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Nintendo Working On Two New Zelda Games For Nintendo 3DS?

A rumour has surfaced that Nintendo is currently hard at work creating not one but two Zelda games for the Nintendo 3DS, much like Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. According to the source the first game is titled The Legend of Zelda: Fire Prophecy and the second game is titled The Legend of Zelda: Ice Prophecy. Nintendo has already confirmed that they’re working on a new Zelda title for the Nintendo 3DS.

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170 thoughts on “Nintendo Working On Two New Zelda Games For Nintendo 3DS?”

        1. Wasn’t it already confirmed that the next handheld Zelda would play like Ocarina of Time 3D? Also, IF this rumor turns out to be true, I’m getting Fire :)

            1. This is still a rumor, I wouldn’t get my hopes up until I heard otherwise. I also heavily emphasized the word “IF” in my above comment.

      1. Davin Ockerby (aka Platinum Lucario)

        Never believe ANYTHING that comes from 4chan. Because that image has come from that website. It’s very likely to be fake. I’m pretty sure the new Zelda game will be different from that. (gosh people from 4chan really do go around saying “hey, this is leaked information, check it out”, when they are people that never tell the truth about anything and think that their life would be worse if they were honest)

    1. I think you purposely misconstrue the controls of the latest handheld Zelda game (Ocarina of Time 3D), and the importance of the analogue stick in moving through a 3D environment, which phantom hourglass/spirit tracks didn’t have.

      1. I liked Spirit Tracks more, but I think it would be for the best that handheld Zeldas inherit the OoT gameplay system so as to not abandon it entirely.

      2. Agreed. The controls for both games are what really made it a stellar experience for me. The different items which utilized the touch screen to great effect, the boss fights which used the duel screens in creative ways. The Legend of Zelda PH is to the DS as The Legend of Zelda SS is to the wii IMHO. Its creative and intuitive controls like that which really set Nintendo games from others.

        Games are primarily about gameplay, that’s why Nintendo are the ones pioneering new control schemes and consoles in this day and age and will do for many more years to come.

                1. Nintendo is more creative than that. If these titles are real… then may God have mercy on us all…

      1. A song of Fire and Ice is a series made by George RR Martin, also known as “Game of Thrones”. It’s a popular series now, especially with the HBO TV show, modeled after the books.

  1. I think a remake is unlikely if this is true, understandably its only a rumor so nothing is set in stone yet. i would love to see a majoras mask remake but to be honest id prefer to see it on the wii u with totally updated graphics. weve had one remake on the 3ds and it was superb now i want to see what a wii u remake of an n64 classic can really accomplish

    1. This ^ Remake majora’s mask on Wii U. Imagine that game on the graphical level of the zelda tech demo!?
      Also Imagine a starwing and starfox to remake re imagined with the graphical level of the zelda tech demo? They’d practically be new star fox games.

      1. Not going to happen unless they simply just make it HD….I don’t think nintendo will take the time or the money to completly update the graphics like the tech demo they would have to build a whole new game engine.

      1. I don’t understand why people want a remake of Majora’s mask. OoT was ok because it’s one of the great classics. It allowed the newer generation to experience that adventure with slightly updated graphics.
        Majora’s mak on the other hand doesn’t need a remake at all imo. Don’t get me wrong i like the game allot, but i’d rather have nintendo working on new zelda titles or their other ip’s. MM on the WiiU would looks amazing if they completly remade it, but it’s still an old game in the end.
        The only game that should get a remake is A link to the past. Because we don’t know how that game would look in 3d.

        No more remakes plz….give us Skyward sword 2 WiiU or Twilight princes 2 WiiU
        or a sequel to ALTTP( would like to see a reurn of the pink haired link )

        1. Majora’s Mask does need a remake, it’s a glitchy game and it’s about time they fixed that. But absolutely not on the Wii U. Since they currently have a good 3DS engine and 60% of the models for it remodel for Ocarina of Time 3D, that’s the system it should be remade for and now is the perfect chance to do it. Seeing as Majora’s Mask was in stores for about 1/3 of the time Ocarina was and is less known, it would be a new experience for a lot of people who may not have heard of it before, let alone played it. And GREZZO could do all the work with Nintendo only supervising a little while they focus on new games.

        2. Majora’s Mask was as loved, or more so by many of Zelda’s fans. It was epic, creepy, and had a really awesome game device. (the various masks)

          I even loved the sounds and music… Those were the days. Two Zelda’s released on the same system, both were kick ass.

          I haven’t felt that way since, but SS came close to bringing back the same nostalgia.

          1. Also the people who grew up with Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, will likely feel a long after playing OoT3D to finish the adventure of the hero of time, just like they did as kids.

            1. If Nintendo ever made a Skyward Sword 2 or Twilight Princess 2 titled as such, I think hell would freeze and SEGA would come back from the ruins that would be Nintendo lol

    1. What about if you get both games and “link” them(like on the oracle games) and then you can become Twinrova(fire + ice). haha

    2. Now that I think about it, each of the witches could be the villain of each of these games :O

      I think it’s fake, tough. Sickr forgot to mention the image was first spotted at 4chan.

  2. Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)


    I have no issue with the DS Zelda games, but I do hope they build apon Oot3D in some way, ie that kind of setup.

  3. Yes!!!!! I really hope it’s something like that. I missed how Oracle of Ages and Seasons linked together. This is awesome news.

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  5. I would quite like them to do something like Oracle of Ages/Seasons again. Even though I thought both games themselves were pretty awful for Zelda games and to be honest, a trilogy like the original Ages/Seasons would be better.

  6. zant's faithful servant

    Wait, two zelda games that interconnect and were developed by nintendo rather than capcom making them not inferior? for 3ds? themed fire and ice? if this is true then about 70% Of my dreams have officially come true.

  7. Well the Japanese was clearly Google Translated or worse. The Japanese on the logos doesn’t make a whole lotta sense.

    1. Buying the same game twice does suck, so why do you want a REMAKE? You have surely got to realize what a ridiculous statement that was. And besides, seasons and ages were not the same game. So your entire statement, including the grammatical errors, was complete nonsense.

      I personally wouldn’t mind a remake, but Nintendo can spend their time doing something much more worth while than fooling around with another remake, especially of a game that didn’t sell incredibly well in the first place. While it is a great game, it doesn’t make much fiscal sense to remake Majora’s Mask. Plus, the feeling of nostalgia is much better if you just play it on the Nintendo 64.

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  11. Awful images, terrible name. I’m not exactly worried this will be true. We probably won’t know anything until E3 now.

  12. if this is true then when there done they start Majora’s mask because they said there making a brand new one then mm

  13. If they DO make a new Zelda on the 3DS, I hope it will be something like Ocarina of Time instead of using touch screen controls

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  15. This is 100%, without a doubt, fake. The Japanese is incorrect and the that specific logo is the Ocarina of Time logo reused – Nintendo has not done that. They have always made a change to it in some way.

    火/アイスをプロフェシー would be to say, “Prophecy the fire/ice.” It just doesn’t make sense in Japanese or English and Nintendo would not make a title like that.

    1. Not to mention, Nintendo DOES NOT create their Zelda titles without having nearing or fully completing the product.

      Remember the case with Skyward Sword? It was just labeled as “The Legend of Zelda” for years until E3 two years ago, when it was finally given the name “Skyward Sword.”

      This is because Nintendo does NOT develop the story first – the ALWAYS explore options as far as game play as long as they can before they develop the game’s story, characters and finally the title.

      This is fake. There’s no doubt about it.

      1. Yes, you have reason. Everything that you said (except for the japanese word) is true and I confirm, this is fake.

  16. I really dont want to believe this as fake, but the japanese words bother me. “Ice wo prophecy?” Shouldn’t it be “Ice NO prophecy?” And the same would go with the fire one too? And why bother with the ice katakana? Why couldn’t they just use the respective kanji for “ice” like how they did for “fire”? Something’s not right here, but it could still be true. Weird, but true.

  17. Yeah, this is fake. The Japanese text is grammatically incorrect. “Prophecy” is a noun, not a verb. And yet, here, it’s being incorrectly used as a verb. Maybe if they used “no” instead of “o”, I’d start to buy into this lie for a second. Why would a Japanese company incorrectly use their own language? They wouldn’t.

    Sickr, you should probably update this. People are already believing the cake when, in fact, the cake is a lie.

  18. Fake fake.
    I read an article stating it’s falseness.
    The cake is a lie!!!!!
    It could be real, but I’m keeping a bucket of salt handy for good measure.

  19. This would be tits..but it’s to good to be real…if it is real, then i will shit myself and wipe it all over my face…

  20. nif capcom nailed the oracles as good as they did. imagine retro pumping these puppies out! gotta beat both and Link em to face 3D Demise/Gano

  21. It looks really fake, but I guess we will have to wait and see what Nintendo says. It’s only 5 month until E3, and I’m sure we will hear something about the upcoming Zelda(s) for the 3DS there!

    Here’s hoping we also get a confirmation on Majora’s Mask 3D.

  22. Bring it on. I’m sure they will sell like hot cakes. Nintendo always puts the utmost care into their Zelda games. Well all their games, but Zelda especially.

  23. To hell with a Majora’s Mask Wii U remake. It’s one of the least heralded Zelda games of all time, and for good reason: it’s only interesting factor was the story, which wasn’t really all that impressive. Otherwise, it was Ocarina of Time 1.5; same level of graphics, slightly different art style, blah blah blah. Remake it for 3DS if anything.

    As for remaking A Link To The Past? HELL NO. Don’t get me wrong: it’s my favorite Zelda game, and one of my favorite games of all time. But one of the reasons it works so well is it’s simplicity and tight controls with gorgeous pixel art style. Remaking that with 3d polygons would make the controls less favorable, especially since Nintendo would likely plague it with WiiMotion Plus’ horrible response time. It would also ruin the charming art style of the game. The only way it would ever work right in 3d, in my opinion, is with regular controls, a 3/4 top-down view (like the original game on SNES was, but angled a bit more to take advantage of the 3d realm), and Wind Waker-style cell shades graphics at 1080p with a bit more detail to the actual textures. THAT would not only look amazing, but it would also allow the tight control mechanics to stay in place which is essential.

  24. I really really hope they make Majora’s Mask on the 3DS! I would honestly prefer that to two new games, I love MM, and I would buy it in a second if they came out with a 3d version.

  25. This does look a little sketch: the logos just don’t seem right, like something is off.

    But if I can fantasize for a minute, I think going back to the Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages formula for two games is a great idea. Sure, we’ll fork over double the cash to play them, but I want to see what Nintendo can do with the concept.

    If this is real… Take my money!

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  27. It would be interesting if this was true. It’s been awhile since they released a dual Zelda game like Oracle of Age/Seasons. Either way can’t wait for Zelda!

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  31. What they realy need to do is build off of Oot. Not off the storyline but off their character and terrain design. They had began a sort of Indian/midevil design then just abandoned it. They should take a look at the Ico series and take just a little from that. Not so much to destroy the midevil feel, but enough that it adds a little more dimension to the characters. Also, where do all the horses go? for being the primary form of transportation for that time period NO ONE owns a horse… or travels for that matter. No imports, no exports. In those days the farming communitys worked outside the castle walls and the rest worked inside. (safer inside obviously) Dont go crazey with moving characters like Oblivion and Skyrim, but just a few people.

  32. sequel to majoras mask with the plot set with toon link after phantom hourglass where he finds the clock tower and clock town is submerged in water. i made this idea what do yall think?

    1. the story is link departs from the Great Sea King and is on a journey to find land (opening for spirit tracks) but before they find land they come across a whirlpool

  33. The story would be link had just departed from the Great Sea King and is in search of undiscovered land to make civilization (which leads to spirit tracks). but before link and the pirates found the land, they were unexpectedly sucked into a Great Whirlpool and knocked unconscious. when they woke up, they found themselves in the submerged land of Termina where a great evil lurks. this Great Evil is the Incarnation of Majora, the monster that was sealed away in a mask. this monster captures Tetra (Zelda) and you have to go through the land in search of her. submitted by Zak

  34. I don’t know…the whole fire/ice version theming sounds a little too cliched for the Zelda series…

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