Sega Confirms Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 2

It turns out the rumour was correct and that Sega will be releasing a sequel to the well-received Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. The publisher informed Kotaku of the news at the Toy Fair in New York. Sega has yet to reveal platforms but fingers are firmly crossed for the inevitable Wii U version. New characters and vehicles will be revealed later this year.


    1. +1 To me sonic allstar was way better than mk7. it had loads of characters,better tracks,no cheap ai, more original tracks as opposed to adding nothing but old tracks and sega music which we can all agree is epic compared to mario kart. u_u

    1. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing was also on the Wii and its rival consoles, didn’t you get to play any of those?

      Oh well, I have never played any of them… heh! But I have watched footage of this game, looks nice.

      1. fanboys smh.
        Maybe one day with good enough grades your parents might buy a second console.

  1. I thought Sega all stars was better than most Mario Karts (I think double dash is the greatest thing ever) so I look forward to this.

    1. ^This although really after mkdd its been nothing but rehased everything even levels ugh come on nintendo rehase is not innovation its called remix or being lazy. Take a lesson from sega racing which is treat customers with respect by adding new content to rival the cost ;not by taking advantage of nostalgic fans or exploiting their gullable ignorance. I mean mk wii had way more content than mk7 yet its overpriced even though ya admitted adding 3d wouldnt cost a thing. 40 bucks for a half ass, less content than wii and equelly price smh and it gets perfect scores? wow fans most be brain dead. Pc gaming 4 me as id rather rom than pay those old games to help support a company making/selling new consoles out of outdated games rather than freash new games am sorry but gameboy games don’t count as a lineup. pc gaming+steam=love :)

  2. I enjoyed the first one, so I’m looking forward to more. It’s a nice alternative to Mario Kart when you want to do something a little different although Mario Kart will always be better.

    1. 1 more thing buddy that the mario kart wiiU will have those cartoonish graphics but they will be more stronger (strong cartoonish graphics)

      1. the only thing that i w8 from mk wiiU is new items and characters including bikes and karts and customises just like mk7

      1. The icon sticks, however, to the same IP it seems. I can have several usernames, just as he can, under the same icon. If you look at his history of talking, its quite obvious.

  3. sega games are the best i still have that megadrive i love both sega and nintendo their games are original some of them

      1. you are all litlle girls because you play super mario and games which they are for litlle girls

      2. Barbie is for little girls. Call of Duty fanboys don’t appreciate video games for what they are. Super Mario, with one or two exceptions, is one of the greatest video game series of all time.
        Bring a brain next time.

  4. ^Guys above me^
    That avatar is given to everyone who doesn’t submit an email address. Anonymus does just mean somebody who doesn’t want to put down their name. “That guy” is not one person, it’s everyone who doesn’t put their email down.

    This is good, I guess. I wanted to play the first one, but other games were coming out around the time so this was the last priority on the list, I can get this one now.

      1. Thiss is corrects politically.airbuz is rites.I r peteriuss n I tink iff people dont agrees wiv my opinion then they r rong.

  5. Never played the first one. So this one is a meh, Sonic turned me off when he got on that sorry excuse for an anti-gravity surf board and tried to claim it as a fun game. Still waitin on some Sonic Adventure-ish games or remakes to land back on the platforms *ho-hum*

  6. Looks like I was incorrect about the icon thing, I shall continue under another username. Farewell, chimmichongas.

  7. If it had better items and characters, it would be a great game. Only I wish it was just Sonic characters and not Sega ones too. Sonic characters are awesome and the game would have a stronger structure to what they could do with it.

    1. I should think it’ll more likely be on 3DS than PSP Vita. There’s already some SEGA games on 3DS.

      1. Yeah but i’m sure Sumo can develop for the Wii U, 360, PS3 and Vita due to the power of those systems, whereas the 3DS version would need to be developed by another studio, thats a waste of money just to make a game for 1 handheld.

      2. The 3DS is a very powerful handheld. I don’t see any reason why Sumo wouldn’t be able to do it for 3DS.

      3. The 3DS isn’t that powerful it’s on par with the Wii, which also need another developer for multiplatform games.

  8. mario kart wii vs sonic all stars racing
    motion control: sonic
    standard control: DRAW
    tracks: mario
    graphics: sonic
    vehicles: mario
    cups: mario
    items: DRAW (both item lineups were so varied & different its hard to compare)

    WINNER is Mario Kart Wii but Sonic All-Stars Racing isn’t that far behind as you can see

  9. Pretty obvious this will come to 3DS,seeing as it’s the latest handheld out and other Sonic games are on it(Sonic generations and Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic games). I’d be pretty surprised if it isn’t on Wii U as well because Wii U will obviously soon be the latest thing.
    I really hope it comes to 3DS because it’d look amazing in 3D. I loved the first one-was nearly as good as Mario Kart. Just wish it’d been purely Sonic characters like Mario Kart’s purely Mario characters. “Sonic all stars racing” to me,would’ve been better than “Sonic and sega all stars racing”.

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