GameStop Persuaded Nintendo To Release Xenoblade Chronicles In The United States?

Apparently US gaming emporium GameStop reached out to Nintendo and persuaded them to release Xenoblade Chronicles in the United States according to an anonymous source. The source also claimed that GameStop is aiding with publishing costs for the game.

The same source also revealed that Nintendo of America will be looking closely at Xenoblade Chronicles pre-orders before committing to releasing The Last Story in the US. Apparently pre-orders for Xenoblade Chronicles are not doing as well as Nintendo had expected.


  1. I would totally preorder this if it were available on Amazon, like how it USED to be. I hate going to Game Stop and I especially hate pre-ordering from them, but then again I guess I have to suck it up if I want Xenoblade (and possibly Last Story).

  2. Well, no shit they’re not doing well. You’re releasing it through ONE RETAILER out of dozens! Not even that big a retailer either, just a fairly well known one. What about people like me, who’ve never been to a GameStop and order most games from Amazon?

    1. You get in your car, go to GameStop and reserve it? What’s so hard about that? If there’s none near you, just go to their site and order it there. o_o

    2. Um…. Gamestop has a website where you can pre-order things like on Amazon… I mean whats the issue exactly…?

      1. I usually preorder on Amazon since if you have gift cards, you don’t need a credit card. GameStop needs a card even if it’s fully paid by gift cards…

        I guess I’ll buy it via Nintendo Store. They accept cash through the mail.
        Now time to find a stamp…

  3. I thought Xenoblade pre-orders have been doing substantially well though. Oh well, I should get to pre-ordering soon though. So I can see that Last Story come over so I can play the FUCK out of it.

  4. Guesing the reason for lack of preorders is due to anyone who wanted it bad enough, acquired it by other means.

    1. ^This. Im not preordering a game that should of been released WAY earlier. Translation was no excuse since Britain got it. Im already happy with the means I used to aquire mine. Shame on NoA for taking so damn long.

      1. Welcome to how it often feels to be a European, except we have to, and are expected to, suck it up and buy the game when they finally decide to release it. Waiting half a year or more for a game isn’t that uncommon.

        1. Europe deserves to get the three Wii rpgs first. I just remembered Europe gets Catherine later this year x.x

  5. I hate Gamestop but I have to give it to them if this really happening. I hope I can get it at some place else though. eBay will be bound to have it.

  6. i think its most nintendos fault i mean they didn’t advertisied it as well they didn’t decide to take it to america as well

    1. IKR. C’mon Nintendo. It’s not like the came comes out in 3 weeks or something. Be patient. You didn’t advertise hardly at all and most of the people who want it may just be hearing that it’s coming. If I didn’t check Nintendo news daily, I would’ve missed the announcement too. I’m not one to preorder either, so don’t count on me, but I’ll buy it.

  7. Lack of pre orders are:
    Missed the hype window.
    Only can order from two places GameStop and Nintendo.
    Some are going to wait til after Christmas, like me.
    Some are already owned a copy.

  8. The only reason gamestops doing it is for money….. Don’t act like GameStop is all good and awesome, they’re still money grubbing A-holes. (I mean corporate, got nothing against hired employees of GameStop, unless you are an A-hole too, and you know if you are.)

    1. I know, right, what kind of company is in it’s business for the money. I mean, it’s just money. It’s not like every other company is out to make money.

  9. I wonder if this and the Slide Pad are connected. Like did Gamestop say they’d help release this if Nintendo gave them exclusivity for the slidepad.

  10. I think they should just hold their horses until nintendo preorder is available, cause thats when I am ordering it ……… and many others I assume to avoid Gamestop.

  11. gamestop enrages me. i refuse to preorder anything from them. some one needs to tell nintendo to stop being so friendly with them. in fact the cavemen that live in my local gamestop openly discourage me from buying nintendo. thats how a business loses sales. and customers.


  12. Give it time folks, the game isn’t coming out until April. I know for a fact I’m buying this game, but I’m gonna wait to preorder.

  13. “Apparently pre-orders for Xenoblade Chronicles are not doing as well as Nintendo had expected.”

    I don’t want to sound like a troll here, but this is a fault by Nintendo. I think they took to long in releasing it there and the Americans just pirated it.

  14. I have one thing to say to all you people saying “I’ll never pre-order from Gamestop because they SUCK!!!11! Thre r asshole who suck byg guns, ghawoerih!!111!”:

    GROW UP.

    Don’t want to order it from Gamestop? Fine. Do it through Nintendo direct. Or, don’t order it at all. Either way, what does it matter where you order the damn game so long as you order it?

    I pre-ordered mine on the Gamestop website, paid what I would expect for such a game ($49.99 + tax) and expect to receive it on time as I have the numerous other games I’ve ordered from Gamestop. It’s not that hard, people.

      1. andrew parker u are the 1 of the few right people on the internet because the other people suck! they dont know about websites.

      1. I hated that for as much bitching as PR did for these games, that there has been little to no excitement about Xenoblade being released.

        Now the same people that were “going to throw their money at Nintendo” are saying “Well, it’s too late for that now, Nintendo should have released it earlier”, or are not going to buy it because they imported the game.

        Anyone who supported PR should be obligated to buy this game. When you signed up for PR, you were telling Nintendo you were willing to make a purchase. You’ve got until April to get the money. If you already imported it, buy the game as a gift for a friend.

        However, if you advocated for it and are not going to buy the game, you’re only hurting the movement you claimed to have supported, and telling Nintendo that you were fighting “for the principle of the matter” and not for the actual game itself.

        I wasn’t even a part of PR, but I’m considering picking up this game if it means that I don’t have to listen to people whine next time Nintendo doesn’t release a game because Xenoblade didn’t sell well enough.
        I wssn’t

  15. How can Nintendo be disappointed with pre-orders if they haven’t even opened pre-orders on their own site yet? Are they just talking about the pre-orders at Gamestop?

    Something in this story smells like the stench of made-up bullshit.

  16. Whether gamestop actually did that or not i still hate them. one act of epicness does not make up for years of dong-sucking. that said, i would probably still pre-order from them because i base where i buy games on more important things than how big of assholes the corporate groups are. however, i can’t preorder at all cuz im broke and all my christmas money is going toward a loz 3ds

  17. Thats because NOA took so long to consider this after playing the back and fourth game… The majority of us took it upon ourselves to download the ISO and play it from the PAL versions on our Modded U.S. Wii’s :) Screw NOA You SUCK Reggie! NOE Rules!!! By the way guys The Last Story was Epic! Played from beginning to end… ;)

  18. I think Nintendo dropped the ball on this one. They waited too long to bring this game to America and now that they decided to do it, most of the hype and interest has died down, now they are complaining that the pre order rate is too low.

    Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it too. They should have jumped on board when Operation Rainfall (hope I got that right) was at it’s height.

      1. It’s not about credit. It’s about bringing a game in high demand to people who want it. Nintendo missed a chance to make some good money here.

        1. It’s not like Nintendo were going to make a quick decision over-night. It probably took a little while for the information to trickle through the system and for Nintendo to way up the odds and make a decision. The PR guys got EXACTLY what they wanted and they should have been patient enough to realise that it wasn’t going to happen straight away. If they are going to turn around and say “nevermind, we don’t care now and/or have imported it” then that sends a message to Nintendo that PR was all just a lot of hot air and that they should never consider releasing a game in a region that they weren’t originally considering ever again.

          Considering that in the past it’s not unusual for PAL regions to have to wait up to six months for a release, surely it’s not unreasonable for the PR guys, who weren’t sure if they’d succeed anyway, to wait a little longer and if after a reasonable amount of time nothing is heard, then sure, import it. Or at least if you’re going to import it then purchase the proper release when it comes to show your dedication to the project.

  19. they should re make it just for NA and make it HD and release on the Wii U and call it xenoblade chronicles HD ultimate edition and not make any localization to europe and japan hahaha!

  20. Yeah I was wondering what happened to all those Americans that wanted this game and yet don’t preorder it.

    1. I can’t preorder online since I don’t have a credit card, and preordering in store is too difficult since I live a 35-minute walk away from GameStop (and my parents are never home to drive me), so I’m just going to go buy it in the store after it comes out.

  21. Duh people are spending their time worrying about xmas. I want the game but figured id preorder after the holidays. We still have several months to go here. :-)

  22. What’s with all the GAMESTOP hating? I’ve always had good experiences with gamestop. 95% of my purchases there used-games and out of the hundred used-games I’ve bought, only one didn’t work, which they fully refunded for. Also, all my Pre-orders come in time and they call me the day before as a reminder.

    So…..what are they doing that’s worth hating them for, I ask you?

    1. there greedy just like any other company that wants to make money cant blame them.

      i think the real hate comes from the fact that they will buy your games from you at a very low price and then resell them used almost at full price.

      Either way i see them going out of business in like the next 10 years

      1. That’s capitalism. That’s the American way: screwing the little guy. I accept this and drown my sorrow with videogames

  23. Yo, Sickr, here are the 3DS Ambassador GBA games that coming out in Japan by December 16th:

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  24. 10 GBA games, December 16th in Japan:

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  25. ah! i knew it! Nintendo never seemed to have intentions of an american release for this game, and its exclusiveness to only Gamestop was already suspicious.

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