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Nintendo Of America Releases Spectacular Kid Icarus Uprising Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo of America has not only dated Kid Icarus: Uprising for March 23rd but they’ve also uploaded an action-packed new trailer for the Nintendo 3DS game. The Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer shows off plenty of explosive gameplay footage and also features American voice acting for Pit and the other characters featured in the game.



    1. I can’t believe it. First people complained about Skyward Sword not having voice acting and “it should’ve had it because we live in the 21st century”. But now, you guys are against voice acting?

      Would you freaking make up your mind?


      1. I happen to agree that the voice acting here seems a little much, and along with Other M and Mario Sunshine could prove to be why it’s stupid to cry for voice acting in Nintendo games in general.

        I was also on the ‘I don’t want voice acting in my Zelda games’ side of the debate.


      2. I don’t think it’s a matter of whether the game has voice acting or not, I think it’s a matter of how well the voice acting is done. So many games have horrible, over the top, cliche, voice acting.


  1. Oh, that was really cool!
    I was expecting the voice acting to make me cringe, but it isn’t terrible. It’s not good either, but will do. The Japanese voices are annoying too.


    1. The point is: the voices are important in this game. How am i supose to play a game with multiple enemies on the screen and slash them paying attention to the texts?


  2. I actually like the voice acting, but I’m not a fan of the script. I wish it was more like an action/adventure game. Something like a Metroid game but with all of those environments. As good as the trailer is, the release date has lower my anticipation for this a lot, and this was one of my most anticipated games for the 3DS. It’s making the Vita look better with the games coming for it.


  3. “Mild Suggestive Themes”?

    Wow, you don’t see that often in a first-party Nintendo game.

    Other that that, the game looks awesome (and the voice acting so far is much better than I thought it would).


    1. Believe it or not, you can tell when you hear them that they were meant to be suggestive. This is actual dialogue from the game:
      Palutena: I can see what’s in your heart.
      Pit: Oh. Well that’s… interesting.
      Palutena: So you’d better not be thinking about anything… naughty.

      Not even joking.


  4. The voice acting is fine (even though I like Pit’s Brawl voice better), but the script sucks lol. I preferred the dialogue in the older trailers. The dialogue here seems dumbed down. I wonder if they changed it.

    Either way, can’t f*cking wait!


  5. Hm definitely circle pad support hear. Pit’s using physical attacks even when the enemies aren’t directly in front of him.

    Nintendo said that with the old controls he’d switch between physical and bullet attacks depending on how close he is to the enemy.

    And March comon, I can’t wait that long the anxiety is killing me.!


  6. Hmmm…. arial on-rails shooter (with LOTS of dodging) + ground-based 3rd person shooter with lots of different guns = NEW STAR FOX ASSAULT GAME!!! YES!!!…. except without Starfox and with Pit instead….


  7. Wait…..Dark Pit? Wha? Why have I not known of this?

    And as for the voices, yes as everyone else said, they’re fine, it’s the dialogue that’s the problem.


  8. Me: *reads comments* Hm, the dialogue can’t possibly be THAT bad! :> *plays video*
    Pit: Well, Pit’s gonna teach you some new tricks! Now play dead!

    …Still getting it, though.


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