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Here’s The American Xenoblade Chronicles Box Art for Wii

Nintendo of America has revealed the official box-art for Xenoblade Chronicles in the US. The cover is basically identical to the European version but Nintendo of America has chosen to de-emphasize the “Chronicles” part of the title. Xenoblade Chronicles is due for release in April through GameStop and Nintendo.

33 thoughts on “Here’s The American Xenoblade Chronicles Box Art for Wii”

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    1. Well, if you look reeeeeeally closely, and you gotta kinda squint too, you can kinda see that that one blade of grass that’s about 2 inches above the Nintendo logo has ACTUALLY had it’s sides reversed from the European logo. Believe me, it’s there.

  1. I wished they would make the “Chronicles” a bit flashier. It just looks dull. Either way, I’m just happy there isn’t a gamestop logo or “Gamestop Exclusive” crap on the design. Seriously, I hate stuff like that.

  2. Honestly, every time a read an article here, it’s good, it’s news I want to hear, and then the comments are just full of fanboys (Nintendo ones, and Sony ones, for some reason) and trolls, and really, it sort of just annoys me. I think it’d be a good idea to just not have comments, because even when you guys say you ban somebody, I see them the next article, trolling away.

  3. zant's faithful servant

    I honestly don’t see the resemblance…between that mega robot and alphonse…but it’s cool that you know about fullmetal alchemist! (actually, based on that reminding you of alphonse, you probably just heard about from a friend and guessed at what he looked like.) anyway, if you really are a fullmetal alchemist fan, you should check out the fullmetal alchemist brotherhood tv show. i hope chronicles comes out soon the cover art looks EPIC! now i have to get back to zant and see what his bidding is c ya

  4. I think nintendo should start hiring real artists to do their game boxarts instead of amateur fuck whistles that just do a half assed job on MS paint. At least the game is finally heading to NA now. :)

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