Here’s How To Play The Ten Free Gameboy Advance Games In Their Native Resolution

As you know the ten free Gameboy Advance games went live today for European and North American Nintendo 3DS ambassadors. The games themselves are stretched to better fit the Nintendo 3DS top screen but if you press the Start and Select buttons when loading the games they will display in their native resolution.


  1. I know this is unrelated to the article but this is too good not to share.

    Fellow Canadians that live in Ontario, Shoppers Drug Mart is having a 3DS sale. You can buy one for $139. And yes thats right I said shoppers drug mart, the pharmecy store of all places!!! Best buy, Future shop, walmart etc. have thier 3DS’s at regualr prices this week so this is a damn good deal if you are wanting to buy one like me.

    I was planning on buying the special Zelda 3DS but ill save way more money if I get this one. Ill settle for a regualr black one if it means saving money. Thank God its my birthday sunday :D

      1. I wouldent even want to know what it would be like on drugs playing a 3DS >_< lol. But yeah odd place for a 3DS sale.

            1. BIT.TRIP SAGA is a video game. It’s as close to drugs that are legally sold in stores and don’t harm you if you aren’t prone to seizures as you can get.

      1. It seems pretty fair for them not to release them for a while, I just hope they release them at some point.

      1. That’s their position at the moment, anyway. I expect it to work a lot like Gamestop exclusives: You pre-order @ Gamestop, you get this 100 exclusive content. After being out for awhile, that content becomes available as DLC.

    1. Actually the gba ones are exclusive to Ambassadors. The NES ones are the ones they are going to release later on.

    1. it’s for those of us who aren’t 12 years old.

      We actually remember a time when you had to physically be with people in order to play games with them, enjoy your CoD little boy.

      1. Yep those were the days. Especialy with Pokemon, if you had a link cable you were the shit on my school play ground lol.

    2. It’s because the games are not ported, but instead emulated which means they are presented exactly as the originals were, even if some features can’t work anymore due to hardware differences

  2. I cant find where to download the games. Can anyone tell me where to get them? Yes I am an ambassador. I bought my 3DS at launch and I’ve already downloaded the free NES games, cant find the gameboy advance games and cant remember exactly where I went to get the NES games so cant check there.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Go to the Eshop click on the Settings/Other scroll down at Titles you’ve downloaded and they should be ready for redownload along with other titles you’ve downloaded….Enjoy!!

    1. Have you got the 3DS and connected to Eshop before the 14th august?

      Also the games would be available on Eshop games i’ve downloaded.

  3. known about this since day one. It also works with normal DS, NES, DSiWare, and probably anything else that is scaled up. I prefer the blurred 3DS resolution, but I think it’s kinda fun to sometimes play on a tiny screen. XD

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