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Nintendo Is Releasing A Fix For The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Glitch

Nintendo of Japan has announced that it’s preparing a downloadable fix for the game-breaking Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword glitch that was reported a few weeks ago. Anybody unable to connect their Wii to the internet will be able to send their console directly to Nintendo or an SD card featuring a corrupt Skyward Sword save file.

51 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Releasing A Fix For The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Glitch”

  1. I got a question, what if my file isn’t corrupted? I want to prevent this glitch, so if i download the glitch it will prevent the glitch? Or the fix only works for corrupted files?

    1. Apparently if you talk to one of the Goron characters after completing a certain dungeon, you will be unable to save your progress afterwards. That’s all I remember from the report a few weeks ago.

    2. If you talk to the Goron in Lanayru after you get the Thunder Dragon’s song it apparently causes problems. But fortunately it’s pretty easy to avoid.

    3. at the point where ur getting the song of the hero u choose lanayru or faron or eldin. if u choose lanayru first it wont let u continue the game cos it thinks uve done the other two already so when u go to them nothing happens

  2. I wasn’t even aware there was a glitch at all, I’ve played through and completed the game just fine, didn’t see any bug glitches at all. Unless this is for the 2nd Quest.

    1. Nintendo fanboys “our games are perfect. They don’t need to be patched because there’s nothing wrong with them”

      Would be who said Nintendo doesn’t patch games.

      1. Well, this is the first game breaking glitch that I know in a Nintendo game.
        There are always glitches, that’s normal. No programmer can make a program without bug, but a good programmer reduces the number to only a few.

        And I wouldn’t even know about this one if it wasn’t for the internet. I played trough the game twice (normal and hero mode) and didn’t encounter this glitch. After that I read about it here. So the glitch isn’t even commune.

        Lets reformulate that sentence.
        “They almost never need to patch because there is almost never something wrong with them that could be considered gamebreaking.”

        1. Don’t forget in Metroid: Other M there was one. If you go back and save at a navigation booth after beating a boss in the sand part of Sector 3, a hatch will be permanently locked, thus breaking the game.

  3. JamesD aka The Hero of Time

    Hey guys. I beat this game a couple days ago. You don’t really need the fix. Just make sure you only talk to the goron the two tine you have too. I literally had zero problems with this game. Don’t be scared to play it. Just make sure you have ample time to get all three song pieces. Then you’re good to go. =]

  4. Wow, this would mark the first time Nintendo has ever released a fix for a game.
    Not that they’re usually inconsiderate or anything, but cause they never really needed to. Even then, it’s surprising that they would do this despite them saying it’s very difficult for them to release a patch for a Wii game.

  5. I can’t be bothered to send my console in and I am unable to connect it to the Internet. I think I’ll just have backup files.

  6. I’m guessing this doesn’t happen to everyone. Lots of people have completed the game without issues, and it was also in the hands of reviewers and no one mentioned this or any other glitch at all. Still, it’s always a good thing they are trying to fix it.

    1. After you get the song piece in Lanayru, just don’t talk to the Goron there again. You have to talk to him when you arrive in Lanayru, but avoid him after that and you’ll be fine. And backup your game just in case

    1. Yes, it is… now we just have to wait for some DLC <3 Would love some new SSBB characters and new Mario Kart courses : D

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  8. I haven’t been playing it, mostly in part because I want to finish Ocarina of Time 3D but just haven’t had the time. I’m glad to hear they’re doing something about it so that when I do play, I have nothing to worry about!

  9. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Nintendo patching a game through a download.

    Nice to see Nintendo finally getting with the times.

  10. I think this represents a positive step for Nintendo. It shows that they are stepping up their online presence. Maybe a glimpse of what will be available for the Wii U?

  11. I guess the folks at Radio Free Nintendo don’t have to argue about Nintendo and downloadable patches anymore.

  12. I’ve got the game for Xmas. What will i actually need to do to download the fix, just make sure my internet connection is on first time i load the game and it does it automatically?

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