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Grab Pilotwings Resort, Steel Diver And Nintendogs For $5 Each At Best Buy

Best Buy are now selling the fantastic Pilotwings Resort, Steel Diver and Nintendogs + Cats for the ridiculously cheap price of $5 each with free shipping. I believe that you can also get the games in-store for the same price if you fancy taking a trip out. Bargain.

Tip: Andy S

34 thoughts on “Grab Pilotwings Resort, Steel Diver And Nintendogs For $5 Each At Best Buy”

  1. boring… how about marioland 3d and ocarina of time for 5 dollars, then you might sell a cuple million units in a weekend…

  2. Nintendogs is store only. but i definitely picked up Steel Diver and Pilot Wings. those were the games i got at launch. good games. theyre not big hits like other Nintendo titles, but they are small relaxing games that are quite enjoyable.

  3. fyi, Steel Diver is way better than everyone thought. there’s 3 different subs to choose from, each with a unique control/weapon system. there’s mission mode, time trials, periscope mode, and multiplayer. altho there are only 8 missions, they are difficult and the replay value is VERY high. w/ pericope mode, you can unlock decals (50 i believe) to get PERKS for your sub. and multiplayer is basically chess combined w/ battleship

  4. $10 for some nice pick up and play games? Goodness gracious yes. Too bad I don’t know many people that own the system, or I would have just stocked up on holiday gifts.

  5. after taxes, $5.30. GameStop will gives $12 store credit for Pilot Wings. so that’s more than a 50% profit. excuse me while i go get a Playstation Vita for half-off!!!

  6. I just got Nintendogs + Cats for $20 off of amazon. I couldn’t help it. I bought Heaven’s Lost Property and Rosario + Vampire 1 and 2, so I was in the mood to spend money so I just got it from it. The nearest best buy is pretty far from my house, so I’ll have to pass on this one. I’m somewhat interested in Steel Diver though.

        1. I picked pilot wings, steel diver and nintendog for 4.99 each today. Only one day deal, pick it up while they still have them. I bought it online picked up at store. but they also do price match with the online store, just tell them and let them know that its 4.99 online.

  7. Whelp I know where I’m stopping by later. Guess that it was a good thing that I didn’t have work along with having a few errands to run

  8. Just think: Now for just $15, you can now own all three versions of Nintendogs + Cats! You get all the animals eventually in one version, but why wait?

    I was hoping for a Pilotwings Resort/Steel Diver bundle card at launch, but this is just as good.

      1. FREAKING YEAH!!! I JUST GOT PILOT WINGS AND STEEL DIVER FOR 10 BUCKS IN STORE PICKUP TODAY SO SUCK IT!!!….I’m so happy cause usually i don’t get to take advantage of huge sales like these :)

  9. I got PilotWings Resort and Steel Diver and sold them to game stop for $24, then I bought the games again, so I got 2 games, and had 14 more dollars than I had to start with!

  10. This isn’t true, just called today and :Pilot wings resort is still 39.99 in store AND online. Thanks for getting my hopes up

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