Microsoft Is Apparently Preparing A Wii U Like Controller For Next Xbox

Xbox World magazine is reporting that Microsoft is hard at work developing a Wii U tablet controller for its next Xbox console. The controller will be “an HD screen surrounded by the traditional 360 buttons and sticks” and the controller “could be a remote control when you’re watching TV, a browser when you’re on the internet, extra buttons and information when you’re playing a game or a portable display when you want to take your game with you.” Expect to see it at E3 in June along with Wii U.

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      1. i gotta admit, the kinect was diff, unlike the ps move, but if this is tru, it wuld be a fail. i hope it isnt, cuz then, thatd be stupid.

      2. different? lol dude Kinect was a Eye toy on styeroids lmao

        Microsoft always rip shit off this is why it has a massive group of haters :P

        the Day Wii U was announced Millions of people stop up and said you know what
        Microsoft will most likely have a controller like that soon lol

        it maybe a rumour but if past MS actions say anything this is most likely a guarentie

      3. “As always they do?” In my school, I’m the only one that owns a 3DS. EVERYBODY 14+ plays XBOX. In fact, Nintendo failed at reaching a broader, older audience. I own my XBOX to play with friends, and I own a secret 3DS to play alone. Lol, “will fail as always they do…”
        Your grammar sucks

      4. And you need to keep your 3DS a secret to keep your pride? In in college, and plenty of people there have a 3DS, and they play it out in the open.

      5. I’m 32 and I have a 3DS, my husband is 37 and he has one too. I don’t think they missed the older matket what so ever.

      6. I’m 29 and my Wife has a 3DS, too. The whole “graphics flame war” idiocy is really no different, then back during the Snes & Gen years. Though today it’s less polite & more Thug like. Also I know for a fact, that there will be tons of adults at Pax East this year, standing in line playing their 3DS! While they wait patiently to play the newest games, after all…I saw thousands of people playing the DS last year and the year before too.

      7. I’m 18 & I own a Nintendo 3DS. Mario Kart 7, Mario 3D Land, & Resident Evil were some pretty bad ass games in my opinion!

      8. Failed? The xbox is second in sales… Yeah, the Wii is killing it in sales, but 60 million in console profit alone isn’t bad, especially considering that figure doesn’t include game or add on sales…. Hmm

      9. yes but its not far ahead of its competition
        keeping in mind its massive head start

        America is the only country that 360s sell dominantly in

        and also keep in mind of the massive ammount of 360 that suffered hardware failures forcing people to replace thier system

        60 Million is the total number
        but when you take away that ammount of 360s that are second time buyers your probably looking at a audience number of 50 Million 55 at most
        and theres no point in counting XBL accounts because there are double the accounts as systems
        people just like having multiples plus banned accounts are not take off the total number either

      10. Yea, the Eye Toy for the PS2 was the first true “You are the controller” experience…it had some Ok games for it too…

      1. 95 million Wii’s compared to 64 million Xbox 360’s, your skills at math profound me.

      2. He probably means for 2011… first year Microsoft has sold the most consoles in literally forever… besides perhaps the first year it was on sale (no Wii).

      3. Probably right, but all that matters to me is lifetime sales. That shows the true winner in my eyes. Unrelated, but if the Wii manages to reach 100 million units before July it will become the fastest selling console to reach 100 million sales :) The current record holder is the PS2 at 5 years and 9 months.

      4. Although I’d really like to see that happen, I don’t think it will. 5M by July seems unlikely especially because it’s right after the Holidays and stuff. The only reason why I see xbox would be selling well is because of the usual red rings and the new model. Everyone wants to transfer over to the new slim and sleek xbox that has a little more support for Kinect. If I had one, I’d totally do the same. Just like I did with my DSlite to DSiXL. (Once you go XL.there’s no going back. @.@)

      5. The Wii is selling like 100,000 units a week according to VGChartz, so it’s not totally outside the realm of possibility, is it?

      6. Why would sales even matter for you. Once they pass a certain spot, they are all successful.

    1. I believe they’re trying to make it so that Nintendo isn’t unique. The Microsoft Xbox team seems only interested in money.

    1. Yet another chance for Microsoft to ruin an idea that Nintendo has thought of. I clap to your attempts Microsoft.

  1. Microsoft is looking how the Wii U will do, what people like about and what not. They will be looking very closely, since the US economy is in a very bad situation at the moment, so they can use everything they saw from the Wii U and make it better.
    Nintendo is in a dangerous situation. :(

    1. Nintendo is not competing what part of that you don’t understand.
      You saw the direction with Wii and DS. Now they decided to re capture the gamers and third parties games with 3DS and Wii U.

      Nintendo themselves don’t care about the competition.

      1. You’re absolutely right about that. Reggie said that himself. “Nintendo doesn’t care what happens in the broader entertainment landscape, we’re pushing our own innovation agenda.”

      2. Still nintendo should wait till the announcment of said controller and closely look at the simularities

        when they are possitive about the design copying they should attempt to sue Microsoft for it

        the only problem is how much Microsoft are willing to spend bribing lawyers like they always do

        hmm maybe the Nintendo commmunity should march on the MS main building and burn it down that would probably be more effective lol

      3. Lol. No need for violence. And I don’t think Nintendo can sue Microsoft unless it’s a really blatant copy of Wii U’s tablet controller.

        We’ll have to wait and see what the Nextbox controller looks like, also remember we don’t really know what the Wii U controller is fully capable of yet.

    2. Well, not all Microsoft rip-offs are better than the original, look at Kinect, no games, lag, annoying movements, in fact, is the worst accessory i have ever bought, that and the Wii Fit.

      1. Wii Fit isn’t an accessory, just saying. I’m sure you were referring to the Wii Balance Board though.
        In my opinion, the Wii Balance Board was awesome, it was very accurate. It just could of had a lot more games to utilize it.

  2. It’s a rumor guys, don’t take it for real. I think it’s a lie since Microsoft pretty much confirmed their new console will not be at this year’s E3.

      1. Actually your wrong. The rumor says it will be at “this years e3”. And from what i’ve heard that’s not true.

      2. So if the engine comes out before the console, then the console can’t run it anymore? What twisted logic is that? It should be able to run it even BETTER, because it has better hardware the later it comes out.

      3. The console can’t be shown so it’s not finalized. They can’t develop for a console not finalized and most likely has no development kits yet.

    1. The evidence is convincing though
      the info was from a Xbox Magazine for one

      but mostly you just need yo look into Microsofts history
      more or less everything they have sold has been some stolen idea or copyied technology

      they might as well rename Microsoft to Mirrorsoft cause all they ever do is copy from successful products

  3. I see one problem with how this article is written “Microsoft is hard at work developing a Wii U tablet controller for its next Xbox console” That makes it sound like they’re making an exact copy of the Wii U tablet, it would probably make more sense if it was “Microsoft is hard at work developing a Wii U-like tablet controller for its next Xbox console”

      1. I found it on VGChartz. Why i’m not credited is beyond me, you can look back in the previous posts and see that I was the first one.

      2. Yeah, I saw it on the previous post. No big deal though. Thanks for keeping a heads up. Sickr can’t catch everything.

      1. You said it so… bluntly… don’t you understand! You have to say it with big words and in between large paragraphs so the trolls with their 3-sentence attention span ignore it… this way they’ll attack you directly!

  4. Seriously? Of all the things they could do they had to do exactly what Nintendo is doing? And it’s not even subtly copying, it’s a blatant rip-off.

  5. I remember of an interview with someone from M$, and that person said that they don’t take Nintendo seriously and that Nintendo is focusing in a different public than M$ and $ony, so I thinl it’s just a fake rumor.

    Sorry for the bad english xD

  6. I totally knew this was going to happen. It just further validates Nintendo’s status as a trendsetter. First the motion controls, now this.

    You know, assuming this is true, of course.

  7. I love how the Wii is the “inferior” system yet everybody is always looking to capitalize on it, and that Microsoft is willing to take a chance on an untested concept. Is it because they have faith in the idea? I can see myself buying a Wii U at some point, if only for the next Mario Kart (which is certain to come out at some point in time), but it would take a lot on Microsoft’s part to get me to invest in a second tablet-based console.

    1. It’s because they don’t want to compete with Sony, they want to compete with Nintendo. Sony’s made it clear they don’t want high sales with their “best tech” stance on the PSP/Vita/PS3, and Microsoft sees how the only way anyone’s winning the console wars is through the cheapest console. And Nintendo. So why compete with Sony, when you know they’re going to have better hardware (virtual integration, anyone?), when you can go up against Nintendo’s almost surely inferior (less contract negotiations and connections than Microsoft) hardware. Microsoft could make a slightly stronger system that’s cheaper than the Wii U, but there’s no way in hell it can make a stronger system than Sony yet get more profit out of it (if any).

      1. What the hell are you talking about? Sony has only had the stronger console THIS GEN Nintendo has always had the strongest consoles excluding the Wii. And there is NO WAY IN HELL people would buy a “slightly stronger” Xbox console instead of buying Mario, Zelda, Pokemon etc etc. Inb4xbotsorsonyfags.

      2. When did I say Sony has always had the stronger console? I’m point out their recent philosophy with systems; since the PSP, Sony has always tried to outgun the competition with hardware AND games. Microsoft… I don’t really know what it’s doing, I’ll just ignore them.

        But if you think people are going to stick with a more expensive, yet weaker, console just because it’s Nintendo, you need to think again. Heck, the GameCube was more expensive AND stronger (with full-third party support like Resident Evil 4 and whatnot), and it sold less than 1/6th of the PS2’s sales. You’re expecting a weaker yet MORE expensive console to do even better? Who the hell are you kidding here?

      3. I know i’m buying it because of Nintendo. Xbox doesn’t interest me at all, no matter how “powerful” it is.

      4. I also doubt Microsoft would make a cheaper console. These are the people that charge you to play games online, remember? They’re gonna try to get every cent they can out of their fans.

    1. Once again, how does this invalidate this rumor? It’s like saying, “The PS4 is going to come out with a Dualshock 4 controller because it’s not coming out in 2012.” The two points are completely unrelated.

      1. No interest in Exsclusives, Cannot play Used games, Obviosuly copied ideas from a system launched a year before it

        I hope people catch on to this and see sense that the next Xbox is a very very bad system for gaming

  8. playing follow the leader once again huh microsoft. good for you. sony will likely play follow the leader as well when these tablet controllers become a success.

    1. you played one yet?
      I’ve heard they are surprisingly comftable

      the sliders will be better i think
      that little dent in the slider really helps with Grip although i do like Analogs aswell

      perhaps Nintendo could bring out a Attachment to add a Analog style grip to it

      1. I think he just wants clickable analogue sticks, like on Playstation controllers (an innovation? From Sony? BLASPHEMY!). So not so much comfortability, but more usefulness.

      2. The sliders are kind of like hybrids, since they stand maybe half a centimeter off the surface of the console, making it possible to add a clicking feature if necessary.

  9. I saw the entire article. It never said that it was a tablet like controller it just said that it would literally be a 360 controller but with a touch screen (assuming the rumors turn out to be real) and since other rumors say that the next Xbox wont be compatible with used games and that it wont be backwards compatible (again assuming the rumors turn out to be real) it will pretty much fail.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks it makes sense? I mean. If the way the Wii U is set up becomes the most popular option a lot of developers wont be so bothered about porting across their games to games that don’t use the option since it could be more difficult. I can’t really name many noteworth X-Box exclusives other than Halo, Fable or Gears of War myself. They pretty much rely on the same stuff as Sony get. (sorry if this doesn’t make so much sense. Made more in my head.)

    Sounds like copying but its really to try and keep themselves in the race. If Microsoft or Sony lost the third party they’d be screwed over. Unlike Nintendo who could probably survive on their first party games

    1. What this guy said, I’m happy I didn’t go ahead and waste time commenting and instead read through the comment section; else I would have just repeated what this guy said.

      If both Microsoft and Nintendo have tablet controllers, they’ll be the “PS3/360” of the next generation. It’ll force Sony into the corner, with developer either making multiplatform games that are ultimated inferior on the Sony console, exclusives for said inferior console (hard to see why, more money to be had on the opposing consoles), or just ignore the system. I’m seeing the first and the third being the most viable, the first by large publishers and the third by smaller developers.

      This is all assuming this rumor is true, Sony isn’t acting on its previously reported patent, and Nintendo’s console is at least in the same league as the next-gen consoles.

      1. its more work to Incorparate the controller

        and Nintendo are in no way fit to survive on its exsclusives
        as much as it pains me to say Nintendo really need this console to sell
        they are not in a good place Financially and that worrys me

        gaming woudlnt be anything like it is today if Nintendo’s NES wasnt as populer as it was
        heck gaming may not exsist at all if the NES didnt end the Gaming crash of 83

        Nintendo has been part of my life since i was very young and I will be the first to Smash Bill gates in the face with a Steel pipe if the Xbox causes Nintendo to go bankrupt

      2. Wii survived alone thanks to the exclusives, Mario games sell A LOT and they have Pokemon so money wont be a problem. Half of what you just said is wrong.

      3. Exclusives were the only thing that sold the Wii! The Gamecube had a ton of 1st and 3rd party triple-A games, yet sold very poorly. Then along comes the Wii with hardly any real 3rd party support and BOOM. There ya go.

      4. Easy! Bill Gates has next to nothing to do with XBox operations, and in fact very little to do with Microsoft as a whole anymore. Now he and his wife just think of creative ways to give away the money they can’t possibly spend in their lifetimes. Really, he’s one of the good guys.

  11. Microcock, you can’t even get titles on your console without bribing money, yet alone titles ONLY for your console. (seriously, there aren’t even 50 original titles for 360 if you include PC ports.) They ought to do us a favor and eiter get more exclusives or gtfo of the market. Microcock makes enough money off PCs anyways. <_<

  12. That’s such a Microsoft thing to do. But, I can’t blame them. They will never match up t the success Nintendo has had for the past, 35 years?

      1. Well I meant before they begun creating video games, the company was pretty much dead.

  13. Although Nintendo might have been the first ones to put something like this into practice, tablets have become such a big part of every day life that it was only a matter of time until things like this would start showing up. Tablets/touch interfaces have become a huge part of the market, one which Microsoft is already in, they’re just expanding it, I see nothing wrong with that. The new XBOX Dashboard is very similar to Windows 8, which was designed to be used on touch enabled devices, so it seems almost obvious that Microsoft would integrate a tablet controller into XBOX.

    1. Very interesting peice of information. I never considered that. Then again, I just don’t like Microsoft being in the game market when they don’t even own the majority of their franchises. =P

      1. lol I said years back when the Origional Xbox came out with nothing but 3rd party games ..worse of all every single one was a ps2 title lol

        I said jesus could they have been anymore obvious about thier intentions to destroy the ps2

        now the 360 was by all means nothing short of a attempt at taking Sonys gamer market and it was quite successfull i’ll give them that
        but it was only because of the launch time difference of both systems and of course the price

        MS in its arrogance attempted to take Sony’s best selling product and surpass it
        but when they failed to completely destroy the PS3 and failed to surpass the ps2 they decided to takle the weakest link first
        The damage was done though financially to Sony
        if the next Paystation console Fails its very likely that Sony will abandon the console market

        Nintendo is in the worst financially which is why the next Xbox’s biggest purpose will be to take Nintendo out of the competition

        people may think this is a load of crap but think about it
        if Microsoft take Nintendo to the brink of ruen, Nintendo will have no choice but to either go bankrupt and die or to seek bailout by another company

        Microsoft obviously being the only Son of a bitch company with the money to spare will pay off this debt and by doing so claim nintendo as a exsclusive development company

        Microsoft said they dont care about exsclusives on thier next system
        thats probably because they are confident that they can secure Ninendo and its first party exsclusive franchises to carry that market for them

        and With Nintendo under thier control they can attempt to take Sony out of the picture and get what it was always after
        100% dominance over the gaming community

        Long unfortunatly but hopefully will make sense
        people will probably call this BS but give it 15 years and i’ll be happy to say told ya so

      2. Nintendo wont ever be financially bad when millions of people will buy a Wii U just to play a Mario or Pokemon game.

    1. Sony could have started first as well. We don’t know who thought this up first; personally though, I think it’s Nintendo. They said they thought this up around 2002-2003 while thinking up a GameCube successor, but instead went with the DS (they found the technology then limiting with consoles, and handhelds were a lot more responsive and worked very well with the game ideas they had in mind). We have no idea when Sony/Microsoft thought these ideas up (if ever).

      1. Also with this Technology in handhelds more power can be saved by having the exscuse not to splash out on really high quality graphics
        that also helps development time of games allowing them to get more on the shelves and quicker
        it also helps a games lifespan making them longer

        for exsample Pokemon
        Graphically a no contest against all console titles
        but lifespan
        shit i’ve been playing pokemon for 8 years and I have all my pokemon from as far back as Ruby on my copy of White

        now thats one hell of a lifespan lol

    2. I doubt it. First the obvious trick of trying to stop WiiU’s announcement hype by announcing their own console. And now, it’s supposedly MS reveals a table controller.
      Very convenient, don’t you think?

  14. Sony and microsoft are making tablets like the wii u. such a copycats -_-. the only thing good is that the nintendo console comes first.

      1. i know what shush does meen and it meens be quite.but dont ya think u speak enough

  15. If these rumours are all true, the xbox 720 or whatever is screwed. A (probably more expensive) console with a ripped off controller idea, no backwards compatibility and unable to play used games, which launches later, against Wii U, which has all of those things and better first party franchises.

  16. Aaron laye your point is exactly why I don’t got an XBOX. The XBOX has so few good exclusives that its pathetic and makes it a completely unnecessary system. PS has proven themselves more then enough that they are a necessary system along with nintendo of course. I know I’m gonna get a lot of hell for my opinion, but remember it is just that my opinion. And you are intitled to your opinion so feel free to disagree. Trolls will be ignored so don’t waste your time trolling.

    1. Totally agree with you

      I have every Nintendo and Playstation System on a unit ready to pop a game in and play but i have No Xbox’s
      I have the money for them but why the hell would i want them when I can get alot of its exsclusives on PC and All of its 3rd party games on ps3

      where is the point and reason to own a 360 hmm?
      its like buying a Gaming Pc then selling it snd buying a Gaming Mac lol

      1. I had enough money for a 360 and a couple of games but instead got a 3DS at launch (and a couple games). Why? Because I can get almost every game I want from a 360 on PC (except Halo… that was literally the only reason I wanted a 360). The 3DS is the complete opposite; like the DS, PSP, GBA, etc., games on handhelds stay on handhelds. I’m not going to find MK7 anywhere but on the 3DS (and the Wii U, but that’s a different story). Even now I have more than enough cash for a 360 but instead I’m saving it up for a new gaming rig; this laptop can barely run Bastion nowadays. X_X

      2. I think you’re forgetting all the PSP games that were eventually remade for PS3, and i’m pretty sure we’ll soon see Vita games remade for PS3.

      3. Quite possible since the Vita has Launched more or less off a cliff lol

        then again it doesnt have that much to offer atm cept for maybe Uncharted
        Sony didnt learn thier lesson with a idiotic Launch price

      4. *complains about Vita launch price of $250

        *thinks 3DS launch price of $250 is okay

        fanboy logic.

      5. Difference is that Sony wont reduce the price simply because they CANT. they already reduced it BOTH MODELS, and they are loosing BILLIONS by the second so…

      6. I’m not the only one who thinks it’s worth it. As the reviews go up, the scores are astounding.

        Gameinformer: A-

        Techradar: A

        IGN: B+

        Gamerevolution: A

        Joystick: B

        Pocketgamer: A

        Thekoaliton: A+

        Eurogamer: A

        I’ll gladly spend $250 on it.

      7. i personally thought 3ds price was too high for me being a big nintendo fan,so i got a job(at 15 now 16) and went to buy one,then i heard of the price drop so i just bought it for 250$ and i got the price gurantee(guranteed within 30 days i get dropped orice if it happens to get ambassador games and cheap all i thought the price was too high,i dont like sony to0 much but if their console was 169.99 dollars i would buy it,as long as its not boreing like my psp

      8. Um…The system costs $170 to make…Add the Research and development, shipping, and the retailer’s profit. $170 in the near future is pretty much impossible. But yeah, I doubt the Vita will make the same mistake as the PSP. Already the launch lineup is better than most of the PSP library.

  17. If this did turn out to be true, it wouldn’t really be a bad thing. If developers are making multiplatform games, I’d say they would prefer to make for the more simlar systems. So they would be making with the new XBox and Wii U in mind then have to make compromises for Sony’s console. So in a way, this would actually benefit Wii U in the long run.

    1. I understand, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they play differently. And developing for both ought to be a very different experience IMO.

      Mostly, I hope this is only a rumor. I’d hate for Xbox fans to come out the gate saying next Xbox is better without ever playing the Wii U.

  18. I wouldn’t expect anything by E3 this year for Xbox 720 (still hate how people made up a name because Xbox hasn’t given one). They’re still harder at work on 360, Nintendo has to look on the horizon since they’re releasing later this year.

      1. That doesn’t make that much sense to me. PS1->PS2->PS3, so chronologically the next thing in line is PS4. But XBOX->XBOX 360? That’s nothing to go by; it’s like looking at the NES, then the SNES, and saying after that we should have an UNES. A pattern of two is nothing to go by.

  19. Why does Microruins always copy and ruin things?

    First Nintendo’s gamecube controller back in 2001! now Nintendo’s Wii U!

    And they Ruined Rare… then now they Ruined Flight Simulator with the arcadey flight…

    They also copyed the Apple 2 and it’s operating system… and copys off Sony and Nintendo… They have the most unreliable console that breaks all the time… and they have expensive live.

    They make bad operating systems… (remember how bad XP and Vista was?)

    They have buggy operating systems… (Windows 7 had big problems at launch)

    Now people reply to this and put what else microsoft ruin and copy…

      1. Umm…. It’s true this…

        Apple created its 2 before Microsoft copied it…

        Also… Microsoft ruined Rare and you seen whats its turned into…

        Do your research before posting.

      2. Considering the issues i have had with Windows OS i partly agree with the guy

        and he is definatly right about having the most unreliable system

        I know over 80 people who have complained about the RROD and more than half of them have had it more than twice

        its a very bad system for failure rates

        but take microsoft back to its early days
        everything they did was more or less copied from apple

        Microsoft cannot innovate only immitate

    1. Keep Windows out of this. *Shakes fist*

      Not that I’m perfectly OK with how Microsoft does things, but the only other alternative is *shudder* Apple… I’d very much rather a buggy operating system that offers complete freedom than… APPLE! *Dramatic background music – think God of War*

      1. 3000$ iconsole the size of an ipad that only has an appstore for games in which you have to buy a 300$ igamecontroller just to play games like angry birds,not to mention a new “slimmer” version of the iconsole every year…yeah apple would be terrible with consoles it just makes me shudder

  20. RUMOR…. Whats with you fucking idiots… who cares if they do or not… It does not reflect on anything… Its like saying TV Manufactures copy other TV Manufactures…. or phones… or anything else… In gaming the whole lot of them copied atari… The first to produce Home consoles…

    1. There’s a difference between “necessary copying” and “avoidable copying.” Apple/Samsung/Sony/etc. copying the first tablets is necessary; you can’t make a tablet without a screen, for example. Another example would be touch screens; you don’t exactly want to spend millions developing some possibly nonexistant touch screen technology when capacitive/resistive touch screens exist.

      But then there’s blatant copying that’s completely unnecessary; examples of this are found in droves on the App Store, or with Chinese “iPhones”, or in this case a “tablet controller.”

      1. Exsactly

        This rumour basicly stating that Ms plan to capitalise on Nintendos obviously innovative and very liekly successful Controller style

        Yes this is a Rumour
        but if Microsofts years of history has taught us Anything
        its that Microsoft know a good idea when they see one and are always first in line to steal or copy it

        so Rumour or not this is very likely going to happen

  21. I see it like this:

    360 had HD graphics, HD multiplat games (not available on wii) & XBox Live, Wii had attention grabbing innovative controller & great games, which means both had something different to offer, meaning they could co-exist side by side.
    Now Wii U has HD graphics, much more power, Touch screen Tablet, wii motes, great first party exclusives, great third part multiplats & Nintendo network, Microsoft are probably struggling to differentiate the difference between the Wii U & 720. They are probably panicking & are running out of ideas & time, so have no other option but copy Nintendo and hope for the best lol

    1. You’re probably right about this – If I was part of a major company, and one of our big rivals suddenly outdoes us in nearly every way, I would be panicking a little as well. I would have tried to come up with a new idea that had never been done before and could be achieved with the current technology. The problem is, this can sometimes be difficult to do, and you’re forced to copy.

  22. I hope this isnt true. Nintendo systems can be fun and stupid but i hope microsoft dosent screw with this. If microsofts next controller has a tablet, im out. Im tired of loosing my core gaming systems to the stupid casual market. Im tolerating my wii right now and i think its getting traded for the vita. Anyway. Nintendos free to dick about with their stupid ideas but ill be pissed if none of the next gen consoles dont have a real controller.

      1. oh you mean that thing that microsoft spent most of their E3 conference talking about in 2011?

      2. You made a true point Peteriuss.

        Star Fox and Metroid are both nintendo and their hardcore.

      3. i love both of em
        (i have metroid trilogy and other m,starfox 64 on my 64 and 3ds too and my favourite andventures) (i miss assault but nvm) and i agree they are hardcore especially lylat wars

      4. I have Metroid prime 1,2(Both GC),3 (Wii) (On their origional consoles) Other M.

        On 3DS

        Star Fox 64 3DS

        Metroid + Metroid Fusion (Ambassador)

        Star Fox Adventures (GC)

        Im fan of both franchises…. thats what makes Nintendo awesome.

        I agree both franchises are hardcore.

      5. Oh! +

        Starfox DS, Star Fox assault.

        Metroid Prime Hunters.

        :) I’m sure thats what i’ve got out of those 2 franchises.

    1. Trade your Wii for a Vita?
      I have good news for you. There will be LOTS of PS Vitas on the shelves, so you can take your pick of the dusty boxes.

  23. I see it like this:

    360 had HD graphics, HD multiplat games (not available on wii) & XBox Live, Wii had attention grabbing innovative controller & great games, which means both had something different to offer, meaning they could co-exist side by side.
    Now Wii U has HD graphics, much more power, Touch screen Tablet, wii motes, great first party exclusives, great third part multiplats & Nintendo network, Microsoft are probably struggling to differentiate the difference between the Wii U & 720. They are probably panicking & are running out of ideas & time, so have no other option but copy Nintendo and hope for the best lol

  24. I like how all of the Nintendo fanboys are now comparing every tablet-related controller to the wiiu. I mean, it’s not like ipads/tablet computers/kindles are doing extremely well or anything. Clearly they are copying Nintendo. Everybody copies Nintendo after all……..

    lame people are lame -.-

    1. u sound like a sony drone but if ur not ur still one cause only sony drones say dumb things like that and what are u so mad about people not saying oh why are company stealing sony and microsft ideas well here is why they have no fuckin ideas and sony is the absolute worse of them all

      1. lol looks like rides_a_ten_speed_everywere_guy is mad sucking on nintendo dick i see

      2. I’m not really sure what you (ten_speeder) are trying to say, but I’m assuming that you are supporting my point by using sarcasm and a 10-yr-old’s grammar to act like a nintendo fanboy. Also, I said nothing about Sony, merely that Nintendo is not doing anything extraordinarily new with the wii u TABLET controller.

        You also seem to have portrayed my own opinion incorrectly because I’m preeetty sure it’s impossible for anyone to copy/not copy anything. If you know anything about history, it’s that everything draws inspiration from something else. So the idea people have of seeing a tablet and thinking “wii u rip off” is kinda lame and uneducated. Same thing goes for people who see an Easy Bake Oven and think “Microwave rip off.” Or they see a urinal and think “toilet rip off”.

      3. It would be nice to have a little originality in the gaming industry though, and maybe have the different companies innovate gaming in their own way. But that won’t happen, and why? Microsoft and Sony’s gaming departments are LAZY, plain and simple. The last original thoughts put into an XBox were the concept of making people pay for online play and the Kinect, which MS is running into the ground. Then there’s Sony, who appears to just wait for success from Nintendo and then make their own version, covering any bases Nintendo may have missed (1:1 motion controls, handheld with 2 multitouch screens, online shopping that holds debit/credit card information [although that didn’t go over well at all]).

        Speaking of, another indication of laziness from Sony is the Vita. They didn’t seem to put much effort into launch titles that would appeal to the Japanese audience (mainly because its campaign is considered a failure in that handheld-loving country), or at least launch in the west first to properly test the waters. And they so far haven’t even done that much for their supposedly “massive” campaign for western launch (personally, I was at least expecting a commercial during the Super Bowl)! I’ve seen bigger campaigns from third-party presidential candidates!

        Sony and Microsoft need to step up their game big time for next generation, or they’ll wind up being crushed by the Wii U (I would also mention the 3DS, but at this point, there’s no way that the Vita’s going to come close to par with Nintendo’s handheld in terms of sales so it’s basically already half-crushed. Now to wait for worldwide launch).

    2. “Every tabler related controller”. Such as? Ipads and Kindles are not controllers, btw.
      “Everybody copies Nintendo after all……..”–Nope, just Sony and MS.

  25. I don’t think this rumor is true but i wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being an accessory for the 720.

    1. Exactly how I was thinking. I doubt this would be the main controller, the “hardcore” Xbox fans would go ape shit, lol.

      1. You mean the ones Microsoft’s leaving out to dry now with the Kinect? They’re already going “ape shit”; the only thing keeping them with Microsoft is the hope that Microsoft is saving its big guns for the next XBOX.

  26. they fuckin suck balls for that ! they cant think of their own fucking ideas! they suck shit!!! thats why theyre gonna go to fuckin microsoft hell for stealin ideas!! fuck! im pissed always trying to steals nintendo’s shine fuck them they do the same thing but add pointless shit to it all the kinect was was awii sensor bar with a dsi camera and speaker

  27. i hope people arnt really gana worry about xbox i mean seriously most people didnt like playstation move they didnt like the kinect and played with reagular analog controls like most sony fags so its pretty much nothing to worry about pluse nintendo will probly put there controler to use unline sony and microsft just wana get in on some money. you know the funny part is i could have sworn sony and microsft said xbox and gaystation3 had a extra 10 year life cycle whats funny is how in the fuck is there systems comming out in 2013 and 2014. epic fail this gen has had more bullshit than last gen i miss the nintendo atari and sega days

    1. I know… it’s a funny fact… Sony said PS3 is future proof…. they want the PS4 now… they made a lie

    2. Whats funny is just because a new system comes out doesn’t mean that the other will be discontinued you dumbitch

  28. well thats ur problem if u like to stay sad. i say thats a rumour which wont happen so calm down and take a break from ur computer

  29. well the good thing is that the wiiU will have the francheses that we love so much like THE LEGEND OF FUCKING ZELDA,super mario and that time i expect starfox on wiiU.i miss starfox,

  30. Me think everythings in world was Nintendo ideas and these thing gone dun stole.milking a cow was invented by Nintendo till peoples copys it.alsos Nintendo did first cave paintings fact.then sonys and microsocks copy.even Elton john was invented by Nintendo.Nintendo FTW gyes.

      1. FPS games? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I hope they keep on releasing good games and not only crappy FPS games :/

      2. Not many FPS’s will be on Wii U.

        Killer Freaks and Aliens Colonel Marines are the main 2 FPS’s coming on Wii U, and their going to be brilliant FPS’

      3. what a relief :) I was afraid games like CoD: Patch 1.0.24 now with new weapons would be released D:

      4. sony is the only serious game company,nintendo is for litlle girls like you

    1. >Says Nintendo is for little kids and tells people to go get a PS4.
      >Doesn’t know that Sony already said PS4 is going to be casual.
      Also; You should learn to use grammar.

  31. microsoft always does these things they suck and everyone knows it. oh btw the 360 only sells because they brake all the time, they made like 5 versions of the xbox 360 and they all have problems. oh btw their operating systems also blow major u know what. but thats another story. macs last longer end of story

      1. I think microsoft is better than apple… If Microsoft is evil Apple is the abyss that all the evil rests in :S

      2. apple is better than microdick because they have created many things that neither microsoft created

    1. can not happen. You cannot patent a concept. The design and the way some thing works maybe but not a concept type of gamming

  32. Here we go all over again. First was dick ride motion controls, now they’re ass cheek grinding the tablet. IF this turns out to be true

  33. Come on Microsoft, don’t jump on the tablet fad as well as the motion fad; they both suck -_- Good think I play Sony for now but at this rate they’ll probably do the same thing…

    1. Both Sony and Microsoft already entered the Motion business. So far they both failed at it. Unlike Nintendo which is getting LOTZ OF MONEH with it.

      1. But everything Nintendo touch becomes gold… They even have a money printer at their office D:

  34. Boring. Wake me up when something unexpected happens. This was evident since E3 2011.
    Once again Nintendo leads the way, people will deny it by bringing up some console from 500 years ago that no one has ever heard of, but we all know what the true intent is.

  35. Did Nintendo say too much at the last E3? Showed their hand before they were ready to release?

    Microsoft has the funds to R&D Nintendo’s shit if it’s not properly copy/trade righted.

    If this us true, Nintendo better have put some good fucking hardware into that tablet and made it a good web-browser (Since we can’t deny NES Internet browsers are shit. Yes, so is the PSP, but Microsoft’s tablet will have a kick ass browser… So Nintendo better not have cut corners this time.)

    I know Nintendo doesn’t make “universal” shit, but if they are going to compete, they better not fuck this up. If they can come close to the next-box’s power, N will finish them off with innovative use of the hardware – stuff Microsoft won’t think of.

    *fingers crossed*

  36. I herds dat dah Bill gates has gots a shark tank in his house musts of copys dat from dah Nintendos at sum points.

  37. LMAO – Poor PS Vita just got cluster fucked.
    If the rumor is true, the Vita will ALSO be competing with the XBox’s new tablet controller. (instead of just the 3DS and smartphones…)

    Sony will drop Vita’s price, or Vita will be hitting some hard trenches while trying to sell.

    1. (Yes. I know the xBox controller is a “controller, but one of Vita’s sell points was to be used as a multi-functional device.)

      I say next-box will NOT come with the tablet. It will be an added, optional peripheral for folks who want them. It will be an inexpensive tablet PC running a stripped down version of XP, 7 or some such OS) ** my guess, not a fact.

    2. Sony can’t drop the Vita’s price, because they are already selling at a loss. If they drop it more, they won’t be able to make enough money to profit in the future. Sony kinda mucked up the Vita, should have made it simpler, therefore cheaper.

      On topic, this is stupid. IMO, Microsocks should make more exclusives for the Xbox, instead of making a new type of controller. (and if they were, make it smaller a bit.) They need to properly making people want to buy the Xbox for its games, not just the console itself, because as of right now, there are some PS3 exclusives which make me want to buy it instead, as well as FREE internet. Microsoft make computers, they should be able to have free internet now.

  38. Why copy another idea. The idea is to be more inventive, because that is what sells a console these days- alongside game play. Come on MS think different. Nintendo are doing a tablet based controller, copying them will only give them the right to file a complaint for infringement of their own ideas; is that really the road to go down on?
    The again saying that MS created Kinect which is a little rip off of Sony’s Eyetoy, but I suppose the tech is different altogether, and Sony copied Wii a bit with Move and making it a “better controller” (only because of gyro, six axis and extra things).

    1. A tablet isn’t quite an infringement. Using it with a game console is obviously a similar idea, but unless they steal specs from Nintendo for their controller, there won’t be a copyright infringement. Essentially, that’s like saying Nintendo should sue Microsoft for using A/B/X/Y face buttons on their controller.

      But I definitely agree they should try to come up with their own, unique idea.

      1. Hmm I see where you’re coming from, but they need to be different. If they steal specs, use the same tech, the Nintendo can sue MS all they like.

  39. I hope it’s true. Then, each company will have to rely more on the games themselves as opposed to gimmick/”our console can do stuff theirs can’t!”. The more competitive the Big 3 get with each other, *in theory* the better games we should end up with, since everyone will be trying harder.

  40. I really hope not. I mean, that’s just a blatant rip-off and considering the core fan-base on XBOX, I don’t think it’d be all that helpful. The Kinect was fantastic, it did things nothing else was (that is, not utilizing a controller of any sort). Nintendo did with the Wii what nothing else was doing. And Sony did the Playstation Move, which also does something nobody else was doing (which is turning a controller into a sword, bow, etc. on screen or utilizing it in other ways). All three have a rather different special thing, but a tablet for XBOX would just seem TOO much like the Wii U. I hope this is just a stupid rumor, because I like that all three have something different to them, it kinda gives me a reason to own all three (besides them all having some pretty kick-ass exclusive titles).

  41. meathead meathead meathead im a meathead my head made of meat :D nintendo is cool but not as cool as sony! bitch this is my rock you cant have it boobs make everything better FUCK the cops they cant have my cum its mine i have the power!!!!!!!!!

    1. just stfu, please. Ure saying that nintendo is not as cool as sony but u dont have to brack and say that boobs make everything better.????????????? Actually they do. This is for people talking about the rumor that xbox is making a huuuuuuuuuuge ripoff on nintendo. ps. siny does have good games, and nintendo does too, those r my 2 fav consoles.

  42. I’m 14 and gay so I know everything.The 3ds is not that gud becus no 1 in my schol plays it.they all play xboxx.My school is the entiur wurld so thats why i now evreething.

  43. Are you fucking kidding? Now watch all the Microsoft fanboys support the controller and everything, when Nintendo announced the touch screen controller FIRST, everyone was bashing on them. Just wait. Fanbuys WILL be fanboys.

    1. He actually did not say that anybody is copying Nintendo in the article. Not explicitly, anyway. You silly rabble-rouser.

    1. They have a patent on their specific design but if Microsoft threw on their trigger buttons and mult-colored A,B,X, and Y buttons it would be enough for them to pass off as something different.

  44. I doubt that the Xbox tablet will go very far, if it is more than just a rumour.

    I know it’s been said before, but look at the Kinect. All that hype, just for it to fail.
    Also, (going off what my brother just said(”HOW WILL I PLAY CALL OF DUTY PROPERLY ON A TABLET!?”) this 100% original idea from MS will be hated by FPS oafs, like my brother. They’re too mindless to get any fun from tablet-console gaming.

    Also this v

  45. wiiu will suck just w8 and see it will have bad games,bad graphics and the worst third party developers

    1. Do you think Ghost Recon Online, Killer Freaks, Ninja Gaiden and Dirt is for little girls? You really need to open your eyes more.

      And it’s confirmed its graphics is 50% better then PS3.

      Also if Gear box and Activision is bad developers/producers… then why do they develop the best games ever?

  46. Nintendo and microsoft are in a battle of monkey see, monkey do, and sony is out doing their own thing. This will be the first time ever thet microsoft will change their controller design. I think that wii u wil win this touch screen controller battle!

  47. I certainly do hope this is a rumor (I’m American). If not then this is will be a sad generation for the games industry indeed. It seems like every company is trying to do what the other ones are doing. The problem is that Nintendo does it’s ideas best (see motion control) while the other people fall short behind. In my opinion the motion control for games such as Skyward Sword knocks the socks off games that use Move or Kinect. I’ve played all three systems and loved the Wii’s motion controls the best. Nintendo used touch controls before the other company’s did and they did it exceptionally well. I believe Nintendo should be the only one this generation to use a touch control tablet and the other company’s should move in an entirely different and innovative direction to give this next console generation some much needed diversity.

  48. its a copy, but i bet it will be better, just like what happened with kinect and ps move. thats what microsoft always does, steal other people’s ideas and change them to make it better, and like everyone elses idea looks like crap. if the news is true, alot of people will buy microsofts game console, instead of the wii u, including me

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