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Shigeru Miyamoto Says He Would Like Retro Studios To Develop A Zelda Game

Shigeru Miyamoto has told Wired that he thinks the development studio behind the Metroid Prime series and Donkey Kong Country Returns could be a good fit for creating an instalment of The Legend of Zelda franchise. Would you like to see Retro Studios develop a Zelda game? It’s come out since Mario Kart 7 came out, there have been some articles about how Retro Studios was very deeply involved in the making of this game, and it’s considered a landmark for the series because you had this collaboration between EAD and Retro. And I’m curious as to whether you think that this would be an interesting model for more games, like a Mario platformer or a Zelda game, to have a Western team and a Japanese team working in close concert to produce a game like that.

Miyamoto: First of all, let me talk a little bit more in detail about how we collaborated with Retro Studios this time. Of course, they were taking care of the game designing aspect. Specifically, they were taking care of the design of the courses and the artwork about that. But when it comes to the gameplay and the control mechanism itself, that’s being taken care of by EAD once again.

People often say that videogames made by Western developers are somehow different in terms of taste for the players, in comparison with Japanese games. I think that means that the Western developers and Japanese developers, they are good at different fields. And that resulted in a different taste in [their games]. Mario Kart, I believe, was good in order to express that kind of different taste because we have many kinds of different courses for the Mario karts to run and race around. So for each of the different courses, we could identify: Retro is supposed to take care of this course, and EAD is going to do that, and such and such. Then, we were able to join forces in order to realize a variety of different courses, a variety of different tastes. I think that’s one reason how it worked out well between a Japanese development team and a Western development team.

As you know, we have already collaborated with Retro for the Metroid Prime series in the past. And I think when we talk about any other franchise, Zelda might be a possible franchise for that collaboration

125 thoughts on “Shigeru Miyamoto Says He Would Like Retro Studios To Develop A Zelda Game”

    1. The first time you said first, I was totally fine with it ‘cuz I was like : dude, it’s a little kid, let him have his little joy, it won’t hurt anyone…..

      But now that you got it (well, I think you succeeded in one post), you really need to hang to that pure vacuity?

      No offense, just curious. Guess you’ll reply in caps, but hey…. my ear muffs are ready! ;)


  1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

    YES! Donkey Kong Country is the closest thing to hardcore the wii has ever seen! PLEASE RETRO STUDIOS MAKE A ZELDA!

    1. And Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Xenoblade, Sin and Punishment 2, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Sonic Colors, Kirby Return to Dreamland, Zelda Skyward Sword, Metroid Other M, Conduit 1 and 2, Goldeneye 007, MadWorld, and all those other game Seriours Wii Gamers plays aren’t what you so called Hardcore.

        1. Zelda, Mario, donkey kong and metroid are def hardcore but you wouldn’t understand that your to busy beating off to uncharted.

      1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

        SMG are insanely fun. but not what you would call hardcore. SaP2 is meh. Railshooters are never worth $50. lolololol at Sonic and Kirby. in my mind SS ruined Zelda but call it hardcore if u want. Metroid was meh and lolol conduit. Goldeneye got a remake for the Xbox. and Madworld is ok.

  2. It might be a good idea to be honest. Much as I love the series, it’s in need of a change of format really. Don’t get me wrong, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword they’re like whole separate games from Ocarina of Time’s formula that a lot of people say has been done to death. But the game-play and the general core the game remains the same. Which is why perhaps a Zelda game that’s not strictly in the main series, something like a Zelda II of today wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    1. i agree, i love SS but lets be honest, its uses the same formula as other zelda titles. NOT THAT IT IS A BAD THING, just wanted to clarify. but i would love to see what retro would do with the zelda series. i mean lets look at metroid, it almost missed the N64 gen (except for SSB), but then came back for the gamecube in a whole new diffrent style and look. im not specificly saying they should make zelda a FPA but do something diffrent with it. like you ” a Zelda II of today wouldn’t be a bad idea”.

    1. Nintendo isn’t the only company to develop Zelda games. About 10 years ago, Capcom actually developed a couple of handheld Zelda gameNintendo isn’t the only company to develop Zelda games. About 10 years ago, Capcom actually developed a couple of handheld Zelda games.

      1. but nintendo should be the only ones to develop Zelda games and a perfect example why would be the horrible sega cd Zelda games.

  3. Misleading title. They want to develop WITH Retro a new Zelda game. Retro Studios + Nintendo EAD = Sexy stuff waiting for ya.

    1. I have to agree. It has the safety of being in Nintendo’s protective grasp, but has the innovation from Retro. I think thats a great fit!

  4. If they make a retro Legend of Zelda with modern graphics for Wii U’s tablet controller or the 3DS I think that would be just awesome. Please do this Retro and Nintendo!!!

  5. I would much rather prefer you guys at Nintendo just buy the legal rights to the Battletoads and have Retro bring those guys back.

    Although a Zelda game by them might be a good idea in theory.

  6. I say stick em with another Metroid, continuing off of Fusion, longer than Other M, and with a sense of creepyness… im talking like Teen-maybe Mature? Oh, I forgot to mention a GREAT multiplayer, like put a whole team on the multiplayer aspect. Then all the fans Nintendo lost to CoD will come back to play this FRICKIN AMAZING GAME.

    1. Team Ninja did a fine job. They handled the melee attacks and movement, which was superb. The story was a bit emotional, that was Nintendo’s purpose, team ninja had nothing to do with it. besides, I would love to see link put a Lizalfo in a headlock and drive his sword through its skull

  7. I definitely approve of this. Since Retro Studios has done a fantastic job of the Metroid Prime games and Donkey Kong Country Returns, I would like them to try out their experience in making a Zelda game with their own ideas. Of course, Miyamoto and Aonuma should be involved, too.

  8. Nintendo, you have my money already :D, I would like it if we get a Zelda game developed by Retro Studios (I was talking about how great it would be with a friend of mine recently, so o.o)

  9. Kind of off topic but, although a lot of people hated Metroid: Other M, wouldn’t it be better if were ported to the 3DS? I mean, in Streetpass, one of the puzzles is of Metroid: Other M, (Just a picture of Samus) and it looked like it was HD. Wouldn’t it be awesome on 3DS?

  10. That would be awesome, but Retro would be better fit for Eternal Darkness 2 or a new IP. Nintendo needs something like a competitive shooter like Gears or CoD, so let Retro’s creativity shine. That way, Nintendo would have more gaming options for their systems. Maybe a cinematic game like Mass Effect or something like that. Don’t just let Monolith create a new IP; support Retro’s skills, too!

  11. I say definetly YES!!! and you know why? because, Retro Studios is the new Rareware, and deservers to do a lot of games for Nintendo ’cause they proved to do a EXCELENT JOB with Donkey Kong and Metroid!

    1. you die hard fans said the same thing with motion controls and look what happen, Skyward Sword is one THE BEST (rivaling Ocarina Time) Zelda games ever made.
      So Yes, Retro will make a Awesome Zelda game.

  12. So…public poll here. Which Zelda games have been the most popular? The western styled ones, (Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess). Cartoons are fun…if you’re 12. Throw a bone to the fans please, we’re not 12 and we wan’t something up on our level now. We winced through Windwaker and forgave Skyward Sword but now…MAKE SOMETHING EPIC; NOT CUTE. Retro seems to be the perfect studio to do such a thing. They know dark, and they know style, and they know innovation and graphics. Retro for Zelda? A no brainer really.

  13. Kalandapandahormindatag shakalatamari

    No, definitely not. For games like Donkey kong and Mario, i don’t mind if the gameplay hasn’t developed over the years, i do like it when there are graphical updates though. However, i would hate it if they made a Zelda game, I have a feeling they wouldn’t make it modern enough. As much as i like Majora’s mask and Ocarina, look at skyward sword, it’s so modern and still a great game. I just don’t think Zelda would develop much with this company.

  14. I like this but I honestly think Retro should go back and do another Metroid game. We haven’t seen anything for Metroid since Metroid Other M and that was good and all but meh. Need something new. Like maybe Metroid 5? Eh? Anyone? Because we all know Metroid Fusion is Metroid 4 sooooo wtf. Another reason is because well what about this?

    Idk. There’s a lot to Metroid and I think Retro should go and make Metroid Prime 4 orrr make Metroid 5 or something. But I wouldn’t mind a Retro Studios Zelda. Just depends on how they make it, really. Because honestly, doesn’t really matter if Retro designs it, it’s probably gonna be under close eye by Nintendo.

  15. Retro should work on a new F-Zero franchise!! I loved the Prime series but I really want to see another F-Zero game out for the Wii/Wii U.
    Some has Nintendo’s number, we need to let them know NOW!!

  16. Dont feel very good about retro touching zelda i love western teams but retro studios is pretty bad company dkcr sucked due to just difficulty and poor design retro does not have a right to make a zelda game they will just fuck it up and ruin it really people donkey kong country sucked so bad i sold it its a really shiity game not trying to hate just be honest.

    1. lol if donkey kong is the series that you immediately associate retro with. then u probably need to learn more about them before posting ignorant comments

  17. GREAT IDEA! They can help out with the 3DS one.
    It could be a Kirby Styled zelda mixed with windwaker graphics. EPIC!

  18. Nahhhhhhh Retro should just stick with Metroid and DK. I’d be down if they made a new Start Fox though or even a new F-Zero.

  19. That’s a good idea. Retrro makes amazing games. Metroid Prime was the most beautiful game of the GameCube generation (that includes the games on PS2 and Original XBox).I would love to see a Retro Zelda.

  20. Seeing how well they did on DK Country Returns, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Retro Studios zelda. But I don’t think it should be a Wii U game. Most mobile zelda games have been in collab with other studios, and its been good so far. The 3DS has a brand new way in which zelda could be made without the toon art style and I’m curious as to where they’ll take it o_o

  21. Just make a new, even better METROID rather than make Zelda more and more like Metroid.

    Everyone LOVES Skyward Sword since it became more “Metroidish”.

    Why don’t you just play the best series Metroid?


  22. Do it. Metroid Prime is the only Metroid Game I’ve ever cared about. I also played Zero Mission, but it was not very fun.

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  26. It would be nice to have Retro Studios try to make a Zelda game but it can never be a big flop like the Philips CD-I Zelda games. Never heard of them well that’s why.

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  29. Retro Studios is the new Rare of Nintendo, though I think the games they’ve designed so far are better than anything Rare made (not ragging on Rare here, I loved them). So yeah they should totally take hold of another Nintendo franchise, the two they have so far have been awesome. Hell I hope they go back to Metroid, maybe remake Metroid Prime on the Wii U or 3DS.

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