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Nintendo Announces Xenoblade Chronicles North American Release Date

Nintendo of America has announced that the superb Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to North America on April 6th. The game launched to critical acclaim when it was released earlier last year in Europe, and is most certainly a game you should consider picking up. Xenoblade Chronicles will be available to purchase through Gamestop and Nintendo.

56 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Xenoblade Chronicles North American Release Date”

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  1. nintendo should release all three rpgs (xenoblade, last story, pandora’s tower) in one package and call it “Operation Rainfall: Epic Edition” or something like that. That would be the best thing to end the Wii’s life cycle.

  2. Finally! Now hopefully we can look forward to Last Story and Pandora’s Tower coming to America. I figure NOA knew that by not giving us these game last year, this year when the Wii would be seriously lacking in software approaching the launch of the Wii U, they would at least have some anticipated games coming to the Wii. Smart move.

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying, and yet people keep talking rainfall this, rainfall that. It’s obvious Nintendo set this up from the beginning.

    1. According to Wikipedia…(reliable source, right?) It’s still up for a Q1 release…but im thinking more Q2~3 now

      1. Oh lets be realistic, the game was only just shown at last year’s E3. There hasn’t been much to tell me that it’s near completion. I’m predicting Q3-4 at the latest at this point.

        1. I see your point, but then again the game could have been in development for a much longer time than you think. For all we know it could have been ready for E3 2010 but Nintendo decided to save it for 2011. You really never know.

      1. Difference there is Mother 3 is a very hard game to localize and market in America without some changes. The game features magical male crossdressers as guardians amongst “other” stuff. How is Nintendo supposed to market such a game to an E or E10 audience without the ESRB getting iffy about that?

        Throw in the fact that it came out on the GBA at a time when the DS was taking major precedence and you can see how questionable a business decision it would be.

      1. i’ve always hated them, i never get time to play them! friday is a da in which every game should be released so that people have the entire weekend to enjoy the game!

  3. Reblogged this on advent | chronicles and commented:
    This is great news for N.A – Xenoblade Chronicles has been out for a few months here in the UK and is a mighty fine J-RPG. The release of this game is significant – a group of gamers known collectively as Project Rainfall have campaigned to have American releases of J-RPGs such as this. Congratulations to all involved – it’s great knowing that gamers have a voice.

  4. Buying this from Nintendo ASAP. Also sickr I love this site even if some things come a bit late you do a great job, thanks.


    Lol anyway, This is great news! Hopefully this won’t be the last major game on wii. *wink*

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