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Square Enix Files New Trademark For The World Ends With You In Japan

Online gaming publication Siliconera has discovered that Square Enix has recently issued a new trademark for the critically acclaimed The World Ends With You in Japan. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will get a new The World Ends With You game, but we can all live in hope.



      1. It was one of the greatest games of all time. That’s a fact.

        I’m in the US. Before you reply, know that I’ll call your fucking bluff.

        Ahem, anyway, part two would be amazing.


  1. YES!! I love that game and I would love if they would make a sequel(or prequel) for the 3DS or any other system, I don;t care as long as they make it


  2. don’t worry, no one got confused with your comment, and that’s because no fucking one cares about your stupid opinion, you got so lucky that I just sensed that you are a very fuckeable indivual.

    I liket the game btw, though I never finished it. How ironic is that?


  3. Eh id buy it the first one was good but if anything i hope they change the controls cause using a stylus for EVERYTHING gets kinda annoying so if it does get released for the 3DS i prey they utalize the anolog stick so strategicly placed on its deck ^_^


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