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Nintendo 3DS VS PlayStation Vita Battery Life Test, Which One Came Out Top?

Youtube user KureKureyon has conducted a test to show how the Nintendo 3DS compares to the PlayStation Vita with regards to battery life. The PlayStation Vita was running Uncharted: Golden Abyss while the Nintendo 3DS was running Monster Hunter Tri G. The Nintendo 3DS managed 2 hours 35 while the PlayStation Vita managed 3 hours 47.


268 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS VS PlayStation Vita Battery Life Test, Which One Came Out Top?”

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          1. Because 3DS/hit is cheap. *Newsflash* people buy cheap shit, OMG! Look how no one wanted to buy it when it was selling at $250. At that price the Vita more than shows it’s worth it. Fucking fantards making up bullshit that 3DSi had longer battery life. SMH, losers…

          1. It’s not really better in every aspect. You’re forgetting the innovation of the 3DS compared the basic gaming style of the vita. They are just different consoles and shouldn’t even be compared.

              1. I meant in multiple aspects as the Vita uses buttons while the 3DS uses the touch screen with buttons and also, the 3DS has 3D.

                1. But, isn’t the Vita touchscreen as well? It even has a back touchpad. It also has two analog sticks, whereas the 3DS only has one. They both have gyro sensors, which is great.

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        3. At least the DS has games. The Playstation on the other hand only has a few. I think the only good launch title the Vita might have maybe Uncharted or LBP or whatever(LBP is hardcore?)I’m just making a prediction, after that it may barely have anything good later on in the future. I exspected the 3DS battery to die first,but there’s so much shit put into the system especially the 3D.

          1. you’re just encouraging these stupid flame wars. Again, their both good consoles! I don’t understand why you idiots have to either like Sony or Nintendo.

        1. hes not saying this cos of one post, the vita has scraped its way in here before alone, with no relevance thats why some people are saying wtf

          1. Everything thing posted on here about sony has had atleast some relevance to Nintendo. Even if they just posted how much the Vita sells in its first week, some people like to read about it, and Sickr posts things he deems relevant.

    1. haha yh but i suppose he could argue that its to do with 3DS, but there are other times when i agree, like i dont give a crap about the vita blog, sony is a corrupt compan

      1. Newsflash – look up Nintendo’s tactics during the Nes era and try saying Nintendo is a total saint…they’ve not been good themselves, and don’t all of this need white knighting!

        1. absolutley tru! Nintendo is calling himself a saint because they’ve been releasing their consoles first, so every other console would be “copying” them, so nintendo would gain all the popularity… so far, they’ve made it work… Wii has been the top saled console… so I guess it’ll continue this way…

          1. Everything you said is incorrect. Nintendo never calls itself a saint, it just doesn’t put itself in competition with the others, which is often misinterpreted as what you just said. And they don’t release their consoles first so they gain the popularity or so other consoles copy them, they release them whenever they deem the best time to release them.

            1. Exactly. That’s why the 3DSi had a lot of design flaws upon its release (and still does) like: black screen of death, bad design flaws which causes the nub stick to permenantly scratch your screen or crack it — unless you add something like a cloth in between when you close it, which considering the price it was originally selling for is ridiculous for me to have to do. It also had d-pad cracking flaw, the loose top screen coming right off the 3DSi — which they had to cancel amazon sells for awhile. The 3D doesnt work UNLESS you play staring at it dead center & not moving it. I just turn it off bc it becomes more problematic than fun. Yup all this bc it wasn’t rushed out. BTW. The WiiU isn’t rushed out either…

              1. Most of those things you just stated were only one or two offs. I have no marks or damaging to my screen or buttons doing anything unintended. And it wouldn’t be possible to create a 3D handheld without the small issue of having to look at the middle of the screen. You can look at it from pretty much any angle if you have the 3D on low. The only major problem with it was the black screen of death which had a patch released two days later. And atleast they fixed that so fast, unlike other consoles which have major problems like the red ring of death. And also, the Vita has had a few issues that I’ve noticed online but haven’t read into.

      1. 3D is on, you can see the slider. but brightness is another thing along with sound.

        I also don’t think when it’s in sleep mode and charging, it reaches full charge (in my experience).

                1. That’s like saying a comparison between two presidents/prime ministers or whatever wouldn’t be news, but would be trollbait.

                2. Wouldn’t the people like to know which system has the better battery life? I’m not saying I’m disagreeing with you, though. It’s news/trollbait. :D

        1. In all honesty its not an even test. Vita cant do 3D so there should be a test with 3D off on 3DS to even it out. With 3D on the brightness is doubled

          1. And the 3ds doesnt have a quadcore powering it which i assume, like the 3d on the 3ds, will drain the battery that much more. Why do we need a comparison about something we should already know by now? And that is the pspvita has a slightly better battery life.

                  1. xD Guys, guys. Sickr doesn’t post these for wars, he posted it about NINTENDO 3DS! The title says it, the video has it, and it shows an aspect of the 3DS. Both consoles have their own pros and cons. I’m a Nintendo Fanboy, I don’t buy from anything BUT Nintendo. I still respect the other companies doing what they do. But it doesn’t matter about how long your system plays, or how the graphics look, because we care about the gameplay. Say what you want, but I enjoy playing my 3DS. If it’s too “kiddy”, that’s alright with me. I enjoy being kiddy. Especially when my family can get together and play Mario Party 8, or Wii Sports Resort during the holidays. You can’t do that with CoD. xD Sorry, but I don’t think grandpa would enjoy re-living a war. Anyways, like I said, it doesn’t matter if the system lasts 3 hours. I at least enjoy those 3 hours.

                    1. I was just responding to the person who said “Why would you turn the 3G on when the 3DS doesn’t even have that? It wouldn’t be a fair comparison.”

          1. Ummm….No, I get about 5 hours of play with my iPhone 4 while playing Street Fighter IV Volt and/or MGS Touch.

            Nice try fanboys. It’s obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about.

            1. He’s probably talking about straight play through. I’d be surprised if you actually played street fighter on the iPhone that long

                1. And how high was your brightness? Because the brightness on the 3DS in the vid was on the highest setting. I know for a fact that an iTouch/Phone can’t hardly do squat with brightness all the way up.

                  1. I usually keep it set to 3 or less with power save enabled. I never keep the brightness on my iPhone higher than 1/4 of the way up with auto brightness enabled.

    1. Uh what? I can watch videos on YouTube for 5 hours on one iPhone charge….

      When used just for FB, twitter, Internet (no videos) texts and calls it last me a day….

      I even have final fantasy tactics on my phone and that isn’t bad either.

      Then again I have all my apps turned off while I’m not using them…..

  1. I don’t think the 3DS was an accurate test as it was already on, where he powered up the Vita. I don’t think it fully charges while it’s on.

    1. Umm, I never play my 3D games without it.

      Nice try though…I love the 3DS but the battery life is crap compared to it’s predecessor.

      1. That’s why you charge it twice as often as I. I play with it OFF so I can have less time having to charge it.

        I’ve played with it on, and doesn’t have to be on. I just see it as a battery drainer. Now I just got the powerpak + so I can enjoy 3D games.

          1. I play all my 3ds games in 2D and barly use 3D. I bought the game cause they were fun and are way more powerful then regular DS games. 3D is just a bonus to me. It’s not the 3D that sells the system, it’s the games. And to quote you,
            “Nice try though,”

            1. Exactly the point I wanted to make.

              It’s like saying you bought the Wii to play Gamecube games only. It’s a feature, it doesn’t have to be used. I DON’T use it so I can play 5-6 hours, and not a measly 3. If you noticed in my post I said I will be using the 3D NOW that I have the powerpak +. So now I have 12 hours to work with instead of 6.

              1. Umm, it’s not the same at all. Buying a 3DS to only play the games in 2D is like buying a Wii to play GameCube games.

                Dude, total and complete analogy fail.

        1. In the video:
          -3DS dies at 2 hours 35 minutes.
          -Vita dies at 3 hours 47 minutes.
          -PSP dies at 9 hours.

          Now tell me, how is the PSP’s battery life crap?

          1. Cause it is. Ever owned an actual PSP? The thing dies in 3 hours of game time in reality and 4-5 days of being kept off. If you charge it and don’t play it in like 4-5 days, you’ll find the battery has died. The 9 hours was only done because the guy used a stamina battery pack that he bought. So essentially he cheated to make it seem like the PSP has a better battery but in reality, it actually has the worse.

            1. I have a PSP 3000 Mystic Silver (Prince of Persia bundle) and I can confirm that the handheld won’t die if I charge it and don’t play it for 4-5 days. Hell, the battery icon was still full even when I didn’t play it for 7 days (battery in the system the whole time). And when I use it the battery lasts like I’ve charged it yesterday. When I play a game, it usually lasts 4-5 hours (medium brightness, sound nearly at full blast w/ earphones and wifi turned off).

                1. Wow.. you’re lucky then. Cause after I bought a PSP I played it noticed it was about 3 hours long. Then asked friends how long they get out of their battery and they say the same thing. And this is after asking 3 other friends at the least. Funny part was later I found the system information on the PSP and even it said the estimated battery time was 3 hours so I couldn’t really argue with it. Either way it’s nowhere near the 9 hours the video is claiming without buying a stamina battery =/

  2. So the battery life of one device is only slightly less bad than the other. Brilliant. Although they both spectacularly outclass the awfulness of my iPod Touch battery.

  3. The difference is practically minimal guys. Don’t get all up in a hissy fit about him posting about Sony. Big deal it lasted like an hour longer. Woopdeefrickin’ doo.

    1. Petros, Petros, Petros… I hate your fucking name, your faggot face and your smart ass comments. Who the fuck are you? Peteriuss’ alter-ego or what?

  4. So, that means the 3ds is a piece of shit right?

    Oh no? Why would I come to that conclusion? Possibly because of this were the other way around you jokers would be declaring the Vita a failure?

      1. finnaly someone with eloquence, they both great just buy both with unucharted and mario and have a merry gaming christmass!!!

          1. So what? His point was upon release the Vita has a problem so it should be considered a failure. Just like how the 3DS had its own problems but you idiot troll fanboys are too narrow minded and idiot to realize this simple fact.

    1. 3ds can last up to 5 hours only powering an equivalent 2 screens. but of course you’d like to ignore that wouldn’t you. Its irrelevant anyway seeming as you can get longer lasting batteries

      1. …..: Shut the heck up with the nintendo fanboyism. A real Video game player would respect every console and hand held. Fanboys complain about other consoles like 3 year olds.

        1. Wow, he didn’t say anything to say that nintendo was better so there’s no need to call him a fanboy. He’s just stating that it would have less battery due to having two screens instead of one.

        2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL troll harder. I actually want both but at the end of the day the 3ds can last longer. Is this relevant to me? no because the 3ds has a battery add on to last longer and so will the PSV

          1. Also, there’s more settings on the 3DS that can be changed to increase the battery life on the 3DS. Brightness, 3D, wireless, Power Saver mode and battery add ons.

  5. I always turn on wifi and 3D to the max. Playtime usually last for around pathetic 3 hours. Much longer with DS games. :/

      1. I charge my 3DS daily, but I also play with the 3D off. Seems you don’t play it enough.
        – I only play with the 3D off so I can actually play it through out the day.

        1. it depends on whether you turn off the system completely or put it in the sleep mode which is really a battery killer. i don’t play much everyday but still have to charge it like everyday

  6. For it to be a fair comparison we need a new 3DS, a new PS Vita, and either have ALL of the features on or just the the features both have in common.

    Either way, I get 4-5 hours on my 3DS and it lasts 2 days without charge with 2 hours of gaming on the bus. If the Vita can do better than so be it, but it in no way affects the relatively superb performance of my 3DS; much better than my iPod Touch, with 10+ hours on DS games.

    1. Um….did you not notice that the 3ds used IS a new 3ds? Its the Zelda limited edition one that was just released. So….fail….

      1. Jawknee, why do you not just leave?
        You clearly do not know what you are talking about.
        Do you always play with 3D on? Congratulations. You are an idiot. Your eyes will die so soon. 3D is mean to be used just for a little time.
        Do you travel much? Where do you go? A Vetralla, a pialla???
        Please, go away.
        3DS is the best new portable console. Deal with it, troll.

        1. “3DS is the best new portable console. Deal with it, troll.”

          No explantation as to why this is true? Automatically invalid.

    1. Nintendo do not directly control pokemon games.

      Also, pokemon games are made -per console-, they never shift the dev half way through, which is what makes them so fun.

      Also, Im going to say: obvious troll is obvious.

    2. yeah but the next pokemon game is a crossover not a main series game. gamefreak already said that the main series games are going to the 3DS using the same engine as XD

    3. the new game is not a main series pokemon game in fact is a crossover, gamefreak said some time ago that the main series games will be in the 3DS using the XD engine or something like that

  7. Why did Nintendo and Sony allow this to happen? Here they have a chance to reaffirm the dedicated handheld department from the likes of Apple, but what do they do? Kill battery life. That defeats the whole purpose of a handheld, unless you enjoy restricting yourself to playing with the gadget plugged into a power socket. Anyways, someone here made a dumbass comment about the iPhone lasting 3 hours. It actually last nearly all day. This is why Nintendo and Sony need to quit around

    1. I’m pretty sure that people prefer more technologically advanced handhelds that last about 3 hours than going backwards.

  8. it’s sad to see that the 3ds has such a low battery life … even in ds mode with internet off it doesn’t last as long as the Ds … it’s sad because it is a freakin great system imo. even before any good games were released, 3ds already won for me because of the Ds support. I like nintendo’s style and philosophy compared to sony’s. Don’t worry I’m sure Nintendo will release another version with 2 analog pad and better battery life ;)

      1. They’ve both had glitches, do the vita is not greater in that respect. And also innovation wise, 3DS is far superior, which along with sofware, pretty much wins it for me.

  9. 1) was 3d on or off ?
    2) were they using the circle pad pro. Because that requires the 3ds to be using its infrared receiver to decode the controls for
    It ?
    3) what was the brightness settings in each one?
    4 ) for 3ds was wifi on. For psp. Was wifi and 3G on ?

    Those things affect battery life as well.

  10. 3ds has a 1300mAh battery. The vita has 2300hAm….. So sadly we’ll have to wait for a die shrink and bigger battery for the next 3ds for 10+ hours

  11. Either way, both have terrible battery lives. I suppose the extra hour+ for the Vita is nice, but either way, both are really poor. I can’t fathom that there wasn’t a better way to make the systems last longer. As portable devices, I’d have expected a longer charge on both parts, especially the Vita with the 3G capabilities.

    1. For them to have longer charges, the price would’ve gone up considerably as there would have to be much more powerful batteries.

  12. i found the test rather interesting since i haven’t really researched a lot of detail about the ps vita i think the point of this video was just a friendly test to see the battery life of each respective systems. heck i haven’t seen anyone else do a comparison yet on the two so this was pretty cool. was funny to see older gen outlast the newer gen too, though that was expected to happen.

    1. Ummm big difference? Have you played the 3DS much at all? The convenience of a dock charger does NOT make it more convenient to charge it, if what you want is to use your 3DS away from home for a couple of days..It always feels waaaaay too soon for the battery to run flat..even if you turn all settings down. And I charge mine just as well as it is looked after. I would agree that it isn’t worth running out to buy a Vita so I can enjoy a couple of days without a charger mind..

      1. Don’t get technical. In the end, it really is only just an hour longer. They’re still gimps compared to last handheld gen’s battery life. There’s no reason to whine over something so insignificant in the long run.

          1. With power saver mode alone, it adds about an hour and by turning the brightness to 3, the 3DS easily lasts 5 hours. Oh, and with wireless off, it lasts a decent amount of time.

  13. the vita and the 3ds are two totally different consols made by two totally different companies for two decidedly different demographics. So why compare them at all?

      1. Yet look at Nintendo’s sales over the last few decades and they don’t consider any other gaming company as someone they must defeat. If anyone’s the idiot, it’s you.

  14. I hated his face since the very first moment I happened to have the cursed fortune of looking at it, as for Peteriuss, what the fuck is wrong with that loser’s mind, I don’t want to hate, but I do hate him so heartedly!!

    Ok, I’m going back to stare at Petros’ face trying to find a psychological answer to ‘their’ behaviour…

    1. I know right? The fact that the 3DS has to provide energy for the 3D screen AND the touch screen really gives the test(s) more variables. Also, my original 3DS battery has about 750 hours in it and it STILL plays at up to 5 hours (I play at the lowest brightness and with the battery saving thing on) I think the tester might have played the 3DS at the 3rd brightest setting but I don’t know about the battery saver setting.

  15. This is an amazing website. Very up-to-date and informative,

    But I sorry gotta say, the community here is fucked. I hate reading the comments and a rarely do anymore.

  16. Oh great, another Sony news, you only post this news to make Nintendo look better even if it have nothing to do.
    Stop making this news of Sony and make the site of what it is, Nintendo News, and for Christ sake stop replying that Muslim dumbshit, he’s just a troll who have nothing to do than insult with his pathetic trolling, and if he’s not trolling, wow, that’s really sad.

  17. In the long run, things will change for the better. No one likes this, keeping in of the blog didn’t run the test himself, it is still relevant news that was performed by someone else. It is a very current blog for the sole reason that everyone can TRUST what happens. Regardless to whether the source is good or not, this blog is honest. So fricking what if there is shit going on between fans, there are faaaaar worse places than here for all that nonsense..

    1. I guarantee… that if someone was actually playing the games the test would be different … for one thing… the PSP having to load a screen would kill the thing so fast with it’s moving parts…

  18. did you see??? the guy in the video………………………had………………………………………. both handhelds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why? beacause he is areal gamer. you see nintendo is my favorite company but I would love to have a PS Vita and I own a wii an xobox 360 a playstation three a 3DS and all their predecesors. so yes, a gamer doesn’t love an specific company but it loves VIDEO GAMES

  19. I’m surprise no one finds this kind of fishy! Regardless of what system has better battery life, this is just weird.

    I can’t speak for the Vita since I don’t have one, but the 3DS? WTF? This “test” only shows the systems sitting there doing nothing. If anyone has played the 3DS, you would know that it can go over 2 hours and a half in 3D with wireless on and brightness on max, and that is while playing a game. You mean to tell me the 3DS on this “test” only managed 2.35 hours while just sitting there doing nothing?

    Again, it doesn’t matter what system lasts longer; the fact that both the Vita and the 3DS only got that far while doing nothing is just fishy.

    Btw, I heard that the wireless on the Vita turns itself off with certain games like Uncharted. Just saying.

  20. so basicly what you telling me is that because they both havea battery life of under 4 hours both of their battery lifes are crap? well theres something the 3ds can move ahead with because for 19.99 you got you self at leaste an hour over the vita’s with a battery pack or GUESS WHAT you can plug you system in while you play infinate battery life ftw

  21. I like how people are trying to find excuses why the Vita’s battery lasted longer.
    Guys, deal with it. The video shows clearly that the Vita lasted longer. So yeah, there’s no reason to try to deny it, it is how it is. Just because you’re a fan of the 3DS it doesn’t mean it has to be the very best thing that ever existed in universe. As a fan you should be able to take defeats.
    I mean, come on… It is a fact that the Vita lasted longer – Deal with it.
    I like both of the systems and I gotta agree with some people here that the 3DS’ battery isn’t lasting long enough. And to the people saying that 1 hour difference isn’t enough.. Did you think about how many things you can do within 1 hour in a game ? I did, and so I came to the conclusion that it sure is a huge difference. That’s just my opinion.

    1. I’d like to know the settings of the systems. Monster Hunter 3G allows wireless, but Uncharted, as reported by people who bought it, turns off wireless.

      1. I own a 3ds, so I’m going to call bs on this test. My wife got me the 3DS for Christmas and on back-to-back nights of this 4 day weekend off from work, I logged 5 hour playing sessions in. So, deal with that. Everyone knows that the specific games selected and the configurations chosen in the “so-called” test were designed to build-up hype for the Vita which suffered an embarrassing 78% drop in sales during the Christmas shopping season in Japan (and yes, Christmas is a huge deal for retail in Japan’s shopping year). Sony fanboys have been trying to deflate steam from the 3DS which has moved over 4 million units already and had an impressive Christmas sales season. At the gamestop I was in before Christmas, the Mario 3D bundle packs were sold out, there were only 2 Zelda Special Editions left and the guy in front of me on line bought 2 of the colored 3DS’s for his kids. It begs the question, if you like Sony and Vita so much, why are you surfing a Nintendo website to check the 3DS’s battery life??

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  25. As repoted, running same settings, same game, same everything (and playing the game) 3DS was superior

    This thread is now closed

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