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Mario Kart 7 Review

Mario Kart 7 has finally arrived on the Nintendo 3DS but does it out perform previous games in the series? Read on to find out.

How does the game look on the Nintendo 3DS?

The game’s visuals are sharp, crisp and colourful but the courses themselves sometime feel a little bare at times. Most of the time you’ll be concentrating on your racing line too much to notice, but if you do decide to glance at the 32 tracks you can’t help but see that there just isn’t much life in the backgrounds. That being said, the character models and the Karts themselves all look top-notch.

How are the 3D effects in Mario Kart 7?

I’ve been playing Mario Kart 7 with the 3D turned on but to be honest nothing has particularly jumped out at me. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by Super Mario 3D Land or maybe Mario Kart 7 just isn’t the poster child for 3D gaming. Don’t get me wrong, the 3D is a welcome addition but it doesn’t make or break this game and you can play it just as well with the 3D turned off.

Where does this game really shine then?

My favourite part of Mario Kart 7 is the game’s online mode and this is where it really comes to life. You can play in a community or take on eight random players online across the game’s 32 courses. It’s quick and painless to get yourself a game and the set-up is extremely similar to that of Mario Kart Wii. Expect to find yourself wasting away numerous hours in the pursuit of victory.

Is this the definitive Mario Kart game?

That’s hard to say as I’ve enjoyed all the entries in the series. It’s also going to take a while to decide if the new tracks can hold their own against the classics. I feel Nintendo has implemented enough small changes to justify making this the seventh entry in the series. It doesn’t reinvent the franchise, but it’s still damn good fun.


85 thoughts on “Mario Kart 7 Review”

      1. Ha, I didn’t take away 2 points due to the backgrounds, I just didn’t feel the single player was as fresh and invigorating as I was expecting. I love the online mode though.

          1. As I said before it just didn’t feel fresh and invigorating to me. I kinda felt like I ploughed through the single player and nothing really resonated with me. I didn’t come away as impressed as I though I would. Still, online is great fun.

              1. I like fielding comments after the review. I keep the review short and sweet and if you have any questions I’m happy to answer them after I’ve published it.

  1. »»───(knee)───►

    I used to read Mario Kart 7 reviews…..till I took an arrow to the knee. »»───(#knee)───►

        1. Then you’re welcome to read the reviews on sites such as Eurogamer and Edge. I’m not personally a fan of long reviews and generally skip to the bottom for the closing comments.

  2. So many games don’t reinvent the series, and get stellar reviews. I don’t really disagree 8/10 is a good review, I just don’t a cart game needs to reinvent. Mario Kart stands on its own 4 wheels!

  3. A very nice review. Its not the freshest mk game but its still a great new addition. The kart customization is really neat and the online is my favorite too. As for the 3D, I dont think its suppose to be the sterotypical 3D where things pop out. I think its suppose to add a feeling of depth in some games while others its meant to pop out. Sites any one else feel like the 3D also improves the graphics a bit? I feel like when my brain puts the two images together the graphics seem smoother than if they were off. Sorry for the huge comment.

  4. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

    I give it a 9/10. Online is fun. Still stellar gameplay. BUT I like the classic balloon battles more than the this current one (i.e. three times busted and you’re out not respawned).

  5. One thing I would like to know-so, if you ‘ploughed’ through Single Player-how hard is, say, 150cc compared to the 150cc of Mario Kart DS? I’m curious as I beat that recently after not touching it for years, and I’d like to know how the difficulty stacks up in this game in comparison.

    1. I got 3 stars in every cup my first go right out of the box on the 50cc. The 100cc is harder but I didnt have too much trouble. The 150cc though is very difficult to me still no gold. Though it all depends how good you are at playing mk.

    1. He’s not wrong. He’s got an opinion. Don’t agree? Fine, t’is your opinion-not everyone has to think like you however.

        1. My opinion? It’s his, not mine! Not to mention, yes, it can be a 9.5 for you. Just because you think that doesn’t mean everyone else must think the same.

            1. OK. That’s your opinion. You are allowed to disagree with his, but really, it’s not WRONG. It’s just different to yours.

  6. The single player portion was weak, but then again it has been since the SNES. I liked on Wii where you got something for each cup in each CC, which they took out of this one. When I beat the 50 CC with all 3 stars and golds, you got like nothing. 100 CC was also a little harder I still have half left to triple star (from double). 150 CC is hard and uncanny amount of AI luck and timing with those Spiny shells. I’ve had solid 3-star runs, but get wrecked on the final lap by getting knocked off the course.

  7. Super mario 3d land has made this and most other 3ds games look bad. I went out to the store, and considered a new game(cave story 3d, mk7, sonic generations…), but having the knowledge of sm3dl and it’s greatness makes it hard to do anything but wait for free gba games or more aaa games(resident evil, mgs, etc).

    I feel like i should want mk7, but this review confirms my thoughts of this game being ‘good’. 3ds needs more ‘holy moly, a little bit of pee came out.’ games.

  8. it is still a high score a 8 so wants with all the moaning. I love the new battle mode (do not forgot if you see skells33 anytime during MK7 you know that is me)

  9. i forgot about that, it was so cool making you’re own icon. would of been great if they included this in mk7.

  10. The Only Pokemon Champion

    you know sickr ive noticed for nearly all of your reviews
    youve always given the games less then major publications did
    implying that their review was wrong despite their reputation

    1. I think is more realistic, otherwise he would be like that reviewer who gave Mario Kart 7 a 5/10 and then gave Modern Warfare 3 a 9/10, at least he is not on bullshit.

      1. It’s true. I believe some publications are paid to score certain titles higher by publishers. Either that or none of the critics are brave enough to actually… well, do their jobs. Take Game Informer(owned by Gamestop): “oh man, looks like 28/30 games that came out this month are either ‘awesome’ or ‘MUST BUY NOW’, guess i better buy every single one of them.”

        I personally love bad reviews. I think they are hilarious, even if i liked the game.

  11. In my opinion, Mario Kart 7 deserve 9.5/10, it’s a better and fun version than Mario Kart Wii, not by a lot but is still appreciated, and the fact that Nintendo finally understood how a REAL Online game should be, is say 9.5 is a decent score, at least by me.

  12. I Agree, near perfect multiplayer. The singleplayer part is not for me, i hate plowing through 50 and 100cc. Things got a little more exiting at 150 and mirror but thats because the cpu starts to cheat!

  13. I’m really disappointed that Waluigi is not playable in this one as he is one of my favorite characters! Still anxious to play the game though!

  14. The single player portion kind of backtracked to Mario Kart Double Dash, which was one thing I did not like about that game, however, the gameplay was still fun. The multiplayer is the best thing about this game. The least I will give it is an 8.5/10.

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