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Handheld FMV Firm Mobiclip Is Now A Subsidiary Of Nintendo

Mobiclip, the firm that compresses FMV for platforms such as the Nintendo DS has announced today that it’s now a subsidiary of Nintendo. According to their press release they’re a Research and Development center specialized in the field of highly optimized software technologies. I’m sure you’ll recognise the name from countless DS games.

We are a team of highly focused engineers who strive to push the limits of software. Leveraging on the synergy of our diverse skills, we are able to create disruptive technologies from low-level hardware to high-end software stacks

114 thoughts on “Handheld FMV Firm Mobiclip Is Now A Subsidiary Of Nintendo”

        1. You guys are an awful community, I love this website and i’m tired of people starting ridiculous fights. This used to be a great website until trolls and other people started trashing the site. Some people just come to this site to talk trash for no reason, it’s really annoying. If you like Microsoft, go to their blog and talk, if you like Sony, go on their blogs and talk, guys it really getting annoying when all you see is people arguing for no reason. Respect all video game companies and don’t fight about ridiculous things. I am not biased but I never see any Nintendo fan-boys trashing your sites ! Just please stop with the arguing and keep the posts relative to what Sickr posts about or at least don’t bash each other.

          1. ok DID YOU EVEN READ BEFORE COMMENTING. no one on this thread that you’re commenting on said anything about microsoft or sony. and who cares if someone does? debate is good. this site would not be as good if there were no conflicting opinions. in fact any site where everyone just agrees on everything would just suck anyway. it would be like “oh this thing is cool…” and then thats it. eat shit and die.

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              1. I completely agree with you Jesse. I’m almost tempted to stop visiting this site because of all the stupid people on here. It’s a shame too because sickr is so up to date with his posts.

    1. Yeah, Nintendo sucks!!!….. the profit out of lowquality gamecompanies like Sony who try to divide us gamers apart, for the sake of there personal gain.

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        3. That’s funny because Sony is taking much bigger hits than Nintendo ever did. I feel pretty sure they, if anyone, will drop the console race.


            Except the fact that Nintendo revolutionizes games while Sony is just a pretender and a poser. You should also know that Nintendo has franchise of games like the Super Mario Bros. series, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Metroid, Kid Icarus, etc.

          2. hey you know what the 3ds sold more than the psp and the ps3 confined on black friday so if think nintendo is a bad company get of this site

            PS can you reed this place is called my nintendo news

  1. Well isn’t this the company that does the FMV sequences for games like Professor Layton? So maybe it was their way of thinking since they don’t own Level 5, maybe they can own part of the games success/profits. :-)

    Also Mobiclip’s website are now looking for a console software engineer.

  2. This makes complete sense, get the company who’s worked the best on getting FMVs to work on their handhelds to work with them FOREVER!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Finally, maybe now Nintendo can start obtaining all its manufacturing processes, from the very beginning (hardware concepts, software) to the end (manufacturing). There’s a reason Sony can sell a ton of hardware at such a cheap price, and Nintendo is going that route as well; vertical integration here we come!

      1. Since the PS1 and the PS2? And the PS3 is selling as a quad core system at $250! You know how much an i5 (quad core) processor costs? $209!

        (Not the same architecture but it’s still incredibly cheap)

        1. Does “599 U.S Dollars” mean something to you? PS3 is this cheap now because it’s 6 year old hardware. PS1 and 2 also had quite high launch prices.

          1. then there’s the vita, which costs $250/300 …. +~$50 if you want to play a game…. +$20 (minimum) if you want to be able to save your progress…. +$15/month (minimum) if you want the 3G data plan

          2. That was still god damn cheap back then. $600? Back then the best computers ($1000+) had Intel Core 2 Duo and (for around $400) Intel Core Quad (which is a quad-core processor).

            Both the PS1 and the PS2 launched at $299. That’s incredibly cheap. That sort of technology over a decade ago? You’re talking about amazing tech for dirt cheap prices!

      1. He doesn’t respect other peoples’ opinions, and has got to be the most biased person I have ever met. The only time I condone this is when it’s a troll, but most of the time they aren’t, they’re just people who like Nintendo, then they say they also like Microsoft and he goes like “OMG NINTENDO IS TEH BEST 4EVAR AND WIPE MICRODICKS ASSSSS111”.

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  6. Basically, Mobiclip’s technology is used to create cut scenes in DS games. And now Nintendo owns them, they own the Mobiclip technology, which means Nintendo doesn’t need to create their own solution! I think.

    1. They don’t need to create a video and movie creating things. Nintendo can just buy a company that does camera and computers they will be fine. Instead of using all their resources in every area like Sony does.

      This right here is called Vertical Manager.

  7. This made me think, are the Vita’s games cartridge based or are they more inline with memory cards? Like wonder if this was a move to stop them using Mobiclip, if Sony planned to use them, that is

  8. rides_a_ten_speed_everywere_guy

    ok since no one else is gana say this im gana say it. who and what the fuck is FMV and MOBICHLIP dose nintendo own this company or something YES OR NO!

    1. They own them now. FMV is Full Motion Video and it’s a way of putting video into games. Such as the animated sequences of the Professor Layton games

  9. You guys don’t really know anything, huh?

    It means Nintendo is now the parent company of Mobiclip, much like how they’re the parent company of certain other subsidiaries.

    And anyone who’s played 999 or Hotel Dusk will easily recognize Mobiclip.

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  11. This is very good news. Now Nintendo has someone under their umbrella who can handle the the FMV sequences for the 3DS and maybe even the Wii U.

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  13. This is good news, and means (mostly) that Nintendo won’t have to pay Mobiclip to license FMV and other services from them, since they now own them.

    I hope Nintendo branches out and purchases development studios as well. My top 4 studios that I wish Nintendo would purchase are Level-5, Vanillaware, WayForward, and Treasure.

  14. Once again, I’ve I and some of the early commenters have said before, this site is continually ruined by trolls. I sincerely hope you are listening Sickr. I understand that you just want to post news and leave the comments to whoever for the sake of freedom of speech and you’re policy is one of “if you don’t like it you don’t have to come to my site” but I have actually come to the point now where it’s become far too annoying for me, as I’m sure several other mature viewers of your site feel. Therefore this will be my last post 8/

    1. Sorry to hear that but if you go on another sites with a large number of commentators you’re always going to get trolls. Unfortunately, as I run the site myself, I have no means of moderating each and every comment.

      1. Yeah I hate all the trolls and immature people on this site but I don’t blame you sickr for keeping them around. Just do what you do best: giving us all the up to date information on all things Nintendo before anyone else.

      2. Everybody who comes to this site for news and not to feed trolls, should make a vow to themselves to ignore every stupid comment obviously made to start flame wars. That means no replying to people who post “first”. No responding to to people who post in all caps. No responding to to guys who only talk about anal sex. As funny as that is, if that’s all you do you’re a troll.

        Please show restraint if someone write something incredibly stupid and just don’t reply. Sickr does an excellent job here, but we, his readers, are responsible for the content of the comments section. Together we can bring some sense of decorum to the comments section.

  15. To those of you who don’t understand what it means, Mobiclip basically helps create prerendered clip scenes and such for mobile phones, PC and handhelds (only Nintendo though, from GBA to 3DS) games.
    They now belong to Nintendo.
    That is good.

  16. Yay more cintendo!!! (made that term up myself). I really do enjoy the pre-rendered cut scenes that Mobi provides so I am pumped to see what Nintendo does with this venture.

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