. Not to mention it’s one of those glitches that high near impossible to find because they’re so obscure.

      1. Let me explain it better.

        Skyrim is not broken at all, and i find it surprisingly good.
        For me, almost all the FP games are bullshit, but Skyrim really make the difference, like Team Fortress 2 and Portal (Portal 2 doesn’t count, it sucks).

        Maybe is just me, but if a lot of people think like me, there you go, Skyrim wins.

    1. Every game deserved GotY on that list, but people’s involvement had nothing to do with it. They only voted to let the judges or whatever know what they were interested in, but they did not decide who was the winner, the judges did.

    2. …Not like Skyward didn’t deserve it either. Or the other games, for that matter if you think about it. Besides, if this were another game, you wouldn’t have the same issue with the wording of that.

  7. This is actually the best thing that could’ve happened. Skyrim is a great game that deserved its praise, but it didn’t come at the expense of recognizing Zelda.

  8. What sold Skyrims victory. When they did the hall of fame award 99% of the LoZ footage used was from OoT. Even spike knows nothing can beat OoT.

    1. Nostalgia working in your brain

      I just recently played OOT and it felt old, and uninpressive, and very predictable,

      WW is better by a lot, also SS y have been enjoying it so far

        1. I know, but that is like telling people that a car from 1950 is the best car ever, juat because it was the first to do a lot if things

        1. A bunch of other assholes separate from Gamespot refuted Gamespot’s claim, so clearly they are “solid proof.”

          The only proof necessary is to play the game oneself. I get the feeling Tom McShea was told to write the review that way, cuz how anybody could find that much fault with the controls is insane.

    1. They are doing dumb shit because this is their last year… yes…. . is shutting down.

      and i could careless for those assholes, so im glad.

  9. A lot less rage than I thought from those Zelda fans. Personally though I don’t like VGAs. Feels too much like MTVs movie awards but that’s just me.

  10. Looks like some Nintendo fanboys are mad because Zelda: Skyward Sword didn’t win, & there are plenty of reasons why Skyward Sword doesn’t deserve GOTY.

      1. I was basically talking about those that went, “Well, duh! Zelda is big, so they have to win it!”. You don’t have to be rude to me at all. There were plenty of flaws within SS itself. Graphics, art design, motion control being required & no option for something like a classic controller, etc.

          1. How the hell would YOU jugde a game??! I’m aware that games are all about story and gameplay, but these are also pretty important factors.

        1. The hell. Those aren’t flaws genius. The graphics definitely suit the game and don’t end up having glitches or screwing up. Art design is kind of the samething. Also motion controls would have to be required, how could those specific sword strikes EVER work on a regular controller, just think!

    1. And this Game of the year is stupid anyways. I would be a lot better if they include about 50 games instead of the major games and including handhelds for game of the year. They are afraid that Pokemon or any other strong Handheld titles will win.

  11. As much as I like SS, all those recycled boss fights get really tiresome. The boss battles in the Zelda series are supposed to be one of its strong points but this time it felt like they phoned things in quite a bit.

    And while the Wii MotionPlus is wonderful for combat, there are other actions in the game where I wish I could just use the damn joystick instead.

        1. You really do sound like a child. Also, as for your video, you can see you (or whoever it is) doing it completely wrong. I had issues with the motion control at first – I did, meaning me, I was the problem. It took me a good couple of weeks to actually want to play the game as I thought it would ruin it for me. The second I fought Ghirahim for the first time I fell in love with the game and am finally enjoying it.

    1. I don’t know what you’re on about calling the bosses “tiresome” forcesofwill; the five bosses I’ve fought (just beat the Medussa/octopus hybrid on the Sandship) have been the best five bits of the game.

      1. In other words, you haven’t gotten to the second Ghirahim battle….or the second Imprisoned battle….Or the third Imprisoned battle which frankly isn’t far enough after the second. It’s all pretty much downhill after Tentalus.

        I think fighting the same guy two times over the course of a game is acceptable, but once you get to three it starts to look like a lazy reuse of assets. And then to fight TWO bosses three times? Well, that’s just ridiculous. (The “Boss Rush” mode is especially boring because of this.)

        The Fire Sanctuary could’ve ended with a boss fight that made use of the Mogma Mitts. A boss that was partially underground, so you would occasionally have to burrow down to hit one of its weak points or something. Or maybe you would have to use the “watch the above ground” feature to know when and where to burrow out. That would’ve been a fair bit more creative than what they did instead.

  12. I’ve never even heard of The Elder Scrolls before Skyrim. And seeing game footage doesn’t make me want to play it. It looks like every other RPG released these days.

  13. Totally called this, I knew skyrim would win. But I didnt expect hall of fame going to Zelda. That’s quite the honor once again to Miyamoto San. I’m pretty sure that’s his second induction. All pie in face to shitty gamespot Zelda winning best motion controls.

    Congrats to besetha and Nintendo!

  14. Disappointed, but I’m glad if anyone were to win apart from SS, it was Skyrim. Game looks amazing to me, can’t wait to get it.

    The real victory are for the fans who love playing both games.

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  16. I don’t care about VGA Game of the Year or any other sites cause It’s my Game of the Year in fact it’s my Best Game of All Time, Generation, and Year!

  17. And I’m surprised Nintendo even got the prizes. Sorry, but the VGA’s are nothing but a bunch of advertisement for games. They had good, and fair, nominees this time around, but that doesn’t restore years of complete ignorance.

  18. I personally don’t think Skyward Sword is a GOTY game, and that a game like Skyrim would likely be a GOTY, but Skyrim itself would not be my first choice for GOTY, despite its pretty damn good qualities.

  19. no biggie, Zelda is still my favorite game this year. Skyrim is a good game but it’s just not my speed, but I appreciate it for what it is. Im just happy we have so many good games to play right now this year in gaming has been incredible.

  20. Anyone notice how best wii game was a wii exclusive first party game, best ps3 game was a ps3 exclusive first party game, best 360 game was…. Wait I sense a disturbance in the force. BATMAN. Microsoft must be pissed out of their minds.

    1. Wait what about gears 3? Aren’t they still Microsoft studios and was the game was released this year? If so, That’s a massive sick burn to Msoft.

    1. Over-hyped? I live in an urban area and never even heard of it till a few days ago. And I’ve never heard anyone I know talk about it.
      Give a game credit where it’s due, man.

  21. As soon as TES franchise gets into the hall of fame, skyrim and all the other games would always be under The legend of zelda’s shoe of awsomeness

    1. I agree with you. Skyrim tells you where to go on the map. SS kind of gives a hint to where your next destination is but doesn’t show where it is.

  22. Congrats to Skyrim! However, I was rooting for Skyward sword! I played some of Skyrim, enjoyed, but Skyward sword was so good that I started forgetting about sleep. I just hated to put the game down. To anyone saying its the same Zelda, u should stop being dishonest. In all fairness, Arkham City should have won. On average, it had the most positive reviews out of all the nominees. Skyrim has quite a few bugs, Zelda has one (can be avoided), uncharted (the shooting), and portal 2 was ok (thought it received too much praise). All in all, with ALL the hype, I knew Skyrim would win. If it didn’t, the VGA’s probably wouldn’t show next year. Looking forward to 2012. I hope it’s another awesome year. By the way, never played the metal gear series. After watching that trailer, I’m DEFINITELY interested…..

  23. Skyward had the 360, PS3 and PC fans voting for it. Skyward had only Nintendo votes.

    But the thing that confuses me was wasn’t there a report on here saying that Skyward beat Skyrim for GOTY earlier in the week?

    Personally Skyward Sword beat Skyrim simply due to the fact that on the PS3 Skyrim was just a glitchy mess. Crashes every few minutes, before the patch it would lag to the point of unplayability and repetitive fetch quests. (only so many times can you stomach going into the exact same looking dungeon in one playthrough.) none of which will be ever fixed. So all in all. Skyrim for GOTY makes sense. Bethesda getting best studio when they continue to release glitchy games (New Vegas, Fallout 3 and Oblivion weren’t much better.) is just ridiculous.

  24. Skyrim beats Zelda -> I (and many others) can live with that: Skyrim is amazing.
    MW3 ” ” -> I (and many others) can’t live with that.

    If they REALLY want to make Zelda the best game, they need to have a world as huge as Skyrim’s I think.

  25. Um why didnt i know about this? Sickr you should really post something here about current votes, its more related to nintendo then an xbox exclusive new game you posted on few months ago

  26. I don’t care for award shows. Glad to see Miyamoto getting the respect he deserves. Looks like this was a great year in gaming.

    Great games for all.

  27. Reblogged this on aborngeek and commented:
    I may get some flak for this but I have to say I think Skyward Sword was a much better game the Skyrim although it itself is a very good game. Skyrim seems to have lost a lot of it’s deep gameplay over the years and while the series is good it didn’t have the same depth or impact Morrowind had ( even beyond nostalgia) but perhaps the same can be said about Skyward Sword to say A Link to the Past. Congrats to Bethesda nonetheless for the award.

    1. Not Skyward Sword, just Legend of Zelda you dumbass. But don’t worry, companies like Valve, Bethesda, Blizzard, and CD Projekt will eventually be accepted into it too, and eventually “Hall of Fame” will become some sort of tacky award that’s added just ’cause.

      Hall of Fame = Forever and ever, and anyone can be inducted.
      Game of the Year = Once, and only once a year.

      Bethesda will join the Hall of Fame.

      Skyward Sword will never be 2011 VGA GOTY.


  28. At first I was sad I missed it, but then I realized it was a Spike tv award, and realized these are the same people that show Manswers, and 1000 ways to die. Those are some of the shittiest shows ever made – the kind only rednecks will watch or someone who can’t think. It might just be sour grapes for not being able to watch it, but I don’t think I want to watch that awards show now.

  29. I can’t really decide if I like SS or Skyrim better. They’re both 10/10s from me, amazing games. Congrats to Bethesda, and congrats to Nintendo for Zelda in the Hall of Fame!

  30. I didn’t like the fact that Skyward Sword was nominated for this year’s VGAs because it was only released a few weeks before, so the great majority of the votes it got were from loyal fans that hadn’t played the game. I think that it would have been better if the game was nominated next year.

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  32. Oh well, Skyrim’s a decent game, so it taking the Game of the Year award from Zelda Skyward Sword isn’t that big of a deal. Plus, as people said, Skyrim was on more consoles and sold a bit more as well, so more people were obviously going to vote for it.

  33. I believe Skyrim shouldn’t win seriously a game that was released with many bugs and big problems in the PS3 version of the game. Of course the game is good, but I see Skyward Sword is superior by far. They just gave Skyrim the prize over Zelda because it’s “mature” and “has better graphics”. Sincerely if they would have consider every aspect of the game objectively the winner should be Skyward Sword. From innovative realistic gameplay from beautiful art, from great characters to very detailed world full of interactive objects, Zelda is much better than Skyrim and should be the winner. :) For me this Zelda is so fantastic that is my favourite game in a long time. It’s the game you’ll always want to play a bit more until the end and having great fun all the way since the start to the end.

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  36. Idiot hardcore gamers will always hate Nintendo…Anyway, I was disappointed with a lot of the game awards this year. Along with the fact that Zelda didn’t win, I wish Minecraft had gotten more awards and even a nomination for best game. Pokemon Black and White didn’t get any nominations at all as far as I know, which is surprising and disappointing.

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