Star Trek Could Be Heading To Wii U From Bioshock 2 Developer

Digital Extreme, the developer behind the multiplayer mode in Bioshock 2 and the Darkness 2, has announced that Star Trek is going to be released in the first quarter of next year and will be coming to all “all major home consoles and PC”. With the Wii U due out sometime after E3 this year, it sounds as though it’s more than possible that Star Trek fans will get to experience the game on Nintendo’s next home console.


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  1. The first time i saw Star Trek was the recent movie and it was pretty good, not really into movie games though since they almost always suck. *sigh* What happened to the times where movie games were good? *fondly looks back on The Lion King and Aladdin for SNES*.

      1. I really wish Nintendo would sign a deal with Disney to get those games on Virtual Console.

      2. Who says Movie games are no good, you? Well… I have to agree D: It’s such a shame.

        Speaking of Disney, the fucked up the whole Tron-game… Could have been epic, but it was the usual effin trash.

    1. I havnt heard any news of another new star trek film, so hopefully this has been made as a stand alone title (ie not a film tie in).
      So, Im expecting it to be pretty decent :D

      1. The sequel is being released in 2013 and the game is being released 2013.

        They delayed the Sequel and the game :l

    2. Movie games work well sometimes… but not when their rushed.

      Golden Eye 64 was one of the best games of all time and thats from a movie.

      1. Fine… Lets start a good video games from movies list right here!

        Golden Eye 64

        Aliens: Colonel marines (Released Q1/Q2 2012)

        Let’s carry on the list!

      2. I’m actually looking forward to getting Aliens: Colonial Marines if it really does come to the Wii U, it’s the only third party game that interests me so far.

      3. Ok, now i’m really excited, the only thing that was giving me doubt was the lack of a Wii U logo in every trailer. If there’s no first party games at launch, this will definitely be the game I get :) If there are first party games, i’ll see if I can get both XD

      4. @ Mike S.

        They tended to not put the Wii U logo in many trailers.

        Ninja Gaiden 3 was another one and they did not put the Logo in… but the Wii U version will be later this year so that maybe why they did not put it in.

        Really I don’t know why Gear box left the Wii U logo out of the consoles Aliens: Colonial marines was coming on.

      5. All the original trilogy starwars games for snes where good. A lot of good ones on the snes. Many from Disney people have already mentioned. I recall Hook for snes being fun also…. Hum thinking of more to add

      6. You have terrible taste in games. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2 was an awful game. That is fact, not opinion.

      7. You never played it thats why you don’t like it.

        Rouge Squadron 2 was on the top 10 gamecube games on my game reviewers.

        So why did IGN rate it 9.1 then? Check out the gameplay then…

        Heres a part on one of the levels where you take down an AT-AT with a Snow Speeder.

      8. Hey! I remember the 2nd last mission… i forgot the name but that mission was impossibe and took me forever… rememeber the one with the tie fighter bombers?

      1. Star Trek vs Star Wars has always been a massive battle…

        Thing is… Star Trek was first as a TV series and that was back in early 60s.

        The Star trek movie was 1979 which was 3/2 year after the star wars movie.

        Anyway post your Star Trek vs Star wars witch is better here… reply to answer.

      2. It’s mostly just because I grew up with Star Wars, even though I was born in 1993 XD

      3. Hey, sames here! The reason why I grew up with Star Wars even though I was born in 1993, was because of my older brother being completely obsessed.

      4. STAR TREK!

        Star trek has been going on since the early 60s. That was way before Star wars.

        BTW: More Star Trek movies and shows.

      5. Star Trek 2009 was quite diffrent to the previous star treks.

        Which star trek did you watch because there were lot’s of diffrent series.

        Star Trek (Origional series) Star Trek Generations were the best series. the others were diffrent and never reallly liked them :/

      6. The new Star Trek is pretty fucking amazing…

        I wish there were more starwars space sims like Rogue Squadron, not just a bunch of shooters and saber fighting games.

      7. I loved the new star trek (2009) movie.

        It’s more action then previous ones but I liked it… I quite like action anyways.

  2. I loved the bioshock series. The atmosphere and setting of the games were so ingenious and unique from the typical FPS/Survivor horror that it made the game unique in it’s own way. I havent played the multiplayer yet in BS2 but once I finish the story mode (which is wayyyyy longer than CoD or BF) I’ll definitely give it a try. Just hearin that its from the same developers for Bioshock2 makes this Star Trek game a must buy for me

  3. As a big nerd I love Star Trek and Star Wars ( I like both and don’t really view one as better then the other) I will say though most Star Wars games have been good aside from some RTS games Star Trek games have almost always sucked….I always say I hope this one is different and I hope it is but with the track record I highly doubt it.

    1. People always compare them…I guess cause they are scifi and take place in space.. They couldn’t be more different at their core really. Starwars is more of a good vs evil with the force ” magic” and how one side uses it against the other… Star Trek is very political is more of a story of our own future with technology driving it. I think it makes Star Wars easier for people to pick up. Star trek because it is very political tends to reward those that constantly watch while confuses most everyone else. The newest movie being an exception it didn’t go to much into politics and technology but was more of an action driven movie.

      1. True.

        I like the origional star trek and Next Gen series because of the way it was… the new star trek turned into an Action… however i like Action so i liked it!

        They rebooted star trek because it was a never ending sequels.

        the upcoming Star trek in 2013 is going to be the 13th star trek movie.

      2. Im justnsaying also, not all sci-fi is in space. Sci-fi is science fiction… Matrix and terminator are sci-fi and are not set in space, their tech related scifi

      3. Yea I know sci fi is science fiction I was simply saying that being sci fi and in space are really they only thing Star Wars and Star Trek have in common.

    1. Is that a spelling mistake or a real word because i never heard or seen it.

      BTW: I just seen the word at 9:02 PM GMT on

      1. Yesh… I don’t remember that quote. BTW I’ve watched most star trek movies and the original series.

      1. Star Trek warth of kahn was the best star trek movie… i don’t know if the recent reboot was better however.

        Really… Story (Warth of kahn) vs Action (Star trek 2009)…

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  4. I loved Star trek and Star wars… Wait? This article is about the game star trek! this article turned into Star Trek VS Star ward! :O

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      2. contrary to popular belief, soap is also an item used while cleaning yourself and not just a stupid character in an overrated game.

  5. I will be protesting against this game. Star Trek is for nerds and fat losers who have no real life. Star Trek blows, just like almost all sci-fi series, including Star Wars. People who love this stuff are atrocious and naive. So yeah, screw the Trekies!

    1. Dude! you need to open your eyes more… sci-fi is the best genre of all time…. Your saying you hate Matrix and Terminator 2 because their Sci-Fi… THERE THE BEST MOVIES EVER!

      1. Now everyone… lets carry on and make a list of Brilliant Sci-Fi movies. Just reply to this to carry it on and show the troll that Sci-Fi is the best.

      2. Jurassic park is classed as Sci-Fi. So Jurassic park also counts.

        BTW: I can’t beleave the troll (The Ancient hero) does not like scifi because they are the best movies of all time.

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      5. The Ancient Hero. Because you said all those movies were the worst… then i easily notice that your a Barbie movie fan.

        And for what space said… you don’t like Matrix, Terminator and/or Blade Runner? There the best movies ever made.

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      8. 2001 A Space Oddity is a completely different movie compared to others… don’t forget to add that Buz!

      9. I’ve seen the trailer a few times and when i went to the movie theatre yesterday… it’s going to be epic…

        Can’t wait :)

  6. A movie based game? Those have the tendency to suck, but who knows it could turn out to be good. The more support for Wii U the better.

    1. Not always.

      Golden Eye 64 was one of the best games ever and thats a Movie to game.

      Aliens: Colonial Marines is being released soon and it’s going to be a massive game.

      1. that looks like a good game,looks fun,wish i could get it at launch,too bad its delayed(i think),i guess ill get Ninja Gaiden 3 or one of the unannounced launch titles for wii u

  7. who ever said this was a movie based game? i highly doubt they’re basing this game off of a movie that was made 3 years ago…

    1. The game takes place between the 2009 movie and the upcoming sequel being released in 2013. This is a movie based game.

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