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Check Out The Stunning Box Art For Kid Icarus Uprising On The Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has revealed the official box-art for the eagerly anticipated Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Nintendo 3DS. The game has been a long time coming but North American Nintendo 3DS owners will finally be getting the game March 23rd and it should hopefully be coming to Europe around the same time.

29 thoughts on “Check Out The Stunning Box Art For Kid Icarus Uprising On The Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Wow…I wonder if the Game Cartridge will look the same like Of Myths and Monsters…I hope it’s at least as good as the original :p

  2. Am I the only one who realizes that it’s the American 3DS’s birthday when Kid Icarus launches here in the US?

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  6. Finally shit it was about damn time I had preorder dis since the 3ds launch can’t wait to play it should be fun and hopefully they could make a kid icarus game for the Wii u the only thing I don’t like is dat I won’t be able to play this game with the circle pad pro and the controls seen like I’m going to be getting a lot of hand cramps hopefully I could get into the controls and my experience don’t get ruin by dat…. Ps still think they should have made this game circle pad pro compatible but let’s see wat happens

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