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Nintendo Announces Brand New Mario Game For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that the company is hard at work developing a brand new side-scrolling Mario title for the Nintendo 3DS. Iwata claims that the game is a “key title” for the Nintendo 3DS and will be released in the next fiscal year – at some point after March 2012 and before April 2013.

“[it’s a totally new side-scrolling action Super Mario in 2D”.

– Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata

55 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Brand New Mario Game For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. It sounds like another ‘New Super Mario Bros’ game… was kind of hoping for a Mario 64/Galaxy style game, but oh well. I’ll still take it though. One can never have enough Mario.

      1. I think that they’re planning on doing such a game on the Wii U, since we already had the 3D Mario platformer on 3DS (even though I thought it was very linear).

        1. Yeah Mario 3D was pretty linear for anyone who’s played the Mario games it was very easy just to run through each level super quick. I kinda wanted it to be more like the Mario 64/Galaxy style games too, I miss spending ages looking for one star, it was still amazing tho!!!

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  1. Calum Nicholson-Walker

    Good news. Although I hope its something as different to the usual Mario sidescrolling formula as Epic Yarn was to the Kirby sidescrolling formula. As much as I loved both NSMBWii and 3D Land, they did show IMO that the Mario formula in general is in need of a drastic shake up if it wants to stay fresh.

  2. I am thinking that it is going to offer local and online multi play… like new super mario bros wii but this time instead of ever character being locked on the screen at the same time, it will be free roaming… if this prediction is true, this game is going to be hotttt!

    1. They did say before the 3DS even launched that they were hard at working making both 3D and 2D mario games for it, so it’s to be expected really. Especially if it’s next year, by then 3D land will have been out for over a year.

  3. Am I the only one who wants a Super Mario Galaxy 3(D) for Wii and 3DS? It would be cool to have it for both consoles.

  4. Are….are you serious. Super Mario Land 3D was just released. Is this Nintendo’s one trick pony or something? Try a new IP or try something you haven’t done lately.

    Hey, the Last Metroid game sucked. Do something with that IP. How about StarFox? we haven’t had a solid StarFox title in years, so do something with that. Ask Capcom for a new Castlevania. Mario games are fine, but what else ya got?

    1. They just announced a Mario game, in the E3 they will sure announce more stuff.
      Besides the Star Fox “creator” said that he will not make anymore Star Fox games because of Nintendo and their “furries”.
      About Metroid, i’m sure Nintendo will fix it, after all, when Brawl came out, many new possibilities came too, like Kid Icarius.

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  6. Wow that was quick! Well super pumped about it. Hopefully will be really great. I’m wondering if it will be New Super Mario Bros. 3D or Super Mario Bros. 4. One could only wonder.

  7. Awesome, I’m looking forward to this 2D side-scrolling Mario game! As much as I like Super Mario 3D Land, I liked New Super Mario Bros. better. I feel Mario in 2D works better than it does in 3D. A 3D perspective felt a little awkward to me when it came to timing jumps properly. I feel the formula works better in 2D.

    Also, I hope they bring back that fun little addictive multiplayer game from New Super Mario Bros. where it was Mario vs. Luigi for whoever could get the most stars. And if they bring it back, I hope they would make it online multiplayer. That would be absolutely awesome!

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