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Nintendo 3DS Decimates All Other Consoles During Christmas Week, PlayStation Vita Fails To Beat PSP

The Media Create hardware sales are now in and show that it was yet again another fantastic week for the Nintendo 3DS which successfully decimated the competition to claim the number one spot. Sony’s recently released PlayStation Vita didn’t have a good week as it ended up fifth and failed to fend off even its predecessor the PlayStation Portable. Nintendo will once again be breaking open the champagne.

3DS 482,200
PSP 101,121
Wii 91,176
PS3 75,943
Vita 72,479
DSi LL 8,470
DSi 5,894
Xbox 360 4,245
PS2 1,582
DS Lite 32

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217 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Decimates All Other Consoles During Christmas Week, PlayStation Vita Fails To Beat PSP”

      1. Well that’s just silly since Vita is not even officially released in the USA until February 12th. They had a couple very limited releases. So of course the numbers are low. And people that know this are not going to be buying the psp right now.

        1. When the vita is doing poorly, people troll. When the DS outsold the 3DS during the launch of the 3DS, anyone who said anything bad about it was called a fanboy…

          1. Uh yeah when the fuck did that happen? And what about all the 3ds is DOOMED shit when Nintendo dropped the price, hell nintendo fans thought the system done for. Sony fans acted like the vita was the second coming, and that it was going CRUSH the 3ds. Looks like vita won’t match the success of the original psp, which is hilarious.

            1. You are the biggest fucking cockhead mate, I regret my day 1 3ds buy soooo goddamn much. Even now I feel so let down by Nintendo, the vita is much more my style and I’ll be trading in my heap of shit 3ds day 1 of vita.

              1. Then why are you here? If you like Sony so much, then leave. This is a NINTENDO website. Go side with your little PissStation friends, and cry when they go out of business.

          1. the psp has some awesome homebrew on it, many people might just buy the vita just to homebrew that. and fyi ima get two one to hb the other stock

  1. Looks like the Vita is overpriced, just like the 3DS was. Either that, or since Nintendo pulled it’s A+ lineup before Vita’s release (Mario 3D Land, Mariokart 7, Monster Hunter)

  2. lolololol

    but seriously, why are people even still buying DSi and DSi XL? those are stupid, and DS lite? geez, talk about bad, and the PS2 needs to stop, its been dead since 2007.

                    1. “OR wait for a R4 3DS card to play games instead of buying for an excessive, expensive price”


      1. There’s not a big difference in price between the DSi/DSi XL and the 3DS (at least in the U.S.) And why are you in all caps if you’re going to talk about the “less fortunate”?

        1. There is only one gameboy color game, and no gameboy advance games available for download. So no you can’t download them. Unless you are under the Ambassador program.

      1. You have to upgrade sometime, kid. Nintendo is dropping all support for the DS and DSL, like Microsoft is currently doing with WinXP. People who stay behind at hardware slow down the development of new technology.

      2. Why have a ds lite when you can get a gameboy advance. I seriously don’t know why people still want backwards compatibility, if you have the original system then play it on that. Stop complaining that new systems don’t have backwards compatibility, move on you little bitch. Jeez people like you are really annoying.

        1. I have a DS Lite, a DSi and a 3DS.
          The DS Lite is broken, most of the button don’t work.
          The DSi have problem with the L and R button AND since the update i cant play with my R4 anymore.
          The 3DS works perfect, both with the controllers AND the R4 card, plus i have a Circle Pad to play better, so yeah it counts.

            1. I’m not a theif, i don’t stole the content, i just copy it, its different.
              Besides, in my country those games cost 490 bucks, so i prefer to download those games.

              1. Pirating games ‘is’ stealing, just not in the traditional sense of the word. But it’s completely understandable if the product is not sold in your region and you would have no way to obtain it otherwise. I’m curious, what country are you from? What is the situation of video games there?

                1. I’m from Venezuela, South America.

                  The situation, well, in every store they only sell 6 original games for each console (PSP have 6, DS have 6, ect. ect.), and to know the price here, take the price of a game (example: Mario Kart) and multiply it by 8, if is a Hardware (example: a 3DS), multiply it by 10, plus 60 buck for the international exchange.
                  But it doesn’t matter anyway, the 80% of the whole stores are burned pirate games, and they sell chips and R4 to read pirate games.

                  1. Wow, that’s pretty bad. It sounds like there just isn’t enough supply for whatever reason. I hope that gets better sometime soon.

                    1. Maybe, but as long as my country’s economy is bad, AND USA’s economy is not as good as before, well, is hard.

              1. If thats what you think, don’t even think that 3DS will get good sellls in South America, here the games cost almost 10 more times the original price.

    1. 3 reasons:

      Price of games: DS games are much cheaper than 3DS games, especially now that the 3DS is picking up steam. You could make the argument that the 3DS can play DS games, but it’s not in its native resolution and is overall a less than satisfactory experience than on the original console.

      DS Lite Backwards Compatibility: Some of us have broken/sold/missing GB(A)’s, and the DS Lite is the only access to those games we have. The entire GBA’s back catalog, available for dirt cheap, available now without waiting years for the games to come out.

      Behind a Cycle, Somehow Get All the Benefits: People who got a DS at launch had to wait years for the gems to come out, such as Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, TWEWY, etc. People who buy a DS now don’t have to wait, they get the games cheaper, and the console cheaper as well. It’s a win-win-win, really. You have already gone through a generation so you can’t go back to the DS, but imagine gaming hasn’t advanced at all since the GBA and you just now got a DS; those 3D Super Mario 64 graphics are blowing your little mind. That’s how it is for these people. When I was a kid, I got a Genesis at the end of its cycle, almost, in 1996. I didn’t give a damn, really, because I found it absolutely amazing. Same with the PS1 and GBA.

      1. REBUTTAL!
        1. You can play ds games on the 3ds, so what if it’s not in the correct resolution! The games work PERFECTLY FINE, it’s like complaining the game is bad because it has bad graphics. The 3ds makes it easier because of the circle pad for some games. Also, if you want to get a 3ds game on your life’s highway then you can do so! And the resolution thing: don’t complain (about graphics), enjoy the game!

        2. Well that’s sucks if you broke it, if you really wanted to play gba games you should have kept it safe from being broken. You could’ve bought the 3ds early and get those free gba games from the ambassador program. If you buy the 3ds you could transfer the gba games from someone else’s 3ds if they don’t want some games. and I doubt Nintendo is gonna make the gba games stay exclusive to the ambassador program.

        3. This brings me back to my first point. You can experience both the 3ds games AND the ds games. And if you are experiencing the ds games for the first time the ds games not being in their native resolution, shouldn’t bother first-timers because the graphics, “are blowing your little mind.” They really shouldn’t see a difference because it’s only slightly blurry, which I can tell you there isn’t much difference. And they can’t see a difference because they have nothing to compare to. Finally, if for some odd reason a person is really being bothered by the resolution (which they shouldn’t because they should be a first-timer) they can switch back to the correct resolution by holding start or select when starting a ds or dsiware game in the home menu.



  4. Congrats for Nintendo for getting such high sales. For the Vita, the same thing happened to the 3DS, but it outsold the PSP; I bet the Vita will do the same thing later on.

                    1. Ummm no!
                      Lite play the same exact games as the original DS, not any difference, so, the hardware didn’t changed at all, and the hardware was made in 2004.

        1. You act as if SNES graphics suck…
          Compared to today’s standards, yes they are sub par, but seriously, SNES had some of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen.

          1. Nope

            SNES graphics was 1991

            Ds lite was 2006.

            You see the problem

            GBA graphics were about the same as Ds lite graphics.

            Blame Ubisoft for making the Ds Lite look bad due to imagen games.

  5. Playstation Vita is yet another failure of Sony.

    When the Nintendo 3DS launched, the dying race of Sony fanboys ripped on it saying that it didn’t sell well. I specifically countered by saying that by the time the PS Vita launched, the price of the Nintendo 3DS would have significantly decreased and the 3DS would be following in the successful footsteps of every previous Nintendo handheld. Sure enough, that is exactly what happened!

    And by the way, I am glad we now have confirmation that the sales figures for the PS Vita lauch are less impressive than the Nintendo 3DS.

    We need to wake up to reality:

    * The PS1 sold well because it was well designed AND because BOTH Nintendo and Sega made some BIG mistakes. Nintendo make the mistake of using the format of cartridges with the Nintendo 64. Sega made the mistake of designing the Saturn to be a console that focused on 2D games. Sega was forced to redesign the Saturn at the last minute to include 3D polygon hardware, which is why the Saturn ended up weaker than the PS1 and launched significantly overpriced.

    * The PS2 sold well because of Sony’s lies and also because of mistakes from competitors. Sony claimed the PS2 would be able to play games with graphics similar to Disney’s Toy Story, using the Emotion Engine CPU. Obviously we know that never happened. Nintendo once again made the mistake of using the wrong format (no DVD). Sega launched too early with the Dreamcast but still had better hardware than the PS2 in many areas.For example, the Dreamcast was easier to develop software, and the Dreamcast had superior texture quality (8MB textures compared to 4MB textures for PS2).

    By the time PS3 launched, people were aware of Sony’s reputation for telling lies with the Playstation brand. Sony was selling the same lies with the “Cell CPU” that they were selling with the “Emotion Engine CPU” but this time consumers weren’t buying the lies.

    Now it is Sony that chooses the wrong formats. Blu-ray made the PS3 way too expensive. And Sony obviously used the wrong format with the PSP.

    Now it is Sony that has a reputation for developing hardware that is difficult for developers to program. Both PS2 and PS3 were difficult and time consuming to program.

    The Wii U is going to put an official end to the life of the PS Vita.

    I confidently say this because the PS Vita will have launched between the debut of the Nintendo 3DS (with all of its cool 3D features now selling at a lower price) and the debut of the Wii U (selling at a comparable price, but offering much more power).

    1. Half the shit you just said no one knows and or cares about. No one bought the ps2 because it was using the same engine as toy story.

      1. Dude. It wasn’t using the same engine as a film and it’s on par with DS sales, meaning a literal FUCK TON of people bought them. You’re a moron.


    2. I disagree with the PS2 and PS3 statements. PS2 sold well because the remaining quality 3rd party developers moved off Nintendo and no longer developed a GC version. Also the introduction of the Xbox took some of the market receiving similar games that were only Xbox & PS2. Xbox really took off with Halo.

      PS3 started off bad due to the price, I don’t think it had anything do with the formatting (or at least to a lesser degree). To purchase a GAMING system for $600 seems pretty bad considering the PS audience is like 12+, considering that lower end need parents to purchase an expensive system as a gift. The 360 was more affordable, and the Wii sold like hotcakes considering it was like a PS2 with motion controls.

      WTG predicting the 3DS price drop, I was also worried with the Vita supposedly launching then at the same price. I didn’t see Nintendo willing to cut it, but apparently it’s paid off. That and the Vita launch being pushed like 4-6 months later in the majority of the regions. That really allowed Nintendo to get their software caught up.

        1. Thanks, while I only own Nintendo consoles (by choice), I can still admire the success of others (PS2), and can see why competition is healthy in this industry. As Nintendo fan it sucks when the 3rd party games have been sucked off on the N64, and anything left was gone on the GC. While the Wii still got Call of Duty and other mainline games, it sucks not to see a Wii version of Assassin’s Creed, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, etc. I had to get Skyrim for PC due to how cool it was and didn’t need a PS3 or 360 with the Wii U coming soon to hopefully correct Nintendo’s #2 problem.

          I held off on the PS3 and 360 due to major life changes and major expenses occurred. Now that I could get one, I’d rather just wait for the next generation as it’s coming up so quickly.

          It will be interesting to see the Vita launch in other territories though. I wonder if Sony is thinking a price drop for Japan prior to US/Europe launch.

  6. The PSP Vita will catch up, later on. Remember, the 3DS was being outsold by the PSP and it took quite a while before the sales picked up and skyrocketed. Plus, once the games start rolling in for the Vita, it will jump in sales; maybe not as much, but better than before.

    I may not like the Vita, but I think it will sell well regardless.

  7. This made my day …..but i have a couple of questions…
    1.where is the pspgo?
    2.the sales of dslite are down, will this mean ….byebye ndslite? i 2 ???

    1. 1) PSP Go has been cancelled.
      2) The DS Lite is no longer in construction, what you see there are the last of it.
      3) Not much, at least you write better than a lot of people (fanboys) in this website.

    2. 1: For the last friggin time……the PSPgo is DISCONTINUED because of how much it SUCKED.
      2: Why would you think that?

  8. most of people probably learned the lesson from 3ds. price drop when it does not sell well, hence don’t buy. yet…

    1. problem is that sony already dropped the price for the vita it was going to cost 300$ they had to drop the price to 250$ they cant drop the price again

      1. Actually, in Japan; they are said to be selling two different versions of the Vita. One with Wi-Fi and the other with 3G Network. The 3G Network will cost about to $300, while the Wi-Fi will cost $250.

        1. But before the PSP Vita was going to have the 3G and Wi-Fi technology together in one console, but since it’s too expensive they decided that the costumer should be the one to choose their favorite.

    2. The Vita won’t be receiving a price drop for a few reasons, as far as I know. Sony’s situation is different from Nintendo and the 3DS. Nintendo was selling the 3DS at profit when it originally launched, as it always does. Unsatisfactory sales forced them to make a major price cut, and sell a system at a loss for the first time in their history.
      Selling systems at a loss to boost sales is not new territory for Sony, and I believe they are already losing quite a bit of money on each system sold already, at the price point of 250$. To lower it any more would be financially disastrous.
      That’s not to say you’re not right about consumer expectations. Gamers saw what happened with the 3DS, and are cautious to buy. I think a lot of people expect that the same thing will happen with the Vita, and that they should hold out for an early cut. They are incorrect, I think, but it’s hurting sales regardless.

      1. Well, look at the PS3, in 2006, the price was 600$, and now is like 75% cheaper, more cheaper than an Xbox 360, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Sony makes the Vita more cheaper.

        1. The reduction of price over time is different than the early price cut that Nintendo did. As time goes on, it costs less and less money to manufacture the console. The cost of production goes down, and so does the price.

  9. This blog is sucking ass lately. It appears to just blame Sony and make Nintendo look like a god, even when 3DS failed so hard at the start. I just can’t understand you people.

    “lololo its my nintendo news derp go to sony news u fag derp”
    Shame on you who can’t be serious and just read notices. Kiddos.
    (I own a DSiXL, a Wii, a PS3 and a PC. I don’t give a damn about who’s better. I just want to enjoy my games peacefully)

    1. “even when 3DS failed so hard at the start.” Those were lies. The 3DS wasn’t doomed since the beginning. C’mon it even sold more than the original DS.

      Oh well, the more bullshit the people say the more attention it gets, that’s why the everybody knows the 3DS and it’s selling.

    2. Perhaps you don’t remember the times when the 3DS was selling badly and there were articles pointing out that some of Nintendo’s higher-ups were taking 20 and 30% pay cuts to compensate for the price cut, with the president taking a 50% pay cut.

      Just because the 3DS’s initial failings didn’t take place during the holiday season and there wasn’t a need to post weekly sales of game consoles doesn’t mean that the Vita was the only one whose failings were pointed out.

      The holiday season is a time when many people are buying all kinds of different systems, so the person posting these articles finds it necessary to post sales figures to see how every system is faring this year. It also just so happens to be the time that the Vita launches so its terrible sales are getting pointed out along with the weekly sales figures of the others.

      Don’t try to cause problems just because a failing Sony system is being pointed out on a Nintendo website through weekly sales numbers. It’s more Sony’s fault for launching during the holiday season and still not selling well than MyNintendoNews’s fault for letting the people know.

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  11. I bet sony coudn’t see that coming!
    They have to start to worry about that, when 3DS lanched the role industry talked about its poor sales, dooming the system. their aurgments were lack of games at launch, and the japan economy was not so well after those disasters. Now Sony put the best efforts at launch, a huge line up with one of his famous games (uncharted) and at christimas, and still dont sell well?

    1. The list is more attuned to western audiences…. If a monster hunter game was a vita launch title it would outsell the 3DS 10 fold. Look at the psp. Japan is very picky about the games they play. They dont care about wii/ps3/360 it’s about the actual games. If Mario was on ps3 it would sell just as well as it does on wii.

    1. Heh, good one. It’s true though, 360 is not very prevalent in Japan ‘at all’. I was over there for a year studying, and did a survey for one of my classes. Out of the 20 college students I interviewed (10 male, 10 female), not a single one owned an Xbox 360.

        1. Yeah, 20 people is a pretty small sample space, but it goes to show that the 360 isn’t very popular over there. Japan is a pretty cool place. They have great food~

          1. Microsoft is an American company which is why 360 is most populer there while Sony is Japanise and thats why it sells best there.

            Thats why Nintendo is most populer in Japan also as Nintendo gives away stuff quicker there while in Australia….. they get things last.

            Really 20 people is not much but many people i ask in my school own a 360 while my Family owns only PS3, they used to have a 360 but it really was a rip-off paying $50 or something like that for Live.

            PS3 is more reliable as of what i know as it does not sufferer from red ring of death and also it’s better.

  12. PokémonFireRedWhat?????

    Hmm……..Now Sony is interesting, a good company, but sorry, but PSVita looks like it’s going to die in a fire soon. It sold worse than PSP! Hehe, sorry. But let’s just see what happens to PSVita…

  13. Hey gyes shud I cancel my pre,order of ps vita.wants some views.will my gay porn play goods on vita.and will zelda be goods on vita.

    1. Hi, you shouln’t cancel you order, you can play both 3DS and VITA, no need to be a fanboy. And yes, you can watch your gay porn with VITA, it will play “goods”, but unfortunately you can’t play Zelda on your VITA, because it’s a Nintendo exclusive franchise.

  14. It’s fascinating to see this shift of tide.

    At one point not too long ago, the 3DS was doomed and Nintendo was being told to go third party. And now it’s the Vita that is doomed and the 3DS is not only increasing in sales but also getting more and more games. The 3DS game line up in Japan for January February and March looks amazing.

  15. Well the Vita sold less than everyone else because while the PSP, 3DS, 360 and all other systems are available worldwide, PS Vita launched on the 17th and ONLY in Japan. The numbers are low because:
    A: Everyone who really wanted on bought it on launch day
    B: The PS Vita is only available IN JAPAN!
    C: Supplies are never going to meet demand after the launch day. During the Christmas week, this results in a lack of PS Vita in stores to meet consumer demand.
    D: Christmas is not a big holiday or a national holiday in Japan unlike the USA. They do some of the secular thing of christmas but they do not always or even typically exchange presents.

    Therefore, the 3DS sales are boosted in these numbers due to late christmas shooping in the US and Europe. In fact I saw a couple families buying a 3DS on the day after Christmas in the short time i was in a store! The PS Vita, however, proceeded as though it was a normal shopping week in Japan.


      And how is christmas in Japan not a holiday like it is in the US when 3DS skyrocket and Wii outsold PS3 for the FIRST TIME OF THE YEAR???

    2. The Vita is indeed having a very bad launch. That’s not to say it’s going to tank or anything, but it’s off to a rough start. The points you made in support don’t really hold up:
      A) I would avoid blanket statements like that. Also, the Vita’s launch week wasn’t all that impressive either.
      B) All of the above numbers are figures from Japan only. Each system is on a level playing field.
      C) Sony has yet to sell its initial shipment. The PSV isn’t sold out, it’s just not selling.
      D) This is a very uninformed opinion. For the record, I’ve lived in Japan, and Christmas is indeed a big thing (lights everywhere, lots of shopping, etc). Sales of gift items spike in December just like they do in the west. Be careful of making assumptions of other countries, they may not be as strange and foreign as you think!
      People were doom and gloom about the 3DS when it launched, and that turned around pretty quick. I don’t think the Vita is going to fail, but stay objective; ignoring the numbers won’t accomplish anything.

  16. Isn’t anyone surprised that the Wii got close to the PSP and took third place? That’s the real shocker here to be honest.

    Lol at people saying that the Vita would’ve sold better with Monster Hunter. One system can’t rely on a single game to keep sales up. That is the one mistake Sony made with the PSP. They had big sales for Monster Hunter, but then most other high profile games flopped on the system, even Sony’s own games. Now that Monster Hunter has migrated well into the 3DS, you have to wonder what else Sony can do. Even is Monster Hunter 4 also comes out to the Vita, people will already have 3G on the 3DS and will likely buy that version instead.

    Also, what happened to all the love for the Vita? The hardware was better, the launch games were better, etc. Even hotshots or whatever it’s called didn’t seem to sell that much despite being a hot game in Japan. On top of that, the 3DS sold over 200,000 units on its second week while it wasn’t the holiday season, with a handful of games, and at the full $250 price. The Vita fell far behind that.

    You guys used to say this, so I guess I’ll just quote it::

    “It’s pathetic that a new system is being outsold by a last gen system.”

    1. i hate ps vita too but one thing you said is a mistake. If ps vita had monster hunter they would eat up the 3ds if they had only that game they would still eat up the 3DS. Monster hunter is like Call of duty times a million in japan. I once visited japan took a locals monster hunter game and next thing you now i only had 3 fingers want to know why because HE BIT MY FINGER.

      1. Monster Hunter is the only reason the PSP was alive in Japan and still is. The DS had more than that, and it looks like the 3DS will follow those footsteps. Monster Hunter 3G is selling really well for a port, but Nintendo games are what sell systems. Even Sony’s own games had low sales even in western countries. With this, it is doubtful that Capcom will neglect Nintendo system for their future MH games even if they port them over to Vita.

        With MH, there are now plenty of popular series on Nintendo systems such as Dragon Quest and Pokemon.

  17. *claps* for 3DS, this is only better for us, scardy developers, you see these sales? now make us some good game!

    im a little dissapointed in the Vitas sales, but regardless, im still getting one.

    1. Ditto. Hopefully this means good news for the 3DS on the third party front. I get why developers are hesitant to make games for Nintendo home consoles, but it’s silly to count out their hand helds.

      I plan on getting a Vita when there is a price drop down the road. Hopefully the proprietary memory cards will drop in price dramatically as well. I know they just lowered the prices, but they still look a little high to me.

  18. The Vita JUST came out though. I say give it some time to catch on, THEN we can compare it to the 3DS. I don’t like to giggle and point fingers until all is said and done. We never know what’s gonna happen in the future.

    Nintendo is awesome, but Nintendo fans, including myself, shouldn’t be so cocky to laugh at how their products will fare against the competition.

    1. “but Nintendo fans, including myself, shouldn’t be so cocky to laugh at how their products will fare against the competition.”

      And why Sony can?
      The only reason we are amazed is because of all the bullshit that Sony said, saying is the best thing ever and even Japan it would sell more than the 3DS, see what i mean?

      1. I have no recollection of that statement, but you can’t be mad at a company for believing in their product. Do you expect them to say that the Vita will sell like sh*t?

        I’ll still take the wait and see approach.

        1. Me too, but now i want to see how the Vita will work, if it sell better or worse, i dont care, but one thing is for sure, i will watch what will happen with both console, that way i can have a little fun making Sony Fanboys cry, as well as some Nintendo Fanboys too.

          1. LOL!!!!

            That’s pretty funny. I of course want Nintendo to do well because I own mostly Nintendo systems, but I’m not gonna hate on Sony if the Vita does well….so long as they don’t make any back handed comments to the gamers.

    2. Give it some time? The 3DS was torn apart over and over before the price cut. What’s more, the 3DS sold over 200,000 unit in its second week, and it wasn’t the holiday season and it had less games than the Vita already has. I’ve already quoted what haters said during that time.

      1. Haters are gonna hate no matter what. They’re opinions don’t really matter, but I think this type of info makes some people go crazy. Just because Sony fanboys make stupid remarks doesn’t mean Nintendo ones should do the same.

        Let’s all have a little class.

        We all know Nintendo is gonna do well regardless of what naysayers tell us, so why should we bother to say anything further? The sales numbers will speak for themselves. It’s just hard to have the LAST laugh when this current hand held gen JUST started. That’s all I’m saying.

  19. On one hand, it’s sad to see PS Vita didn’t do much in Christmas, and as far as i know, the sales will get worse in the next months, so sadly i can’t play good games in Vita if the developers don’t see good sales, but, on the other hand, Sony has been bitchin’, not only Nintendo, but the Gamer Community in General saying that their console is the best shit ever and the 3DS sucks in every possible way, so yeah its more like a Karma.

  20. By comparison, the 3DS sold 210,000 in the second week of sales in Japan.
    So even at full price and with no decent games, the 3DS still sold 3 times more than the Vita….

  21. Tbh the launch games for the Vita are more what the Western gamer’s want then the Japanese, so it’s not surprising it’s fallen flat atm.

    1. That’s quite true. It’ll be interesting to see what will happen between the Vita and 3DS when the Vita is released in the West.

  22. Reality check for Sony fans. Some websites have essentially turned into online pep rallies in support of the Vita, and unfortunately people believed their own hype.

  23. reality check for both sony and nintendo fans. both systems have pros and cons and we still buy them, the ds has a very shitty library in the us but has great replay value for its good games and the psp has an awesome variety of games for people of all ages including hacks but shit for multiplayer – 3ds has no awesome library of games yet and vita is just over priced and the games are ehhh. VITA = Virtually Impossible To Afford, 3DS = 3D Ugly, Me = some idiot that still bought them both

    1. >ds has a very shitty library in the us
      >psp has an awesome variety of games for people of all ages
      >3ds has no awesome library of games yet
      >vita is just over priced and the games are ehhh
      >VITA = Virtually Impossible To Afford
      >3DS = 3D Ugly

      I don’t trust ya.

      1. Most of the cases are true but 3D is not ugly but i don’t use it anyways.

        Ds has a bad library it’s true in most cases as Ubisoft spammed the console with boring gamees.

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  25. Am I the only N fan who hopes that the Vita comes close to the 3DS sales?
    If they get close, competition will be harder. Healthy competition is better for the costumer.

    I love Nintendo, but I love my my money even more.

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