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Nintendo Says Bitter Lessons Learned From Nintendo 3DS Launch, Promises Wii U Launch Will Be Great

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confessed that Nintendo has learned “bitter lessons” from the Nintendo 3DS launch, but claims that he’s confident that the company is doing all in its power to make sure the Wii U launch is nothing short of a tremendous success.

“The company is aiming to firmly complete the development of the entire [Wii U] system and prepare sufficient software so that the Wii U will be at its best at the time of the launch. Needless to say, we have learned a bitter lesson from the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.”

80 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Bitter Lessons Learned From Nintendo 3DS Launch, Promises Wii U Launch Will Be Great”

    1. seriously, i feel a metroid, star fox, mario, and zelda game coming to the console relatively soon. along with pikmin and smash bros, nintendo seems to be learning from their mistakes with their 3ds launch and the long periods of very little wii releases. i love nintendo and CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THESE GAMES

      1. p.s. i am not peteriuss and have no idea why it was typed into the name, i usually post anonymously. might as well post as peteriuss one more time.

      2. maybe actualy make a new game too instead of copying the characters of nintendo + the retro sequals….. like a new nintendo character maybe….

          1. i hear rolling western doesnt work that well, and i just checked out nible sakura warrior, and i dont really know what to think of it just yet. but im pretty sure miyamoto is on the verge of announcing a big brand new character/game/franchise. hopefully for wii u

      3. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

        well we know that Super Smash Brothers wasnt even suppose to be announced last E3 and Iwata did it cause hes a huge dick to Sakurai.

        1. ha this is too funny sorry bro but every time i hit reply or post comment, it automatically puts peteriuss in the name. dont know why and i cant get rid of it

    1. Busiest news morning I’ve had in a while! Super stoked with the news though especially that we’re definitely getting a new 2D Mario game sometime between April 2012 – April 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.

      1. I know! Super mario 3d land was great so I can’t wait for this one. And you posted animal crossing news too which always makes me happy. 2012 is going to be a great year for gamers. Nintendo, xbox, and sony fans alike.

        1. And I think its ok. I do like it yes and I love how XBL isnt as lagy for me (I have NAT3 internet so that dosent help) but I love my PS3 and Wii more. PS3 above all (Trollers gonna troll in replys to this).

          1. Hey I like my ps3 better than my wii as well but the 3ds is climbing it’s way up there. But I will say that the exclusives like Mario galaxy are better than any Sony exclusive this generation but the reason I like the ps3 better is because hmm 3rd party support!

            1. To little of exclusives I want for Wii, I just have mario galaxies and Zelda and dont care for the rest. In my opinion PS3 certainly has wii beat for exclusives.

  1. Iwata-san’s body is as ready as NOA President Fils-Aime’s body is. I’ll look forward to the Wii U (unless the big N change the name of the new system) when it launches all around the world.

  2. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    God I hate those Nintendo investors. Nintendo has it’s first financial loss in it’s history and all of a sudden they all wanna bail. It’s obvious they don’t know a lot about gaming otherwise they’d know that Nintendo is a juggernaut in the gaming world. SMH If only I could invest..

    1. But they do know alot about investing and know that investing on hopes may likley give no results money wise. They are investors for a reason and that reason is money.

  3. They’ve learned, huh? Good.

    They can start by changing it’s name and making sure not every launch game is a port.

    Also, hopefully they can get Kid Icarus on it if Uprising does well.

    1. Most 3rd party games are ports so whatS the complaint….if it was made for the ps3 it was ported to the 360 or vice versa. I don’t think your going to see to many 3rd party games really take advantage of that extra graphical power the wiiu for awhile unless 3rd party deva make exclusives for the wiiu like rockstar and square Enixdid for playstation but I don’t see that happening.

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  6. this news makes me extremely happy. i mean considering how many awesome games they were able to crank out for the 3ds in order to save it. i can only imagine what they can come up with for the wii u or whatever they’ll call it

  7. i would hope so. part of the reason i didn’t get a 3DS at launch was cuz there were no games, it was ridiculously expensive, and red wasn’t available. the wii u, or whatever they end up calling it, needs to have everything the 3DS launch didn’t. games, reasonable price, and multiple colors.

  8. Man when they said that Wii U news would be pumping out even before E3, they weren’t kidding. It’s not even February yet and already I feel excitement.

  9. WazSupChad 2234-7848-9682 add me plz

    I got a question to people who bought a 3ds a launch. I pre order mine from gamestop when it came out on 3/27 for $250 did anyone had to pay $20 tax when I look at the receipt I was like wtf.

    1. Well yes you have to pay tax, you can pay the tax too right when you preorder but by the sounds of it you just payed the price before it.

      1. WazSupChad 2234-7848-9682 add me plz

        I pay them $50 to pro order it and pay the rest when it came out but what am trying to say is a PS3 cost the same thing $250 but it’s tax is only $10.

    2. Same here but I got mine at the nearest shoppers drugmart. I was pissed too! It was like ten o clock in the morning! Anyway… Anyone planning on getting vita? I’m definetly not. The 3DS has much more potential. Sony can go fuck off nintendo rules the portable world!!

      1. I was thinking about getting a vita and I’m kinda still thinking about it lol but I’m Just not sure yet! Depends I just might wait and see what the software lineup is for the wiiu the ps3 and 3ds is because I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by new games to play which I do every November and that’s with 3 gaming devices I couldn’t imagine 4.

  10. best titles for launch would be
    The Legend Of Zelda:Something
    Grand Theft Auto 5
    Call of duty:Recycled
    A mario game
    a animal crossing game
    a raceing game
    a metroid game

    even though i dont like call of duty all these games would make the launch a sucess

  11. Perfect launch!
    First party;
    Pikmin 3
    Wave Race U
    Metroid Dread
    Super mario bros Mii (WITH LEVEL EDITOR)
    Wii U play
    Wii U sports
    Mii vs U
    Majora’s mask (re-imagined and in HD)
    StarWing & Starfox 2 (re-imagined and in HD)

    plus the 3rd parties like lego city stories and killer freaks etc, this would be the best launch eva!!!

  12. Price was also a factor too though. Once they dropped the price it began to sell a lot better. I mean I went out and bought a 3DS day one but I’m not sure if i will do that again if the Wii U is over $350 which to me seems like a reasonable selling price.

  13. No they haven’t. The Wii U will tank because the Xbox 720 will rock my ass. Speaking of my ass, I need to put some Preparation H on it after Bill Gates has been ramming it up their for weeks!!!!

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  15. In other words, they’d better have some decent games available at the Wii U launch. Super Smash Bros 4 and the next Legend of Zelda game seem the best bet here, Nintendo should have realised previously that stuff like Pilotwings wasn’t going to cut it as a killer app.

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