Check Out The Unboxing Video Of The Super Sexy Monster Hunter Tri G Nintendo 3DS

A Japanese Youtube user has posted an unboxing video of the recently released Monster Hunter Tri G Nintendo 3DS console. Sadly there’s still no news from Capcom as to when the West will be seeing Monster Hunter Tri G but The Official Nintendo Magazine seem to believe we will be getting it by the end of 2012.


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  1. I do hope this is true… It seems there’s been no news about getting Monster Hunter Tri G on PSP, which has been out a while in Japan. So as an avid Monster Hunter fan i really hope that this is released in Europe, it’s a great series and it’s a shame it never took off in the west.

  2. I used to watch The Unboxing Video Of The Super Sexy Monster Hunter Tri G Nintendo 3DS…..till I took an arrow to the knee. »»───(knee)───►

      1. I used to not be a overused meme…..till I took an arrow to the knee. »»───(knee)───►

  3. It’s the same guy who takes forever to open a 3DS, showing every side of every box or paper and with the need of hitting the box with his fingers. DAMN just show us the console!!!

  4. 9th! if that doesn’t come to the u.s. it’ll be an arrow To the knee and give me an excuse to say “I’m twelve what is this” >>—(knee)—>

  5. I actually see hope for the MH franchise in this title. Nintendo helped out with getting MH3 a good online system in the west, and with how many people are buying the 3DS for games like Super Mario 3D Land and MK7, there is still plenty of room in the 3DS’s library for Tri G. Although I still think it would’ve been more successful on other consoles.

  6. I usually hate white consoles/handhelds because they look weird and get dirty.
    BUT, the red and white in this 3ds, is VERY appealing, i don’t know why, but it JUST is :O

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