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Super Smash Bros Convinced Tekken Producer To Make Tekken 3DS

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has revealed that he was convinced to bring Tekken 3D Prime Edition to the Nintendo 3DS after seeing passionate Nintendo fans playing Super Smash Bros. Harada witnessed a gathering of hardcore Super Smash Bros fans playing the game competitively at a US Major League Gaming tournament.

“Super Smash Bros. had everyone from adults to kids, even women so I thought they would be all playing cheerfully together.”

“But there were these deafening cheers coming from them playing tournaments, like ‘Auuugghhh!’

“I saw that and I was convinced that participants feel the same things while they play Super Smash Bros. and Tekken.”

39 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Convinced Tekken Producer To Make Tekken 3DS”

    1. Well there your clue! You’ll be seeing TEKKEN character(Jin?) in smash bros smh oh god no ugh -_- He’s possibly talking to him. Jesus add Megaman,kingdom hearts, earthworm jim, tmnt, Blaster master, contra, street fighter 2010:the final fight, Nemo the dream master,Battletoads, captain commando, fester quest or resident evil. who cares if it doesn’t make sense expand and it will pwn, hell ssb wasn’t even suppose to exist because it didn’t make sense. BTW geno and proffesor layton lol god what a joke geno has a cape and no under clothing so he would be exposing himself to kids and professor layton smh British ppl r fags they suck at wars next to the french and they’re cowards who chicken out in the war on terror conflict.

  1. Smash Bros goes that hard.I need to go to these tournaments to fight a variety of new ppl. Tired of whooping my friends asses lol

  2. Not to say that Tekken tournaments and stuff probably aren’t exciting but the element that Smash has against it that causes outbursts like that is often the fact that the matchs can always be surprising or something unexpected can happen. Tekken is more controlled, usually. It’s two guys fighting each other and that’s it. Smash has a lot of variables.

    1. Agreed. Good luck to them duplicating smash brothers experience for Tekken. Street Fighter, DOA, Tekken will fall among those games.

      SSBM Stands alone.

  3. i dont find tekken as fun as SSB, yes its a good games, but the 4 player matches is what makes it greater than most fighters.

  4. all this talk of smash bros makes me want SSB4 even more. and i hope that for the love of all that is good in the world, SSB4 uses melee’s physics or at least something superior to brawl. brawl was intentionally noobified because apparently too many people couldn’t handle melee’s style and it disappoints me

    1. Actually I hope it’s a combination of Melee and Brawl’s physics. Melee is just way too fast and you fall way too quickly while with Brawl it’s the other way around. Ntm, neither games were well balanced so I’m hoping SSBU is the ultimate combination of Melee and Brawl.

    2. Sakurai said he regret what Melee has become for it goes against what series meant to be, a beat-em-up party game, which is why he’s avoiding on making SSB titles similar to Melee’s machanics.

  5. I hope this means more Tekken games on Nintendo consoles. Also I agree having Jin in a Smash bros. games would be awesome.

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